Large Mining Review: Another Scam Crypto Operation

Large Mining Review: Another Scam Crypto Operation

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Large Mining declares itself the world’s leading Crypto mining service offering profits up to 60%. The service states on its website that they are offering a fresh innovative alternative to traditional Crypto mining. In addition to this, they claim to offer user-friendly Crypto mining that can be of benefit to both armatures and experienced Crypto enthusiasts. Because this is cloud mining, users are not required to download any software because mining happens on the internet. The service also discloses that we can enjoy mining at home without having to incur the cost of purchasing hardware.

Large Mining was allegedly created for Crypto currency mining and so this service claims to offer more hash power than their competitors. In addition to this, they claim that Large Mining has over 2 million registered users across the globe. This is something we cannot believe since the service was first launched in October 2018, and there is no way a new Crypto currency mining can register over 2 million users in a span of less than 3 months.

It is not likely that this mining platform has this number of subscribers. And if this was the case, it would be one of the most popular Crypto mining service on the internet. It would have created a buzz on the internet. So the reason why Large Mining is actually not popular is because they just started the other day.

On another section of their website, they claim that they have existed for 3 years. But since the website was created in October 2018, it is not possible that this scam has operated for 3 years without a website. In fact, this statement sounds misleading. The site lacks transparency and is not upfront about many things.

Before you mine Crypto currencies with this site, read this unbiased review to find out why we are not trusting these guys at all.

In the meantime, take a look at these recommended mining platforms.They are currently the best in terms of hash power pricing and efficiency.

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Large Mining Review

The domain where this platform is being hosted at was registered anonymously to conceal ownership details of the operator. However, the site claims that their operators are based in the US since they are giving us a Utah-based physical address.

large mining

This also reminds us of the fact that this site is offering a securities product which need to be regulated by the SEC. The SEC required that all kinds of operations involving mining or investing must be licensed by them. If there is no license issued prior to releasing the service to the public, it would only mean that the mining service is being operated illegally.

There are 6 investment plans in total. These are mining contracts which appear to be running for a duration of 1 year. These are Bare Metal Plan, Smart Metal Plan, Dual Core Mining, Bare ASIC, Smart ASIC and Double Crypto Mining.

Bare Metal Plan promises $0.042 hourly and a daily return of $1. Monthly return would be $30 on average and yearly return around $360. Other Crypto mining plans promise over $72,000 in yearly ROI. To be specific, if investors purchase Double Crypto Mining, they are promised an hourly return of $8 and daily return of over $200.

Upon reviewing these plans, we realize that none of them are realistic. Crypto mining used to be extremely profitable towards the end of 2017. However, these days profits can be modest and even with the best Cypto mining platforms, we can’t make $72,000 in annual returns.

When we look at these investment plans, they sound too good to be true, and we actually don’t believe that there is any place on the internet where we can make those returns from Crypto mining.

This looks as if the site is fooling us with too good to be true ROIs just to get people joining. However, you need to exercise caution because if these returns are this big, it only means that the site operators are fishy.

Those ROIs are impossible to earn with Crypto mining. The fact is that this mining platform does not have the ability to generate those returns. It would be a lie to state otherwise.

Fake testimonials

On their website, we see a couple of suppose user testimonials but we already doubt whether these are legit as the site has not independently verified those users including their statements.

Here’s the thing: this platform cannot verify the authenticity of those so-called testimonials. The fact of the matter is that those stories have been fabricated by the anonymous owners of this scam.

Furthermore, these is no customer feedback concerning this service on the internet. Usually we can verify the authenticity of reviews and testimonials by looking it up on Google and in other sources to get a rough idea of what others are thinking about the service.

The site claims that they have over 2 million users but none of these users have reviewed or offered to write about their experience with the service. Is this suspicious? Definitely. It shows that the website is lying about their numbers. There are no real testimonials to back the services of this mining operation.

Ownership details cannot be found anywhere on the site

You need to watch out for Crypto cloud mining platforms that are not upfront with ownership details. In this case, Large Mining is not telling us who are behind the operation of this site. They are only giving us their physical address which looks like a virtual address.

The authenticity of this address cannot be verified and so is ownership information. We don’t even know about the details of the owner or the company that oversees their operations.

Our best advice for you

When you choose to mining with this dubious website, you are basically sending them money in the name of purchasing plans that compensate every hour. As a matter of fact, the more you invest, the more this website claims you will earn. But what proof is there that mining will happen when you purchase any plans here? We think it’s safe to stick with these services if you don’t want disappointments.

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