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You need to beware of It is simply a scam that is too loud to miss. We have stated many times before that you cannot multiple your Bitcoins in a short duration. There is nothing like this in the world. We are yet to find a site that is not a scam and is returning double the amount invested in a short time. Lucky Bitcoin is definitely an interesting website because the claims are ridiculous. They currently have an offer where they claim that if you send 0.03 BTC to the anonymous site owner, you will get 5 BTC in 1 hour. Who believes these things? We honestly can’t understand how some people get scammed based on such cheap promises. You know it is simply impossible to multiple Bitcoins at that rate. In fact, if they could generate more than 300% returns in 1 hour, we are sure that they would be quietly making this money on their own instead of soliciting 0.03 BTC from investors.

You therefore need to think twice because this is not a genuine Crypto currency investment destination. It is not, and we have proof plus logic to support our assertion. In the meantime, if you want to trade Crypto currencies with decent bots, our advice is that you should choose these trading robots instead. They are quite decent and have been used by many readers here to make money. But don’t expect crazy returns such as those which are being promised on the Lucky Bitcoin website. This is a scam website, and your instincts should tell you this by now.

Lucky Bitcoin review

Having studied Lucky Bitcoin carefully, we decided that we were going to write our report concerning the same here. This report is extremely negative because it is based on the suspicious promises of Lucky Bitcoin website. They are using promotional statements which do not make sense. Your logic should tell you that 0.03 BTC cannot be turned into 5 BTC in hour hour no matter which trading bot they are using. It has never happened because it is impossible. It is simply the kind of promise that scammers will tell naive traders.


We have also tried investigating about the background of this website and found that even the owner is anonymous. That is disturbing because if this financial operation has no transparency, there is no way traders can trust them with their own hard earned money. There is no way you can send Bitcoins to someone you do not know or have no working relationships with. Basically when you send Bitcoins to these scammers, you are doing so based on the promises which they gave you, and that amounts to foolishness because you should never send money based on promises but facts and evidence that the trading operation has always been successful.

Who is Lucky Bitcoin? Lucky Bitcoin claims that they are a small group of investors, programmers and brokers which have dedicated their time to research and development. They claim that they have so far developed a trading bot which stores trading volumes and uses different strategies to engage in arbitrage trading between various exchanges.

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According to their about us page, Lucky Bitcoin is owned and operated by a company called INTTRI LIMITED. When we investigated the details of this company, we found that it is no longer in existence. It was dissolved. It was started in 2014 and soon after got dissolved. But as you can see in their FAQ page, Lucky Bitcoin still claims that their website’s activities are overseen by Inttri Limited.

This also means that the company number is no longer valid, and there is no reason why they should include it on the Lucky Bitcoin website. It’s a red flag. You can’t trust scammers when they use wrong information to mislead you.

Minimum investment is 0.05 Bitcoin but on the other hand, the site is always accepting deposits from desperate investors who send 0.03 BTC hoping to multiple it to 5 BTC in one hour. This offer is always available. It is meant to mislead and make you think that this site can make you a lot of money even if you do not have the minimum required to get started.

Fake testimonials

The testimonials tab is full of fake testimonials and endorsements. When you click it, you will be taken to a page which contains alleged conversations between the anonymous owners of this website and their supposed clients. These chats have not been authenticated or verified as true.

They could easily write these things on their site, which they have done in this case. It is not something that they copied from their conversation with their clients. If a scam like Lucky Bitcoin was real, they would find a way to verify these conversations and provide us with a screenshots showing their customers complaining about how they got scammed. But this is not the case and we think its because the site intends to scam you.

No proof of payouts ever being released

The site has a payments tab but this link is equally useless because it does not provide us with a verified ledger showing what the alleged members have been paid so far.

First of all, there can be no genuine site that doesn’t want to show us proof of payment. This one is just faking the records and claiming we can make money and get paid like the people we are seeing in this list. If you get scammed, you will be the fool. Red flags are written all over the site in black and white.

Our best advice for you

There are so many red flags in this website and we cannot just ignore them hoping that we won’t get scammed. What about their lack of regulation? Since they are claiming to multiply Bitcoins very fast through a bot, we were supposing that they should register this service with the financial regulators because they are offering a security. But this is not the case. So please use these genuine Crypto bots for trading.

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