Option Lift Review: A Scam Investment Brokerage

Option Lift Review: A Scam Investment Brokerage

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Option Lift is a supposed options or investments broker that uses the concept of Binary Options trading to invest BTC. With Option Lift, traders invest their BTC or USD on the promise that they will turn $500 into $4100 in 7 days. This is a huge red flag and you should learn to detect them before it’s too late. Option Lift is a typical get rich quick scheme because there is no form of trading that can realistically generate those returns from a deposit of $500 only.

The service was registered in May 2018 which is the date that the website was created. They have published the address C/O Giunti International Division Via G.B Pirelli 30 20124. This address does not look real. It looks like something that has been cooked up. Other than email support, the site does not appear to have any other form of support such as telephone or chat.

The ownership details of this site have also been kept private. When the site is not upfront about their ownership details, you should think twice before sending funds to them. If their operations are overseen by a corporate entity, they should make it clear that this is the case. However, Option Lift does not reveal its owner and neither do they talk about a corporate entity that is behind their operations. So we find this service very suspicious indeed.

Already we don’t trust this brokerage and no matter how hard they try convincing us, it’s going to be a daunting task for them unless they embark on building their credibility while being transparent with most of the things that make investors want their service in the first place.

Note: Find decent brokers here.

Option Lift Review

As it current is, the site looks like a place where your money can be grabbed. Option Lift claims to offer an opportunity for trading Forex, stocks, EFTs and Digital Options. Options Lift is a very new website which has not built a reputation yet. In fact, we wonder why a trader would want to use this broker when there are several reliable ones on the internet right now.

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Before we proceed with this review, we also need to remind you that Option Lift is not a regulated broker. When you trade with an unregulated broker, it means that funds of their customers won’t be safe. This is how it happens: serious regulators impose tough conditions which must be met by equally serious brokers. Most of these conditions are met financially, meaning that there is a certain amount of money that must be stored for insurance just in case the broker becomes insolvent. The other condition which financial regulators impose is that traders’ accounts must be segregated so that they are kept in a different account from the company’s own funds.

If a broker is not regulated, it means traders won’t enjoy these benefits from their broker and there is a huge risk of losing funds without a chance of ever recovering them. If a broker is not regulated, it gives them the right to abuse their clients since they don’t usually feel any responsibility towards treating their customers professionally. Many traders have since lost their monies with these unscrupulous brokers.

An account manager

When you invest the required minimum of $500 (which is quite high considering that Option Lift is an unregulated broker), the broker claims that you will be assigned a 100% profitable account manager. This statement sounds vague because the meaning of 100% profitable account manager is not crystal clear.

We presume that they are referring to the regular account manager who will be responsible for guiding you through in order to familiarize yourself with the platform and also how to trade on their website.

We also presume that this account manager will be giving you trading education or alerts, hence the reason Option Lift claims that the account manager is 100% profitable.

Most of the unregulated brokers out there provide some kind of support either in form of an account manager or community support. But this has never stopped the unscrupulous ones from stealing their clients’ funds. While this might sound like an advantage because newbies typically don’t know how to trade, it is something which they use to distract you so that you can sign up without thinking twice.

Don’t be convinced that an account manager with Option Lift will make your life better or that they will ensure the safety of your investments. Just know that if there is an account manager involved, that account manager will be championing for the interest of the broker and not you. If they did otherwise, the broker would lose a lot of money and they would also lose their job. We hope you see how this thing works against you.

Unrealistic returns

We’ve never heard that a binary options broker can turn a deposit of $500 into over $4000 returns in 1 week. This is not real trading. In real trading, you cannot predict your returns and you have to wait and see how much you will earn when the week ends.

But these guys are portraying the image that they are financial geniuses who can easily convert $500 into $4000 profits. If this was the case, they would never give you this chance to invest with their system. Secondly, everybody would be rich by now, thanks to Option Lift giving everyone a chance to earn that much as long as they are willing to invest a minimum of $500.

Our best advice for you

Option Lift are scammers, and chances that you will lose a significant amount of money in their hands is extremely high. They are also unregulated which means that there is no assurance that your funds will be safe on this platform. Let’s just say that they will steal your money at some point. Other than this, Option Lift is a brand new brokerage platform which has not even built its reputation. New services tend to be unreliable. Our best advice for you would be to choose a broker who is regulated and professional.

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