Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service

Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service

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Welcome to the Satominer review. In this post, we are going to prove logically that Satominer is a scam just like Bit Miner and many other similar operations. Now, you have to avoid this scam at all cost if you don’t want to get disappointed. They will ruin your hopes of ever getting a good Bitcoin mining platform where you can actually make money.

Satominer masquerades as a leading Bitcoin mining pool. It is supposed to operate in the cloud, and so miners don’t have to download and install any software on their PCs. Satominer claims that they have their own miners which will do the work for you.

You only have to place a deposit in order to make up to 5.35% daily returns. That is why it is a scam in the first place but if you want more evidence, you are more than welcomed to read this review to the end.

Satominer Review

This website has 4 different investment plans labeled Basic, standard, enterprise and professional. As for the earning rate of basic, this is capped at 8000 Satoshi per day. Standard promises an earning rate of 25000 Satoshi per day while enterprise and professional are capped at 85000 Satoshi per day and 333000 Satoshi per day respectively. In addition to that, this website is giving an affiliate commission of up to 14% when members recruit other members.


Further down the website, there is a table of ”last payouts”. This is a table that lists random Bitcoin addresses in order to trick you by making you think that members of this scam are getting paid. The truth is that only the owner of Satominer is making profits when he receives deposits of naive people. Other than him, nobody else is making any money.

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Now, let’s go back to the reality. The reality as of now is that Bitcoin prices are down and mining difficulty is rising. There is no way you could expect making these ridiculous ROI percentages when this is the situation. Yes, you can still make money mining Bitcoin but don’t expect what Satominer is telling you concerning the kind of returns that have been projected on their website. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Even when the price of Bitcoin mining was in its all time high back in 2017, we couldn’t make 5% daily returns. So this is definitely a red flag and an indication that Satominer wants to take your money in exchange for nothing.

The mining plans

When we look at the 4 mining plans, they don’t get into the specifics of what a genuine mining plan should have. Apart from profit projections (which are based on averages), we expected to see what quantities of hash power we could get for a specific price. Instead of including these details the way they do it in legit Crypto currency cloud mining sites, these plans only sound vague. This is a red flag, and if you don’t know what kind of red flags to look for, start here please.

Who is the owner of this fake site?

There is a very serious problem with this scam. It makes itself obvious that it wants to snatch funds from naive internet randoms. This is the truth. Anyone asking that you send them your Bitcoins and they are anonymous is definitely a con artist especially if what they are telling you does not make sense.

There are a lot of things that the anonymous owner of Satominer is not telling us. They are not telling us the correct ROI that we could earn on their platform. They are not giving us any proof that they are really mining Bitcoin, plus they are misleading us with a fake payout table which which is a mere javascript to try portraying that they are making payouts.

Their about us page is equally vague. No description of the background of this service or the person who runs the platform. Instead, they talk about the history of Steve Jobs, which is less important that first dwelling on who created this platform, what they invested in their data centers and so on.

This information is worthless. It does not deserve to be published on this website but for the sake of filling space, the scammer behind Satominer decided to include it. You can rest assured that this wall of text was definitely copy pasted from somewhere else on the internet. It is not unusual for scammers to create dozens of websites with copied content.

The truth about this website

The truth is that this is a weird site since there is no evidence of payouts ever being released from the platform. You cannot treat the fake table of payout as evidence that investors made money through this site. That is why we are declaring that there is no evidence of payouts and if by any chance the crook behind this operation is making payments, it has to be from the deposits which he has since collected from previous members. He pays a small portion of those deposits and keep the rest hoping that they will either convince you to invest a bigger amount or build their reputation out there so they can attract a large number of customers.

Either way, the trick works. The scammer can decide to steal your money right away or go the long process, which is still beneficial in the long run. In the meantime, you have to choose whether or not you want to be fooled.

Our best advice for you

You need to think twice when dealing with a website whose ownership is anonymous and proof of payout is virtually non existent. There is nothing legit about Satominer and many experienced miners will confirm the same, that this platform cannot and will never benefit anybody except the owner of the scam. That being said, it is better to point you in the right direction by giving you the right details concerning where you could legitimately mine Bitcoin. Just visit these websites and you can rest assured of some returns.

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19 Replies to “Satominer Review: Scam Bitcoin Mining Service”

  1. I have invested and i have earned! Satominer is not scam. My downlines and i, we got our ROI so we are earning profits now. Those live pay outs are real! I pity those people who keep saying Satominer is a scam even without having been an investor to the site. I advised you people to sign up in every site that you are posting here before giving remarks such as SCAM! You dont know how it feels when receiving paynents from Satominer.

    1. I have invest the basic plan in Satominer,and website claimed I withdraw 200,000 Satoshi(2 days ago);but there’s no bitcoin come into my accout!unless they give me the 200000 Satoshi,or that’s a scam!!

    2. Hey Jollibee, the date is now 4/5/19. Where is your precious Satominer and all your money now bahaha?! Glad Im not stupid and tried only the free version, while it lasted lolol…

  2. esta persona que publico es que satominer es un dolido de seguro el si es un estafador que quiere gana*** el publico, deja de dar falsas informaciones i****a, que yo estoy cobrando en satominer sin problemas

  3. my account 85000. per day now i dont know what happend suddenly account rmeoved and my account start from zero my all refer removed its a big scam so becareful

  4. Benar ini scam, ada beberapa tingkatan dalam upgrade dan saya pribadi telah melakukan upgrade sampai keplatinum 1(jika anda pengguna satominer pasti tau) tapi apa yg saya dapat, sebelum saya upgrade keplatinum1 memang semuanya lancar Satoshi terus mengalir dan terbukti masuk ke walet saya tapi semua berubah setelah saya sampai keplatinum1 keesokan harinya saya tidak bisa lagi masuk ke akun saya sampai sekarang. Jika kalian pengguna satominer saran saya upgrade maksimal cuma sampai profesional, karena di titik itu masih terbukti membayar(tapi tidak tau sampai kapan) jangan sampai lebih tinggi dari titik itu jika kalian tidak ingin seperti saya

  5. They either reset your account to the free plan or block your pa**w*** after withdrawal, if very luck they will payout some but you can be sure not to get back what you initially invested. SCAM, use with care

  6. Truffa truffa truffa ho investito x piano professionale e mi ritrovo bloccata senza possibilità di accedere più ….b******i figli di puttana spero lì mangiate di veleno i soldi truffati

  7. its a big scam, i and mys cant log in our own account, it’s stated that i enter a wrong pa**w***, but i input my pa**owrd correctly. now the money we invested are all gone, such a trash satominer.

  8. Hey Jollibee, the date now is 4/5/19. What happened to your precious Satominer and all your money?….They seem to have disappeared bahaha! Glad I only tried the free version, while it lasted lolol.

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