ShareNode Review: Token Securities Scam

ShareNode Review: Token Securities Scam

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First of all ShareNode does not disclose who owns or runs their official website. According to, the domain was first created back in 2006, which is really a long time. The question is whether or not ShareNode has existed all this time. However, in August 2018, the ownership details of this website was updated to reflect an entity known as Stephen Chiang. This person has listed a US physical address. So we assume that they either stay in the US or has some ties with the country.

ShareNode website proclaims that they are powered by Nasgo. Also, according to a certain press release, we learned that a person named James Hardy was the co founder of ShareNode.

That aside, Nasgo is owned and operated by Eric Tippets who appears to have been engaging in MLM matters for a very long time now. On the other hand, Steve Chiang appears to have some MLM background, but he does not seem to want to disclose this fact to the public. Now, his name is quite generic and for that reason, we are not able to specifically identity which MLM he has been associated with in the past.


But James Hardy is associated with eVantage Financial, which is an entity that provides some sort of insurance-based investment opportunity. eVantage Financial no longer exists or at least traffic to the website has really subsided. As you can see, these guys have a ridiculous background of running MLMs. Let’s find out who they are and whether ShareNode is a real income earning opportunity. 99% of these so called investment opportunities are scams, ShareNode included. That is why you should always learn to identify the best Crypto investment opportunities while avoiding scammers like the plague.

ShareNode Review

Nasgo produces NSG tokens and claims that any company can use them to launch a digital asset in the blockchain instantly. With these tokens, one can allegedly ”tokenize” their company with no coding required whatsoever. There are 3 plans here which include: Nasgo Tokenize Basic ($995), Nasgo Tokenize Plus ($1495) and Nasgo Tokenize Premium ($1995).

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In the first plan, we get blockchain registration on the Nasgo platform, an eCommerce platform and token issue as well. In the second plan, we get everything that is contained in the first plan in addition to a published press release.

In the third plan, we get everything in the first and second including listing in the ShareNode business directory.

When affiliates sell these tokens, they earn a commission. These commissions are paid out in SNG, NSG and bitcoin. You must get the difference between these two tokens. SNG is a token that was launched by ShareNode while NSG was launched by Nasgo. Now, ShareNode uses Bitcoin as a form of payment for the quoted dollar value.

ShareNode pays commissions based on a uni level compensation structure with respect to 3 investment plans.

Joining ShareNode

For you to join this scheme, you have to invest in 1000 worth of SNP tokens. However, ShareNode does not disclose for what price they are selling 1 SNP token for. By this time, we know that we are dealing with a legit ponzi scheme. Transparency is not there and definitely there is no legitimacy in this type of operation whatsoever.

The idea is that Nasgo is being marketed as a blockchain platform and they want businesses to pay hefty amounts of money so they can use their NSG and SNP tokens. None of these tokens are publicly traded, and yet they are asking for money in order to sell tokens to unsuspecting victims. This also means that the value of these tokens are controlled by Nasgo and ShareNode and not the forces of demand and supply.

Now, this is not even a Crypto currency. We could call them ponzi points because they don’t even qualify to be called tokens. These two entities have the freedom to set their own prices. Because they would want to keep unsuspecting victims happy, our bet is that they will keep increasing the value of the ponzi points to make them look as if they are worthwhile investing in.

When an affiliate has recruited others who end up purchasing NSG tokens, they will gain points and ShareNode will compensate them in terms of SNP. This is just how affiliates are supposed to grow their investments with this entity until they want to request a payout.

But when this happens, ShareNode will process this request using previously invested funds. According to ShareNode, the ROIs that affiliates earn are purported to be coming from companies that invested with Nasgo Tokenize Packages. However, no proof has been supplied so far. It is therefore hard to verify this claim and so we will go with the safer bet. ROIs don’t come from these companies.

To catch them lying in broad day light, a statement on the ShareNode says that they will keep paying ROIs even when no company is signing up for these tokens.

The act of ShareNode rewarding affiliates with SNP when they re invest their commissions also means that both ShareNode and Nasgo are operated by the same people. These are Stephen Chiang, Eric Tippets and James Hardy respectively.

All of these individuals are based in the US and are actively promoting ShareNode and Nasgo in the US. The act of offering tokens to businesses and compensating affiliates through ROIs which are purportedly generated through returns that come from the alleged companies simply means that ShareNode and Nasgo are offering securities

For that reason, their securities should be registered with the SEC failure to which these companies will be committing what is called securities fraud.

Our best advice for you

The truth is that the only money entering these companies is that of their affiliates who are deceived to invest in the so called SNP.  ShareNode and Nasgo does not incur a heavy cost in producing these worthless points. That means these two schemes can be called a scam and a rip off. If you want to invest in real Crypto currencies, mine them.

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    1. I have a close friend who’s invested in sharenode, and he’s trying to convince others to join and invest as well. Could you explain in more detail of your situation? What have they told you, on the reasons they won’t allow you to cash out?

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