BTCGlobeFX Review: Bogus Forex Broker Scam on the Spot

BTCGlobeFX Review: Bogus Forex Broker Scam on the Spot

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BTCGlobeFX ( is a CFD and Forex brokerage that has hit the financial world. Developers claim that this is the easiest way to become richer in the financial world. Claims of having innovative and one of a kind trading tools are spread throughout their website. Members have been sending numerous email complaints regarding Btcglobefx. An investigation was underway to determine whether BTC Globe FX is real or not.

BTCGlobeFX Review

BTCGlobeFX Review:

Having a well-displayed webpage it makes perfect logic for any user to trust this platform. According to the platform, they claim to have a full range of trading tools. BTCGlobeFX also claims to have tight spreads and bonuses. Another thought out claim is that they have a personal account manager and trade SMS signals. As Forex trading enthusiasts, we had to make sure that this was a genuine product.

You will be shocked to learn that BTCGlobeFX is nothing but a well thought out scam. Yes, our investigation reveals that this Forex platform is just a ploy to steal from potential investors. One of the victims we got wind from is Ahmed Abdul who was swindled all his money. He joined BTC Globe FX because they offered an Islamic Account which was favorable to him. Would he have read this review on time, he would have been saying a different story?

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Why BTCGlobeFX is a Scam.

Members are promised a welcome bonus of over 30% when they sign up with this bogus platform. Promises of 24/7 customer support and 1.6 spreads on EUR/USD are what lures you in. Members are also promised a 1:200 leverage and 0% fee on deposits. This all sounds too good to be true because it is. One of the main reasons we flagged BTC Globe FX as a scam was the issuance of bonuses.

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As a strict Forex broker rule, brokers are prohibited by the regulatory bodies from issuing bonuses. One reason why the issuance of bonus is prohibited is that brokers have been known to take advantage of them. When members are about to withdraw their money, brokers have been deducting the bonus money. Why would they call it a bonus if they will later charge you? Isn’t this a form of stealing from you? You can easily say that this is also a forced loan.

Who Owns BTCGlobeFX?

It didn’t come as a surprise when we discovered that Game Capital Ads Limited is behind BTCGlobeFX. This company was apparently created in 2013 and has been dealing with Forex ever since. Honestly, we could not tell whether their claim is true. What we do know is that this company has been under investigation for numerous Forex scams. Yes, we can confirm that they are under investigation in countries such as Spain and Italy.

Situated in Vincent and the Grenadines, it makes it an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notorious for breaking rules and regulations. We are sure Game Capital Ads LTD is not different. During our investigation, we contacted the registrar of companies on this tiny island. According to one reliable staff member, there’s no company registered under such a name. It makes depositing with this Forex broker a dangerous game.

Fake 24/7 Customer Support.

BTCGlobeFX Scam

Another alarming detail about BTCGlobeFX is their customer help support. Folks, there isn’t any. We tried reaching out to them using email and phone calls. None of those two avenues bore any fruit. You will never be able to reach out to them even if you are having small problems. Another reason to doubt this Forex platform is that they don’t have a live chat platform. How can they not have a live chat on this day and age?

We can confirm that even when you send an email to their team, it’s of no use. Other members have heard this problem too, including Ahmed. He claims that for over three weeks, he has not received any feedback from their email support. It has led us to believe that we are dealing with scammers who want to remain anonymous. After all, why would they not respond to an email sent from their own member? Scammers are known to withhold their identities for obvious reasons, they don’t want to be caught.

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Fake Advanced Trading Platform Claims.

BTCGlobeFX claims to have an advantage over other Forex platforms. According to their website, they have modern and highly developed platforms. Having the MetaTrader platform and xStation platform. According to its website, the latter is a hybrid Internet-based platform. Claims of offering real-time analyst and sophistication are pure bull. The reason they claim all these is that they want to make their platform look real.

Faults found with the platform include not being able to download completely. Yes, the download could not complete on various devices such as desktop and mobile. The download stopped at 58% which is a tragedy for users who want to trade on the go. It only means that they want users to trade on their site. Folks, this is quite dangerous as hackers can easily take over their site and steal from members.

Who are the Developers?

BTCGlobeFX Fake

We have a problem with the people who developed this platform. As you know by now, these are scammers who want to remain anonymous? If you develop such a high-end platform, wouldn’t you want recognition? Notice that there is no name of any developer, let alone, CEO of this company. Why? As we earlier mentioned, they simply want to remain anonymous.

If this platform was as real as they claim, we would be seeing profiles of these owners. No one knows who the actual owners are. As investors, safety and trust are paramount to any type of investing. With BTCGlobeFX, you are putting your money to people you don’t know who they are. Don’t you think that this is just wrong for them to not have a name on the product? It would at least legitimize the trading platform.

Types of Accounts.

BTCGlobeFX has four different account types. You can start with standard, classic, gold and premium accounts. For standard account users, the deposit is $250, classic is $2500, Gold is $20,000 and Premium is $50,000. What’s weird is that with a standard account, you are not offered live chat. Why would this be? Live chat should also be for none members who want to know about BTC Globe FX.

Is BTCGlobeFX a Scam?

Without no blur in our eyes, we are sure BTCGlobeFX is a Forex scam. Try as much as possible to ignore all incoming messages urging you to join. Also, make sure you don’t subscribe to their emails. You can easily be scammed by these fraudsters with their over-the-top sales pitch.

BTCGlobeFX Final Verdict.

.BTCGlobeFX Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist Btcglobefx as a total scam in the making. With all the evidence produced, make sure you completely stay away from it. Don’t be a victim like Ahmed and stay away from this fake Forex broker.

Always use respected and esteemed Forex brokers when trading. These brokers ensure you trade regularly and safely. Members are guaranteed comfortable trading with real chances of making real money. Get the best form the best in Forex trading. Remember to trade safely always.

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