Crypto Invest Home Review: Home of Forex Scam Brokers

Crypto Invest Home Review: Home of Forex Scam Brokers

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Crypto Invest Home ( is one of a kind Forex and CFD Broker Scam. Here is why. With fake over the moon promises of getting money quick, we had to check Crypto Invest Home. We decided to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation to know what the fuss was all about. What we found out will shock you. This is simply a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Read to find out why.

CRYPTO Invest Home Review

Crypto Invest Home Review:

According to the website, when you sign up with this broker, you’ll be entering the world’s 5 major markets. You will be able to trade CFDs on more than 1000 financial assets. All you have to do is open an account with them.

However, don’t be too quick to do this. We have found some disturbing details that we believe traders should know. It’s our duty to defend both investors and the forex industry as well.

Instead of dealing with Fake Forex brokers, we suggest you deal with tested and trusted brokers. You will never go wrong with approved and recommended brokers. Expert traders use them as well as newbies. Your money is safe and you stand a chance of making real profits. This is where true Forex trading takes place.

Multi-Device Trading Platform.

According to Crypto Invest Home’s homepage, they offer a multi-device platform. They claim that their trading platform is an intuitive next-generation product. Crypto Invest Home offers amazing trading tools that boost and maximizes users’ skills. Dear readers, this is all lies meant to entice you to join this app. Their platform doesn’t work at all. We will explain why.

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They claim they offer CFDs, FX, and Cryptocurrencies all under one account. Users can only make one click using their trading platform. This means users can only “Stop Loss” or “Take Profit”. They also claim that this platform comes with advanced charts and live data feeds. Going through the platform, there is a feed at the bottom but it isn’t live. Prices are bloated and make us question the whole trading platform.

What Device is Compatible?

Another cause of alarm is that they claim this platform is compatible with Desktop, Mobile and tablet. We tried downloading their platform with different devices but to no avail. The download would only go up to 58% and couldn’t move further. What’s more troubling is that they claim to offer immediate trade execution on your behalf.

Fake Expert Education.

Crypto Invest Home claims to offer comprehensive educational material for all. These materials will help users develop a trading mentality that is unmatched. These materials include a video course, eBook collection, and live webinar sessions. What we found shocking was that none of them was working.

CRYPTO Invest Home Scam

We tried downloading the eBooks but there was no attachment on their part. We also tried to view the videos and they couldn’t load. As for the webinar parts, they claim you have to set it up. We did it and have received no response as to when this will happen.

Crypto Invest Home trading Assets.

Some of the trading assets this fake broker offers include EUR/USD, AUD/USD, Bitcoin, GBP/USD, XRP/USD. Note that they have put a mild warning note that isn’t easy to note on their website in regards to spreads. Crypto Invest Home claims that spreads differ during volatile markets and they have clearly set indicative prices. All this is nothing but a scam meant to make people believe they are dealing with the real deal.

Fake Online Support Staff.

Crypto Invest Home is claiming to offer universal client support via online chat. They claim to have live online expert assistance. You will have multilingual support from experts who have a worldwide presence. This is where the problem lies. Note that on their homepage, there’s nowhere where you can click and ask for chat support. On their contact us page, you will be directed to fake email and phone number.

Why don’t they have an online live support team as they claim? It’s because they don’t have a real support team. In fact, there’s no way of contacting the people behind this fake forex broker. The reason they don’t want to be contacted is that they know victims will try to get their money back. Also, they are afraid of being caught by law enforcement officials.

Safety and Security.

CRYPTO Invest Home Fake

You should be aware that this Forex broker is a fake. This means your accounts are not segregated in accordance with the trading rules and regulations. What about withdrawing and depositing. The only quick services you will get is depositing. Your money will be quickly and easily deposited to their trading platform. When it comes to withdrawing, this is where the problem starts.

Any Withdrawals Made?

No member has been able to withdraw money using this trading platform. Why? Because these scammers have ensured no one makes withdrawals. No one will be able to withdraw even a dime from Crypto Invest Home. All the money goes straight to their accounts and nothing you can do about it. They have made sure you can’t contact them, just depositing with them.

Instead of using Fake brokers, you have the option of using real and trusted Forex trading robots. These robots are known to make reasonable profit margins and trade safely. No one ever loses sleep with forex trading robots. They are a good option for brokers. Plus, they offer profit margins that are real and not bloated.

Is Crypto Invest Home Regulated?

We contacted all known regulatory bodies regarding Crypto Invest Home. None of the well-known regulatory body had registered this brokerage firm. From the FCA to CySEC

The problem of dealing with an unregulated broker is that your funds are not secured. It also means this brokerage firm does not participate in any compensatory scheme. They can at any time take your money and no one can touch them. This is why we are urging you to stop any ties with Crypto Invest Home.

Minimum Withdrawal Limit.

Although we have stated no one has made any withdrawals, it’s important we look at one thing. On their website, they claim minimum withdrawal is $100. To be honest, this is way below the industry’s standards. If you have invested $500, you are not allowed to withdraw even half that. This is simply unacceptable.

There’s also the matter of being charged a $30 dormant fee. This is also quite a lot even if you have an inactive account. You should stay away from this Crypto Invest Home broker unless you want to lose your money at once.

Is Crypto Invest Home a Scam?

With all the evidence we have produced, it’s safe to say Crypto Invest Home is a scam. We are dealing with professional fraudsters who know to hide their tracks. They make sure you can’t reach them, contact them, or have their faces. We should at least have the face of one owner of this broker for validation purposes.

Don’t you think that this is weird? Why hide any contact details relating to Crypto Invest Home identity? This is what scammers do, no trace of ever reaching them.

Crypto Invest Home Final Verdict.

CRYPTO Invest Home Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist Crypto Invest Home as a certified scam. We urge you to ignore any promotional material asking you to join this brokerage firm.

Instead of losing money with fake forex brokers, why not use agreed and accepted brokers. Your money will be safe and you’ll trade comfortably. This is what Forex trading should be about. Making real profits by using real and trusted Forex brokers.

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