FX Trading Corporation: Crypto Broker Scam Exposed!

FX Trading Corporation: Crypto Broker Scam Exposed!

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FX Trading Corporation ( is targeting Crypto robots investors. Yes, we have evidence that proves FX Trading Corp is nothing but a fraudulent Forex and Crypto trading platform. We will reveal the dirty tricks used by these scammers to steal money. Due to the chatter floating around the web regarding FX Trading Corporation, we decided to try it. Our findings will shock you regarding this fake brokerage.

FX Trading Corporation Review

FX Trading Corporation Review:

Targeting currency trading has been the latest wave attack from scammers. Developers of this trading platform urge investors to be part of the digital investment revolution. They claim to make users be part of a history-making trading platform. They claim that this trading platform has a team of investors who are experts in Forex and Crypto trading.

According to the website, these experts and investors teamed up to create FX Trading Corporation software. They add in the fact that this software helps investors to make money from mining companies. They specifically aid in mining Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. According to the homepage, you don’t need any experience as you will earn profits automatically.

Who are the Developers?

CEO’s and Founders of FX Trading Corporation are Yang Jae Seok, Young Min Oh, and Joon Park. FX Trading Corporation is apparently based in South Korea although we couldn’t verify this. What they claim is that they are found in over 76 countries. They also add in the fact that they have over 23 trading professionals who aid newbies in trading. We found no other information regarding the developers and CEOs of this software.

Instead of dealing with fake crypto trading software, why not use tested and approved Crypto robots? With trusted and recommended crypto trading robots, you stand a chance of making real profits. Try them today and see your fortunes change.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Fake Autopilot Feature.

According to the developers, this software has the best autopilot feature. When we tried using FX Trading Corporation, we found disturbing evidence. Not only is the autopilot feature fake, but also, it’s been rigged. After signing up, you will be asked to use the demo account to see how the software works.

When you start trading with FXtradingcorporation, your account will start making successful trades. What’s weird about it is the fact that over 90% of your trades will be successful. And this is where we believe the scam starts. No software in the world can make this win rate. There are too many variables to allow this to happen. Any industry expert will tell you for free that this simply can’t happen. Why?

Just like with any financial market, both Forex and Crypto trading markets face unforeseen challenges. Prices of commodities may rise abruptly and without warning. This is why making a 90%-win rate is simply impossible.

Fake Algorithm.

FX Trading Corporation Scam

FX Trading Corporation claims to use a one of a kind algorithm according to the website. This algorithm apparently takes care of your trades and executes transactions automatically on your behalf. Your job will be just reviewing your account balance and decide how to manage gains made. All these seem too good to be true. Which is true. No one can just make money this quick and this easy. No software in the world can make this happen.

Is FX Trading Corporation Free?

They claim that this product is free of charge. You will, however, have limited access that comes with opportunities of winning huge profit margins. In order to make it, they require you to make a huge investment. This means that you must deposit over $5000 to start enjoying all the perks FX Trading Corp offers.

How many Spots are Left?

Scammers always try to make things appear timed. Yes, you can join this software only if you sign up in the next few days. Failure to do so, all spots will be taken. This is a ploy that is meant to lure you into making a fast and thoughtless investment. They claim that the time to react is now which is not the case.

Why not use regulated and trusted Crypto robots when dealing with cryptocurrencies? Your money is safe and you get a chance to make some real profits. This is the only way to trade successfully in the lucrative cryptocurrency world. Try these approved and credited crypto robots and see your fortunes change.

How does this software Work?

FX Trading Corporation Fake

Developers claim that FX Trading Corporation uses an automated arbitrage system. This system aids in yielding the desired profits for customers. The algorithm used ensures real-time movements are carefully researched with pinpoint accuracy. Readers, FXTradingcorporation is using financial jargons to make this software appear legit.

Claims that their proprietary algorithm buys Bitcoin when it’s cheaper and sells it when it’s expensive is bull. They claim that FX Trading Corp users benefit by assuming the profits made. These profits will be credited on the customer’s account. We urge you not to believe these fantasy claims as they do not hold ground.

Fake FX Trading Corporation Address.

Just because they claim to be located in South Korea, doesn’t mean this is the case. We contacted the registrar of companies and no name appeared. Don’t you think it’s weird that a company like this isn’t registered? It’s simply because we are dealing with seasoned scammers. FXTradingcorporation doesn’t want to be contacted or reached by victims and law enforcement.

Is FX Trading Corporation Regulated?

Being an offshore brokerage house strict regulation becomes non-existent. Problem with this kind of crypto trading platform is that victims cannot be compensated for losses made. This brokerage is not bound by any government regulator making it a risky investment. Owners can decide to flee with your money at any time. You will have only yourself to blame.

These scammers have put on a lazy show since we don’t know how people deposit or withdraw money with it. Never trust such a broker who hasn’t put up withdraw or deposit platforms. This is an indicator we are dealing with scam artists.

Fake ROI.

Claims that this platform will guarantee a 2.5% ROI daily is madness. Ask any seasoned trading expert and they will tell you no one can make this happen. No machine can guarantee profits daily. What about when the systems are down? These claims should be ignored completely. FX Trading Corporation is simply a scam in the making.

This company also has an ROI on referrals. Users get a certain commission after getting other people to sign up. You are promised a 500% ROI on all referrals. If this isn’t madness, we don’t know what madness means. Remember you also have to pay to join a referral program. Lowest amount to pay is $300. Why pay to direct people to join such a fake broker?

Is FX Trading Corporation a Scam?

Yes, FX Trading Corporation is a scam. There are too many red flags that we have flagged down. Just note that these people have issued an ROI which cannot be confirmed. Their business address is also not confirmed. This is simply a scam in the making.

FX Trading Corporation Final Verdict.

FX Trading Corporation Scam Review

For those who have dealt in the financial world, you know how easy it is to lose money. This is especially so if you use fake brokerage houses who are not regulated.

Instead of losing money with fake crypto trading brokers, why not invest with real crypto robots? You will not only ensure safety while trading, but you will also have a chance to win real money. We urge you to start trading only with trusted and tested crypto trading robots.

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  1. Muchas gracias por el aporte.
    Agrego, que Philip Han, quien es la cara visible en los videos y en la promoción de FXcorporation; hizo parte de Globalteam, una estafa que hicieron hace 2 años en estados unidos, con una moneda llamada Utacoin. Y del cual, se llevaron mas 5 millones de usd, de incautos, que cayeron en esta estafa, con ganas de hacerce millonarios. Desaparecieron sin dejar rastro en el 2017 y volvieron aparecer en 2018 con este “Nuevo Negocio”.

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