GFTrade Review: Reasons to Avoid this Scam Broker

GFTrade Review: Reasons to Avoid this Scam Broker

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GFTrade ( is a forex brokerage house that is scamming millions of people. We have received numerous complaints from people who lost money with GFTrade. According to Susan Taylor, she lost her entire deposit immediately she deposited. This another related case brought to our attention a few days ago. Armed to the tooth, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation to find out the whole truth about GF Trade.

GFTrade Review

GFTrade Review:

According to the official website of GFTrade, they are in the Marshal Islands and SVG. They are using an MT4 trading platform to members. What immediately got our attention was the fact that members are required to make a minimum deposit of $10. Ladies and gentlemen, this is way below the industry’s standards and made us question everything about GF Trade. If you do not know, the industry’s required standard is $250.

This Forex platform is also offering a wide array of trading products. Members are offered a 50$ bonus once they register.  GF Trade claims to offer one of the lowest spreads in the industry. Their spreads range between 0.9 to 1.1pip. All this comes at a whopping 80% chance while trading. This means you are guaranteed to win over 80% of your trades. This is simply preposterous.

What Instruments GFTrade is using.

A trading platform that offers the best market price and has a transparent model is what you’re offered. Homepage claims members are given various currency pairs, metal indices, stocks, and CFDs. They add in the fact that these products will automatically grant members an opportunity to expand their investments.

Instead of dealing with fake Forex brokers, why don’t you get the real deal? Get recommended and trusted Forex brokers who are vetted by the industry’s regulatory bodies. With regulated brokers, you will never go wrong and your money is safe. Try them today and stand a chance to win with Forex trading.

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Fake Awards.

GFTrade Scam

According to the website, GFTrade has received many awards for outstanding achievements in the Forex world. These awards also include outstanding customer support and excellent trading platforms. Dedicated service is also an award they claim to have won. Dear readers, this is all but a ploy to make you fall in love with GF Trade. Some of the badge stickers they have are self-made or self-produced.

How can their awards be from 2017 to 2018 yet they claim to have started Forex trading late last year? We tried reaching their customer service center but to no avail. They have not been online the entire time we have been conducting our investigation. This speaks volume and how they are posting fake news to legitimize this platform.

Fake GF Trade News Reports.

Visiting their homepage, you can easily see that there is a company news section. Under this section, they are claiming to have over 600 press releases. Major and local news companies apparently do all these press releases. What we find odd is that no reputable media company has any content regarding GFTrade.

You can clearly see that this is an edit and there’s no address of the media company that published this post. Another fake claim is that the Asia Fund Authority gave this platform an award. These is all lies since no regulation institution gives awards. It would mean that the regulatory bodies can favor one platform over another. We simply cannot accept these lies.

Trading Accounts being Offered.

GFTrade is offering members four types of trading accounts. These accounts include Mini Account, Standard Account, Premium Account, and PAMM account. All these accounts have different entry levels and to be honest, are fake. One such account is the PAMM Account. They claim to offer a 24/7 monitoring with this account. Here is the lie they use.

Instead of having to deal with fake forex brokers, there’s a better option. You can always use trusted and tested forex brokers to make reasonable profits. With approved Forex brokers, you don’t have to worry about losing all your investments at once. They will always try to make winning trades and avoid losing your money.

We all know that Forex markets or any financial market remain closed during the weekends. How then can this account be monitoring the markets when they are closed. This is where the trickery gets lame. If you haven’t noted, now you do. This brokerage is without a doubt the scam of the month. We urge you to stay away from it completely.

Platform GFTrade is using.

GFTrade Fake

GF Trade is using a MetaTrader4 platform which apparently can be used by any device. We tried downloading it to our phones and tablets unsuccessfully. Downloading proved futile since the process could only go to 89% and then stopping at once. This means that their platform is useless and is just a ploy to attract unsuspecting Forex investors.

What’s more interesting is that they are offering members educational eBooks. We also tried to get a hold of this eBook but to no avail. This means all these offers are fake and we cannot trust this platform.

Fake Demo Account.

We also noticed that their demo account was fake. Yes, they make sure that you make successful trades when using the demo account. Their play is that once you make successful trades, you will be inclined to make a full deposit. What these scammers have done is really simple, they have manipulated the demo account. Yes, manipulation is possible just to make sure members who sign up think they can win with this platform.

Is GF Trade Regulated?

As we mentioned above, this fake forex platform is not regulated. We contacted several regulatory agencies to confirm their licensing status. What we found out will shock you. These bodies don’t have a clue about GFTrade, the FCA and CySEC haven’t licensed this platform.

And if this is not enough for you, we contacted the registrar of companies to find out more about this company. The registrar of companies does not have a name under GFTrade. This means that when depositing money, you are giving it away to unknown persons. This is sad and frightening at the same time. Your safety is not guaranteed nor is your money. No wonder Susan Taylor lost all her money at once. She probably deposited a huge sum. These scammers withdrew her money and left her cashless.

Is GF Trade a Scam?

With all the evidence we have provided, we are positive GF Trade IS A SCAM. Susan is not the only person who has lost money with this platform. You can easily spot the bad reviews floating around the internet with people who have been scammed by GFTrade. This is why we have to blacklist GFTrade as a scam and urge everyone to stay away from it.

GFTrade Final Verdict.

GFTrade Scam Review

We always want Forex traders to stay safe while trading. This can only be achieved by staying as far as possible from scams such as GF Trade. Never at any time give your money to unregulated, unregistered forex brokers. They will simply steal your money and leave you helpless. Worse still, there’s no one who can help you trace the money back.

Instead of investing with Fake Forex brokers, we always urge you to deal with trusted and tested brokers. You will never miss a chance to make real profits with approved and regulated brokers. Why don’t you try them today and stay safe with Forex trading?

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