Olympus Markets Review: Certified Forex Scam Broker

Olympus Markets Review: Certified Forex Scam Broker

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Olympus Markets ( is a forex broker who claims to make users win big. Some members however have found this statement to be false. Kelsey Logan lost all her initial deposit minutes after she started trading. We decided to investigate Olympus Markets to find out the truth about this Forex broker. What we found out will without a doubt make you shiver. Trickery used by scammers revealed, find out how!

Olympus Markets Review

Olympus Markets Review:

According to their homepage, OlympusMarkets is the broker who will satisfy your trading appetite. Users are asked take advantage of their strategic skills and professional services. This platform will make you make the right decision. This is nothing but a lie. They claim that their platform is the best in the industry. We beg to differ. Below are the reasons why this cannot be true!

Get the best Forex brokers who have been vetted and tested by the trading community. These brokers come highly recommended and are used by experts and newbie traders. You will never go wrong with reputable and dependable Forex brokers. Furthermore, you stand a chance to make real profits with credible Forex brokers.

What OlympusMarkets Offers you.

According to their homepage, users have an option of trading with over 200 assets. They claim to have an easy to use trading tools and indicators. Claims of having the fastest market execution can also be seen. What’s more of importance is that they claim to have a mobile trading platform. This ensures that users can trade on the go.

When registering, members are issued with a $250 start up bonus. You may think that this is a good incentive but it’s illegal. Yes, you are not required to accept any trading bonus. Forex industry regulators have made sure that all brokers who offer bonuses are shut down. This is why we believe we are dealing with a fake broker. Issue of bonuses is never and has never been accepted.

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Trading Strategies Offered.

Olympus Markets offers trading strategies which they claim help users trade like pros. Problem with this statement is that they don’t tell us how. They don’t tell us what strategies they are using and how users will gain from them. This is another promise that we believe is simply meant to entice users into signing up with Olympus Markets.

Claims of offering members with the best trading conditions can also be seen. Problem we have with this is that they don’t actually tell us what these conditions are. They just plaster fake pictures showing how a trader has won using their trading conditions. Best they could have done is show us the way they do it. This way, we would have more trust in Olympus Markets.

Fake Award-Winning Platform Claims.

Olympus Markets Scam

According to their website, they claim Olympus Markets has an award-winning platform. Problem with this claim is that they don’t mention the award they have won. It would have also been okay if they actually posted the photo of the award certificate. A certificate would have ensured we verified whether the award-winning claim is true or not. Sadly, we cannot verify this claim.

You can also see that these scammers have a fake award claim. Olympus Markets claims to have won multiple awards. One of the visible mistakes they make is say that we can easily see the awards below. Nowhere on the platform can we see any awards being thrown at OlympusMarkets. We believe that these are just theatrics to ensure traders believe this platform is real.

Fake Demo Account.

We noticed that the demo account has been altered to ensure users make winning trades. Yes, we tried the demo account using numerous accounts and the results were the same. We all made wining trades even when we placed trades randomly. What we are sure of is that these trades have been tailored to win.

When users see that they are making successful trades, they will be swayed to open a live account. This is a well-known strategy that scammers use to sign up users. They make sure demo account makes only successful trades to make users believe the trading platform is legit. Honestly, we should all avoid this platform as we are sure it will close very soon.

Always get the best out of Forex trading by having an alternative to forex brokers. You can easily get Forex robots that have been tested and highly esteemed. These trading robots are prestigious and used by almost all forex traders. You should try them today and start making real money with Forex trading.

Account Types on Offer.

Olympus Markets has five different account types. These accounts vary in service delivery as well as deposit requirements. These accounts are named Jade, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond. Jade account holders come with a 40% bonus level. Ruby account holders come with a 40% bonus and a junior dedicated account’s manager. Emerald comes with a 60% welcome bonus fee with silver spreads of 1:500.

Sapphire account holders come with 80% welcome bonus and gold spreads. Diamond account holders come with 100% welcome bonus with gold spreads. With the last three accounts, you will get a VIP dedicated account manager. You are also promised a personalized trading strategy that no member has taken advantage of.

Fake Account Managers.

Olympus Markets Fake

During our investigation, we learn that these account managers are hired call center executives. Yes, these scammers have hired call center executives to act as account managers. What’s worse that these so-called accounts managers are hired Asian natives mostly from India. Some of them no nothing about Forex trading.

Once you see that your account is making successful trades only, you will be called by these managers. You will be asked to deposit even more money in order to make real profits. At this juncture, you will be required to deposit over $10,000. This is the amount they ask for as they claim it’s enough to make real profits.

Deposit and Payment Methods.

What we found disturbing with Olympus Markets is how easy it is to deposit with them. When it comes to withdrawing money, it becomes problematic. According to the website, you can deposit with Visa, MasterCard, BitSend, Neteller, BPay, and Wire Transfer. A lot of users have had trouble withdrawing even half of their deposits with Olympus Markets.

Problem with withdrawing is not even delays, it’s lack of response. You are not able to get any response from customer service desk. Reason is that they also don’t have a live chat support. With this day and time, all trading platforms should have a live chat support. We believe this is a scam whose main intention is to lure people into signing up with them.

Is Olympus Markets a Scam?

We have no doubt in our minds that we are dealing with a fake forex broker. Olympus Markets is a scam that all traders should avoid at all costs. No matter the promises made, we have unmasked irrefutable proof we are dealing with scam artists. No one should even try and accept any incoming email message to sign up with this broker.

Olympus Markets Final Verdict.

Olympus Markets Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist Olympus Markets as a scam. You should avoid this scam and never deposit money with it. You don’t have to pay the price of dealing with fake forex brokers.

Always get trusted and tested forex trading brokers for all your trading needs. You will never go wrong with reputable Forex brokers. Plus, you stand a chance to make some real profits with Forex trading. Use only recommended and approved forex brokers and get to be the winners of Forex trading.

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53 Replies to “Olympus Markets Review: Certified Forex Scam Broker”

  1. Hoe ontvang je het geld terug € 500 die perIdeal is overgemaakt terug. Ik begrijp niet dat deze instelling een Ideale vergunning hebben gekregen.

        1. Nie polecam!!!!
          Oszuści na całej lini.
          Dziś się sama przekonałam.
          Moje konto została zamknięte.Brak kontaktu.Straciłam 750 euro

          1. Idz do swojego banku i powiedz, ze padlas dzialaniom oszustow, popros zeby bank odzyskal Twoje aktywa. Jesli sie uda, to super

    1. Hi, so do you finally found the answer you want? If yes, would you mind to share it with me? Thank you very much.

      1. Yes.deeney chong .i was scammed with all this fake broker i managed to pull back when the manager asked for another US 1k from me. I refused to invested and already started to suspect something is wrong. Because i still have my old funds total Us4k.when i tested manager for refunds that all i get answer i being scammed.

  2. Potwierdzam że to oszustwo. od kilku dni nie mogę wycofać depozytu. brak jakiego kolwiek kontaktu z platformą.

    1. Dzwonił do mnie niejaki Damian Grozek z Warszawy, numet tel był stacjonarny i nie był ukryty. Dzwonił kilka razy i mnie namawiał. Mówił, że w ciągu 24 godzin ktos do mnie zadzwoni, by ubezpieczyc konto. Nikt nie zadzwonił. A jak ja dzwoniułam na ten numer, nikt nie odbierał. Juz kilka razy przesłałam im dokumenty potwierdzające moją tożsamość i adres zamieszkania, żeby zweryfikowac konto, ale w odpowiedzi tylko do staję, że nie dostali jeszcze tych dokumentów! Jak chce sobie zrobić wyołate, to widze “The user is not verified”. Ktoś miał podobnie? W poniedziałek pójde do banku i na policję. ktoś już tak zrobił? Ja oczywiście straszyłam ich policją w mailu, ale może jeszcze muszę postraszyć prokuraturą?

      1. bardzo proszę o kontakt w sprawie oszustwa Olympus Markets. Jesteśmy też oszukani. Będziemy zgłaszać do prokuratury.

        1. Tez chce zgłosić sprawę do prokuratury. Czy ktoś ma już jakieś odpowiedzi z Policji? Jest możliwość odzyskania pieniędzy?

  3. 3.500e dalej nie wypłacone. Złodzieje i naciagacze!! Góra z górą się nie zejdzie ale człowiek z człowiek zawsze

  4. ya proyti registration po programme auto. Spustya 5 min nabrala devushka i predlozhila pomosch.Ya otkazalas no ona nastaivala. Obyasnila 4to k 4emu , no silno davila argumentiruya kakim to sobutiem. ya povelas, menya ugovorili na4at s 300 euro, dlya menya eto ne bolshie dengi. Kogda SEB bank ne propustit moy perevod ya ponyala 4to ne nado no Eva nastoyala…. ya dumala menya obmanuli, posle togo kak ushli moi dengi mne nikto ne zvonil.
    a spustya chas pozvonil muzh4ina skazal 4to dast programu… mu zashli vse zapustili , i na udivlenie eto rabotaet. zarabotok sovsem ne takoy kak obeschali , za 5 dney vsego 120 EURO, no mne skazali 4to tak bivaet. Ya ozhidala bolshego…
    Eto ne moe, poetomu vyvela 420 EURO i udalila account.
    No oni prodolzhaut zvonit.. govoryat 4to za mesyac bilo b bolshe, no ya uzhe im ne veru
    Eto dlya teh komu hvatit minimum

  5. H***o I’ve started trading with them since the beginning of 2019. They were calling me instantly once I left my details even insisting to put the funds. Than I’ve got the calls from my advisor Nicholas Kolev, who seems to be the head of trading (like he is telling). Since that time I’ve invested almost 8500 eur. I’ve made already the withdrawal of almost 3000 eur of return. The onlly problem was the time that withdrawal was coming back to me. I need to verify my account fully before get the funds. In general I am happy with the way that I am working not paying attention on some minuses (can’t tell nothing about other representatives of this company).

    1. WItam, Ile czasu czekał pan na zwrot? czy robił pan zlecenie wypłaty na platformie czy w inny sposób ja mam ponad 10000EUR i nie mogę się doprosić ich przelania, może pan coś zasugerować?

  6. Potwierdzam, to są zdecydowanie oszuści – naciągacze. zablokowałem już kartę kredytową nic więcej oprócz tego co wpłaciłem i co już mi nie oddadzą (od miesiąca mnie zbywali), a dziś mam account balance “0”

  7. Oszusci po calej lini stracilem 500usd a obiecali ze sie ich odzyska a tu za 3 dni minus 755usd Nie inwestowac kasy w olympus, dzwonia przez ip,

  8. Caros
    Deixo o comentário real para avisar, È UMA FRAUDE, estes senh***s enganaram deliberadamente um Juiz Desembargador, comissario da união europeia, esta informação vai ser oficializada dentro de poucos dias, existe um processo a decorrer, e bem encaminhado, ate ao fim desta entidade não façam depósitos nem se deixem enganar.

    João Reis

  9. Ja się dałam naciągnac przedwczoraj. Jestem załamana. Kilka razy przesłałam im dokumenty do weryfikacji konta, na różne sposoby, a oni tylko odpisują, że ich nie dostali! Od przedwczoraj ktos miał do mnie zadzwonic od nich w ciągu 24 godzin, żeby ubezpieczyc konto, jak mówił mi ich konsultant Damian Grozek, i nikt nie zadzwonił. Jak odzyskac pieniądze?

  10. wpłaciłem 500E, NIE ZWERYFIKOWAŁEM KONTA, oczywiscie po fakcie poczytalem o tej całej platformie i się wycofałem od razu na drugi dzień. Grożą jakimiś karami was? WYPŁACIĆ pieniedzy nie mogę bo nie zweryfikowałem konta, ma ktoś podobny problem?

    1. As Long as you have not traded there terms say you can have a refund which they wont give you so use Credit card Chargeback

      1. Hur gör man för att stoppa det här. Jag har betalat in men har inte fått ordning på kontokort så jag har inte kommit igång. Nu vill jag s***a så hur gör man?

  11. ja też uległem pokusie, ale na szczescie nie wysyłałem im żadnych skanów dokumentów. ale 500euro juz tak i pewnie juz nie wroci z powrotem

  12. Ja wpłaciłem 250 USD teraz chcieli dokumenty żeby potwierdzić konto, bez tego podobno nie mogą mi zwrócić pieniędzy. Chodzi o dowód, zdj karty visa i dowod. Jeśli ktoś chce na ten temat porozmawiać [email protected] 517104009. Jeśli nie zwrócą mi pieniedzy spróbuję zrobić cofke przez bank. Jak ktoś chce spróbować niech się że mną skontaktuje.

  13. They still owe me $301.88. Is there no agency or investigative services or authorities man enough to stop these criminals?

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