TradersCM Review: The Ultimate Scam Forex Broker

TradersCM Review: The Ultimate Scam Forex Broker

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TradersCM ( is a scam brokerage firm whose intent is to steal millions from unsuspecting investors. Sadly, we have received numerous complaints from newbie forex traders who have lost with Traders CM. Claiming to deal with a wide array of forex pairs, we simply had to investigate this brokerage firm. We urge all our readers to read through this detailed review and find out the truth about TradersCM.

TradersCM Review

TradersCM Review:

Straight away, we can tell that this forex broker is unregulated. Not only are they claiming to be a forex brokerage firm, but also a CDF broker. Since this forex company is unregulated, you can be sure that your investments face a high risk. Members who have signed up with Traders CM are at the mercy of unknown owners of this forex brokerage.

Account Type Offered.

According to the broker’s website, they are offering competitive trading terms. They also claim to have a variety of services based on each account type. Members are asked to choose the one which suits them best. What if a member doesn’t have a clue about Forex trading? Isn’t this misleading information?

Furthermore, Traders CM apparently provides a one of a kind forex execution. They refer to their forex execution as a no dealing desk execution model. This means that this forex brokerage firm passes the best prices to clients. Folks, this is all a lie. What they don’t tell you is that they are simply plastering good news to members to make their brokerage legit.

Instead of dealing with fake Forex brokers, why don’t you deal with real and trusted brokers? You will never be vulnerable when dealing with tested and trusted forex brokers. Your money is always safe and you are guaranteed to make real profits. Stay safe and trade with only recommended brokers.

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Who owns TradersCM?

TradersCM is claiming to be owned by a British company called Capital Markets Pvt LTD. These fake brokers also claim to have offices in Beijing, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia. What was funny is that they claimed to be regulated by UK’s regulatory body. There’s no mention of who actually owns this trading platform.

TradersCM Scam

Digging deeper, we tried to contact their mother company. Funny thing is that there’s no mention of a company like Capital Markets Pvt LTD in the UK. We conducted thorough research using the registrar of companies and we found no trace of such a company. It means we are dealing with a ghost company whose owners we don’t know. We also don’t have a clue as to who the real owner of this platform is.

Is TradersCM Regulated?

After reaching out to the relevant financial authorities, we sadly proved that this forex brokerage is not regulated. We reached out to the Financial Conduct Authority and they did not have a company registered under this name. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is also another institution we reached out to. They too had not registered any forex brokerage under the name TradersCM.

It proves that this Forex broker has low credibility and is also unregulated. They are deliberately trying to mislead potential investors. This means and proves that we are dealing with a scam that is under professional fraudsters. Safety of any investment solely depends on proper regulation.

Funding Options with Traders CM.

There are four different methods clients deposit money with Traders CM. Wire transfer, Credit cards, Skrill, and Neteller. You are required to make a minimum deposit of around $250 as a signup fee. Thereafter, you will be required to make another deposit and this time, for investment purpose. Your second deposit will be required to be more than $500. This is above the industry’s standards.

Withdrawing with TradersCM

When it comes to withdrawing, there’s a whole new ballgame at play. You see, when you invest in Forex, you ought to withdraw money. TradersCM does not allow members to withdraw money. They claim to allow members a certain minimum withdrawal amount of around $100. From what we have gathered, no one has been able to withdraw money with Traders CM.

What these scammers are doing is lying to you that you will make quick and easy money. Once you make the initial signing up deposit, your money is gone. Immediately you add investment money, it goes straight to their pockets.

TradersCM Fake

Why go through the trouble with Fake brokers when you can get the real deal? Always trade with regulated and registered forex brokers. You will always trade safe with trusted brokers and never lose all your money. Start today by signing up with trusted and tested forex brokers.

Fake TradersCM Accounts.

Once you sign up with these fraudsters, you will be asked to view your trades. These scammers have manipulated the accounts in your favor. You will see your account making only successful trades. This is a ploy used to make you trust their platform. Later, you will be called by one of their account’s manager. S/he will ask you to deposit more so that you can make some real money.

If you make the mistake of depositing more money, this is the last you will hear from them. Your money will have vanished right in front of your eyes. One of the reasons an accounts manager calls you is to ensure you trust the platform. They make sure you feel wanted and important. Note that these scammers have hired call center services. Yes, the person who is calling you will get a small commission once they convince you to make another withdrawal.

Fake Testimonials.

You can easily notice from their testimonials that there’s no mention of names. It’s just a bunch of photos inserted below comments. All these people claim to have won with this product. These are photo edits and none of these people are real. We have seen the same people claiming to win on another scam before. Pictures are used to validate the testimonies of people claiming to have won with Traders CM.

Fake Positive Reviews.

Being good at what they do, these scammers have hired webmasters to post positive reviews on TradersCM. When you search the web for any positive reviews, any content you get is malice. These webmasters get paid by scammers to write positive reviews for a certain commission.

Faster Execution Trades?

Well, being a fake trading platform, they will try as much as possible to sell their merchandise. One, they claim their servers are based in New York. This is far from the truth. Since their trading platform is fake, there’s no way, they have a server.

Is TradersCM a Scam?

All evidence points to the fact that Traders CM is A SCAM. You should avoid it and ignore all mail concerning Traders CM registration. What these people are after is your money and nothing else. Claims of people losing money with this platform can be seen everywhere. We urge all relevant authorities to put an end to this product.

TradersCM Final Verdict.

TradersCM Scam Review

Due to the concrete proof that we have in our hands, we have to blacklist TradersCM. We urge all our readers to stay away and invest in recommended Forex products. No one will ever get quick money with TradersCM. This is another scam that must be shunned.

Trade only with tested and trusted forex brokers to be safe while trading with Forex. No one can take your money when you use regulated brokers. Stay safe while trading with Forex.

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