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See, CryptoFX Options is a UK based investment scam that will fail after it has scammed hundreds of victims on the internet. CryptoFX Options is presented as an international corporation that offers portfolio services and is based in Rochdale, England. However, they claim that their company’s activities go beyond the boundaries of the UK. In short, they offer professionally managed account services as well as professional investment advice which need a license. They also claim that their company is genuine and legal as assured by the green bar on the browser. However, when we looked at the alleged green bar, we did not find anything. Their alleged COMMODO SSL feature is also not installed yet. The site continues to claim that they are seeking authenticity by implementing these security measures.

None of these claims can be verified. In addition to this, the company claims to have employed a team of trade analysts who have 10 years of experience. This claim cannot be authenticated since this team is 100% anonymous. If you want to trust someone with your money, you must establish their real identities and claims as well. The claim that they have worked in the financial markets for the last 10 years is a big lie that cannot be authenticated. We believe that this is a claim that is largely made by scammers who want to snatch money from victims who browse the internet in search for legit investment destinations.

Last but not least, the amounts which they are demanding from their victims is quite a lot. The minimum investment that victims are supposed to pour into this scam is $500. Honestly you cannot part with this much if you have not conducted thorough background investigations into the claims being made by a supposed fund manager. You cannot afford to lose this amount to a scammer who promises returns that cannot be fulfilled. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. So if you have been wondering whether or not CryptoFX Options is a genuine investment website, you should read this unbiased review. However, if you’d like to find a genuine investment product, we recommend taking advantage of these products.

CryptoFX Options review

This scam promises returns of up to 20% in a day. In a month, investors can earn 600% returns, which is not a realistic figure. This is the first reason why you should never consider investing with this site. The evidence has been laid in black and white. Since this is an absolute giveaway, you should understand that any company or website promising this kind of return is definitely lying to you. It is not legit based on the exaggerated figures which they are touting on their site to lure investors.

CryptoFX Options

You should also wonder whether this kind of return is sustainable in the long run. There is no trading or mining of Crypto currencies that can generate this kind of return. So CryptoFX Options is definitely lying about their profit potential. If you want more proof, then you should ask them for evidence of earnings. They claim that the profits come from trading. That is a good thing because all professional traders keep neat records of their activities. A professional trader can track all his profits and losses because they are stored electronically with their broker. There is no excuse whatsoever that would justify not producing proof of successful trading.

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Therefore, if a company that claims to generate 600% returns in a month out of trading is unable to produce evidence of successful trading, then the most obvious thing should come into your mind. You should know that this company is a scam outright. CryptoFX Options fits this description very well as it has failed the simple scamming test. By the way, you need to evaluate the simple ponzi test and see whether CryptoFX Options can pass it. Most likely it will not because it has already failed the first test.

A ponzi scheme is an illegal business that steals money from naive investors on the promise that the money will be invested for returns. They eventually collapse after 6 months or when authorities decide to chase them down. The thing with ponzi schemes is that they are never generating returns from an authentic economic activity. Instead, the money that some members are paid usually come from new member deposits. When new funds stop flowing into the business, they collapse and the owner runs away with the money.

Is CryptoFX Options a fake company?

CryptoFX Options is allegedly a company that is based in the UK. Well, our research reveals that this is in fact a fake company. We have researched the data base of the registrar of companies and found that no company in the name of CryptoFX Options exists in the UK. This proves that CryptoFX Options is just a scam that tries to gain credibility by lying that they are registered as an authentic company even if they are not.

Our best advice for you

They have a chat feature on their site but guess what, this chat feature is never manned at all. It is always offline. So this means that their support is extremely poor and if you ever encounter a problem with this site, you will never get any help.

The UK, through the FCA, has pointed time and again that fund managers operating similar schemes to CryptoFX Options should seek to be regulated because they are offering investment advice to investors. So far, this website has not stated that they are regulated. It has not even introduced the traders that are allegedly managing funds of their clients. Basically, CryptoFX Options lacks the transparency that comes with a service that is allegedly handling investor funds.

Moreover, you shouldn’t expect to earn any money from a site that screams the word scam. Just look at how disorganized the template is. Most of the text in that website is generic as it does not get into the specific details pertaining to the operations of this fraud. If you need to invest, purchase a reliable trading product here.

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