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FX Childs Play is a Forex trading system that offers step by step methodology for executing highly accurate, profitable and easy to follow trades. FX Childs Play is allegedly a trading system that can be used by a 10 year old and as long as a trader can view the charts without necessarily thinking about how to enter the markets, they can use it. According to the developer, FX Childs Play uses 3 EMAs and an in-built indicator. The system comes with excellent money management features as well as defined entry points, take profit and stop loss.

The indicator can be used on the 5 minute time frame all the way to the 1 week time frame. So it can easily be used by all kinds of traders whether you are a scalper or a swing trader. This is according to the developer and not our opinion.

The sales page is quite long that we feel anyone looking for quick highlights about this product wouldn’t read the whole of it. So that is the first reason why we have decided to do a quick review of the FX Childs Play Forex indicator. It should be noted that this Forex indicator’s name is similar to another product which we reviewed here some time ago. This product is called FX Child’s Play signals and must not be confused with this indicator since they are two different products. In the meantime, if you want to get started with the right trading product without having wasted your time going through this review to find out whether or not this trading indicator is the real deal, click this link.

FX Childs Play review

FX Childs Play is marketed as a product that takes all the hard work off your shoulders by simplifying trading and making it possible to take as many trades as possible in the short time frames. There is also a video explaining how the product works so that buyers can get started right away after purchase of the product. The vendor in question is known as Farhan but we suspect that this name is most likely a pseudo since this man is not known in the Forex trading community.

FX Childs Play

We have also searched for this name among the well known Forex indicator programmers and found none. The reason he is introducing himself using one name is also a mystery. It is proof enough that the vendor probably does not want to reveal who they are. But they of course expect that the product will be purchased by traders.

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The cost of getting this indicator is a one time license worth $99. Most indicators are priced at $99 and so nothing is abnormal concerning the price tag. However, it is quite disturbing that a vendor who claims to have introduced a life changing product is not willing to introduce themselves to their customers. This is a confidence killer and if they want to attract buyers, they must work on this shortcoming to boost client confidence on this product. Otherwise, we are bound to believe that FX Childs Play is yet another scam. Actually, this review is headed in that direction in a moment.

What you need to know about the product FX Childs Play

The entire sales page consists of marketing fluff with promises and claims that are not of substance. These promises make buyers believe that this indicator will make work easier and will help traders make a lot of money easily. The system is allegedly robust and logical. The system is supposed to multiply any trading account over and over again. And the working of the indicator is explained in a video which we suspect will be delivered upon purchase of the product.

Generally, these alleged benefits of purchasing this product are nothing new since every Forex indicator developer makes these claims with every landing page that they create. We did not find anything unique or any promise that would prompt us to buy this indicator.

Trading performance

A trading indicator like FX Childs Play is not supported with proof of performance. We’d like to see proof of performance to believe all the claims that this vendor is making in this lengthy sales page. But since this proof is not there, we are entitled to label the claims as marketing fluff. We are not disappointed because most vendors don’t produce proof of trading performance to back the claim that their products are really profitable.

Since the vendor has not shared their trading history on the sales page, we assume that they have never traded with this product before and are just selling it for the sake of making money. The promises are definitely too good to be true. If any of the claims were real, we don’t think they would be selling this indicator for the price of $99. This would be the most expensive indicator ever built by man.

We have also reviewed its trading methodology and found that it is not unique at all. EMAs are available on the popular MT4 trading platform. Combining all those EMAs into one trading system does not mean you will make consistent profits. We believe that this trading indicator does not have a systematic trading strategy that can produce profits as claimed on the sales page. If you already have some background in trading, you will be better off trusting your methodology rather than investing $99 on this trading app.

Our best advice for you

FX Childs Play falls in the category of common Forex indicators that vendors sell for the sake of making money. We needed proof of successful trading which the vendor has not produced so far. We needed some proof that the product was working as claimed. However, all we have on the sales page are promised of how this indicator will grow your account faster. In fact, the promises are too good to be true. The sales page on the other hand is shiny and can be persuading to individuals who have never lost money to these kinds of schemes. Stick with these products.

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