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Share This! renders itself as a Crypto currency cloud mining platform for all users. This mining platform does not charge any maintenance fees which begs the question of how maintenance costs are being met by the operators of this project. The company claims to be based in the UK in this address: A428, Northampton NN6 7GW,
UK. A phone number has been provided too for those who want to call for inquires. If these methods don’t seem convenient for users, they can also email the site operator on [email protected]

Hitmine states on their website that they are always updating mining technology on their site to give the best returns. They are specifically mining Bitcoins and not any other Crypto currency as the site claims that their project runs the popular SHA 254 algorithm. On top of this, the site claims to provide daily payouts in addition to a 20% affiliate commission for every referral that signs up under a member’s name.

The site offers 4 investment plans but when we look at these plans keenly, we find that the plans are not providing specific details concerning the amount of hash power that users can buy with regards to the money which they are willing to invest. Instead, these plans are generic and only require a certain minimum investment before mining of Bitcoin can allegedly begin.

The site was created in December 2018, which suggests that it is still a new platform and reviews or customer feedback may not be available at this time except through various Hyip platforms which basically collaborate with scams to promote their services in exchange for commission. If you want to know whether or not Hitmine is a scam, you need to read this review. In the meantime, we have vetted these sites and have found that what they offer is the real deal. There are enough customer testimonials on the internet pointing to the fact that these sites are more established and have been running Bitcoin mining facilities for a long time. We also want to remind you that no established business will have 100% positive reviews. Critics will always be there to talk about what they don’t like and that’s just part of the business.

Hitmine review

One of the most attractive features that Hitmine touts on their platform is that they are going to commence mining for you as soon as you deposit 0.009 BTC and that there will be no maintenance fees whatsoever. This is attractive because one of the features that most people are always looking for in an ideal cloud mining platform is low fees. If they cannot get this advantage from a mining provider, then their investment won’t yield optimal results even if the company which they are mining with is legit.


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So Hitmine is promising mining without any maintenance fees and this must be attractive. We want to remind you that when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no way a cloud mining provider can charge you nothing to use their mining facilities for generating Bitcoin. It is just common logic. If they are truly operating data centers as claimed on their sales page, then it must be true that these machines need to be maintained and the cost of electricity needs to be met. For this facility to run a sustainable business, customers must fund the facility through maintenance fees which are usually deducted at the end of the day for purposes of maintaining the facility’s operation costs.

Therefore, it is not realistic to say that a mining company can operate profitably and sustainable without factoring these fees into the equation. This should be considered a red flag when considering the act of signing up to start mining with a platform such as Hitmine.

Mining plans

The website offers 4 different investment plans which require varying amounts of deposits in order for mining to commence. All of them look like generic investment plans because they do not provide any specifics. Even the referral commissions for the most expensive investment plan here is 100%. This begs the question of how on earth a website operator can give you all the deposit of the new affiliate. It is just not making sense. Again, this is too good to be true. Only scams and pyramid schemes promise this kind of thing on the web.

They also claim that their data centers are safe and the machines do not over heat. This is something we cannot believe since any machine that performs some task is bound to accumulate heat especially when the work load is big due to high demand. No matter which technology we are using to mine Bitcoin, the machines must over heat and cooling needs to take place. From the logic stand point, the promises that Hitmine makes on their site are too good to be true and may only appeal to naive investors who do not think critically.

We do not buy the plans which they are presenting on the sales page because not only are they generic, but they are also similar to what we have seen in many ponzi scheme websites.

Why Hitmine could be a scam

By now, it should be obvious that this website can never pass the authenticity test because for one, they are unreasonable about their claims and secondly, their way of operation is very similar to how ponzi schemes operate. Their mining plans can never convince you because of this reason.

Besides this, the site is trying to look credible by including a list of block chain transactions which have allegedly took place as a result of this site sending payouts to its members. Again, there is no way we can verify whether its indeed true that these transactions are between Hitmine and the investor.

Our best advice for you

Hitmine is a place you should avoid since there are more serious platforms that mine Bitcoins on the behalf of their customers. This one does not persuade anybody concerning their non transparent activities.

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