Max Your Profit Review: is a Scam

Max Your Profit Review: is a Scam

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An old scam has resurfaced on the internet. This scam is known as Max Your Profit and it is persuading people to invest in an automated trading system in order to make thousands of dollars. The sales video on the homepage claims that this is the same secret that the owner of the software used to make 2.1 million USD. He claims that his name is James Forley but we know very well that this is a fake name. The real owner who runs this scam for money is indeed hidden and 100% anonymous. He is only using voice over acting which he outsourced from websites like fiverr with the intention of misleading the masses to make money from them.

The Max your Profit system is presented as a revolutionary trading system that can make hundreds of dollars in profits per day in the financial markets. If you watch the video carefully, you will also realize that it is the same video that was used to scam people who ended up investing in another scam robot called Profit Maximizer. This scammer appears to be extremely lazy or perhaps they wanted to save up on resources. That is why they decided to recycle the same marketing video to try misleading new traders with a fake trading system.

In fact, it is so obvious that the Max your Profit system  is scam that the owner is even provided it for free. If it was this profitable, you can rest assured that there would be no reason to offer it for free. The owner would probably hide it in his greed to make money alone. There would be no reason to offer the product on the internet while begging people to purchase it. So it makes no sense when you see how this fake millionaire presenter is begging people to sign up. And the use of fake bank account screenshots also proves that Max your profit is a scam. If you want to trade for profit, invest in a decent trading robot. These can be found here. 

Max your Profit Review

The truth of the matter is that this software is a 3 year old scam that was named Profit Maximizer back then. It first appeared on the internet in 2016 when binary options were a popular product. You will see in our linked review that indeed these two products are the same. Only names have changed. Even promotion content has remained the same. It is highly likely that Max Your Profit is owned by the same scammer who targeted new traders using his false system, the Profit Maximizer.

Max Your Profit

If you want to be sure that you will lose money with this website, you need to consider who the owner is, the reputation that this site and its associated entities have as well as the fake testimonials which are found on the sales pitch.

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Let’s start with the alleged owner. He is called James Forley but this is not his real name. The real identity of the crooks is hidden. The real owner of the website probably hired an actor to lie on camera and convince people to get a copy of the fake web based trading platform for CFDs. By the way, such robots only trade CFDs because they are unable to initiate trades on Forex pairs. And when we say CFDs, we mean binary options where the software will automatically choose call or put to initiate trades. The bad thing is that the software will lose most trades instead of winning them, thereby making absolute losses to the victim.

If Mr. James is anonymous, there is no need to trust them with whatever they are saying on this website. Those promises are empty lies. Look at the screenshots of fake bank accounts. They depict that the owner of this website has made a lot of money through the software which he created. He even devised a story that this software was founded when his girlfriend was pregnant and at a time when they were undergoing financial difficulty. This is made up story since we have heard similar stories from scammers before.

The screenshots have definitely been edited to suit the overall theme of this scam. That is why you can only see screenshots of loaded bank accounts. They claim that this money was gotten from the use of the software. But it somehow feels too good to be true to offer this software to the masses for free if it is making others millionaires already. Anybody who believes this lie is most likely a candidate of getting duped in this pathetic scam robot scheme.

The testimonials which appear on the sales video too are fake. The people who appear on the video are actors and cannot prove that they actually made money from Max your Profit system. They are obviously lying and this should be a red flag to whoever thought that this system could generate real income for them.

No proof of trading performance

So the truth as to why they are investing in lies and empty promises is because Max your Profit cannot be proved to be an excellent trading app as claimed on the sales page. There is no need to waste time on a scam like this if the owner is not able to prove that they have been generating a decent income from the software. This lacks of proof should be taken as red flag.

How they plan to scam you

The previous version of this scam ordered people to deposit $250 with an unregulated broker. The same case happens today with this particular scam. They will order you to make a deposit of the same amount. Keep in mind that Max your Profit is in partnership with this scam broker. They will split profit while you lose.

Our best advice for you

If you must trade, our advice is that you must get a good trading tool. Purchase a license from these robot vendors and start trading the professional way.

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