360 SmartFX Review: Blameworthy Forex Scam Disclosed

360 SmartFX Review: Blameworthy Forex Scam Disclosed

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360 SmartFX ( is a CFD, Forex and crypto currency scam broker. People all over the web are complaining about this broker. Due to the numerous email complaints we also received, we decided to do a follow up. Shocked by what we found, we decided to share it with you. Get to know the whole truth about 360SmartFx and who’s behind it. Here’s our unbiased and honest review.

360 SmartFX Review

360 SmartFX Review:

According to their homepage, they proclaim that 360 SmartFX is the best way to earn. Claims of having the best successful Crypto broker can be seen. Advantages they seem to promote about this trading platform include innovative trades and having a variety of tools. Other selling points include giving profitable terms and helping members to make trades. Members also get personal account managers not forgetting trade SMS signals.

Straight away, you will also see that the offer a 30% bonus for just signing up. Users get 1:200 leverage and 24/7 customer support. As a member of 360 SmartFX, you get 0% fees on deposits. Don’t forget that if you sign up, you are promised 1.6 spread on EUR/USD. All you need to do is open an account with them. Is this that simple? Folks, sadly, this is just a tip of what’s wrong with this scam broker. Read on to find out the shocking truth about 360 SmartFX.

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Fake 360 SmartFX Platforms.

According to their website, 360 SmartFX operates several platforms to ensure traders trade anywhere. We made sure we tested their platforms and we were sad that none of them worked. Downloading their platform on our mobile and desktop devices proved futile. None of our downloads were successful as they stalled at 39%. It came as a shock to us since it means traders cannot trade on the go.

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A platform that users cannot download and stalls only means one thing. Platform used by 360 SmartFX is unstable and unsecured. Hackers can easily get access to this platform and take over. What if they decided to go at it and take all of members funds? It has happened before and this is one of the reasons we are against 360 Smart FX. No member should have trouble trying to access a trading platform, it simply means the platform is useless.

Account Used in 360 SmartFX.

360 SmartFX Scam

360 SmartFX uses four different account types for members. Members can choose from the Standard, classic, gold, and platinum account. All these accounts have different packages depending on the one you decide to choose. Standard account holders must make a minimum deposit of $250. Classic account holders on the other hand must make a minimum deposit of $2500.

Gold account holders make a minimum deposit of $20,000 while platinum members must cough $50000. All these are high depository requirements which are way to high according to the industry’s standards. Promotions used on these accounts are also unrealistic. One promotion that we found odd was special promotions one on one trading. Isn’t trading a one on one activity? 360 SmartFX is using industry jargon to make them appear professional.

Unresponsive Live Support.

Claims that 360 SmartFX offers live customer support are not true. For instance, they do not have a live support interface on their website. You would expect that with this day and age, platforms have live support chats pop up messages. Sadly, 360 SmartFX does not have any kind of live chat. It begs the question; how then do they want us to contact them? Using emails might take longer to get a response.

Contacting them by email and phone calls also proved futile. Till now, we have not received any feedback by email or phone calls. One phone call was picked during the course of our investigation. What we found odd was that it seems 360 SmartFX is using call support centers. Accent from this call came from an Indian making us believe this platform has hired help. It also means answers are from non-trading professionals.

Who owns 360 SmartFX?

According to the website, Game Capital Ads limited owns this website. It should be noted that this company is behind other crypto and Forex scams. Lies such as creation of the company being on 2013 are all lies as we have proof of non-registry. All what these people are trying to do is make this platform look legit. From scams such as FirstFX Club and SmartPro FX, we are sure this is a scam too.

Alternatives to getting the best Crypto currency trading markets are easily available. Get crypto currency robots that are professional and reputable. Having Crypto trading robots that have been tested and proven are an added advantage. Members are guaranteed to trade safely and with ease. Always go for products that have been approved by the trading community. It’s better that way since you stand a chance of making real money.

Fake Founding Team.

360 SmartFX Fake

Visiting their about us page, you will see that 360 SmartFX claims to have an experienced founding team. What we want to know is who are these people? It would make us feel safer if we knew who we were trusting with our money. No one knows who is behind this platform. Automatically, it makes us question everything about 360 Smart FX. Where can we get to see their trading Portfolios?

No one can make us believe that this is not a scam. Scam artists are notorious for hiding their real identities. One way of determining whether a platform is legit or not is by knowing who owns it. Wouldn’t you want to know who came up with their platform? Who designed their trading algorithm? If such information is not available, you are most likely dealing with a fraudulent platform.

Payment Methods.

Folks, another alarming detail we found with 360 SmartFX was the payment methods. Depositing with this platform is easy and fast, wait until you want to withdraw your funds, hell breaks loose. Payment methods can be made via Visa, MasterCard, AstroPay, Neteller, and others. It seems 360 Smart FX has this covered. It seems prudent that they have all the areas of payments covered right?

Withdrawing is another ballgame altogether. Since we started our investigation, no member had been able to withdraw funds. This broker keeps users at bay when it comes to withdrawing. First, they give you excuses such as not having reached the required trading volume. Worse still, once you reach the trading volume, you never hear from them. No email notifications whatsoever regarding non withdrawal reasons.

Is 360 Smart FX a Scam?

Evidence points to one direction; 360 Smart FX is a scam. It means that no one should entertain any email promotional material from this scam. Ignore all promotional videos urging you to sign up with this Forex trading platform. Signing up will lead to more misery. To be totally safe, stay away from 360 Smart FX.

360 SmartFX Final Verdict.

360 SmartFX Scam Review

Due to the concrete evidence we have seen regarding this platform, we will blacklist it. No one should ever be scammed by this platform ever again. Never sign up with this platform as it will lead to more misery.

Get reputable and proven Forex trading robots when dealing Forex. It’s a sure way of getting reasonable trading margins while staying safe. High ranking Forex trading robots are trustworthy and dependable. Sign up with one to day and enjoy the benefits of easy and safe trading.

Wishing you all the best in your trading.

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  1. Hola soy Cándido, y he sido estafado por 360smartfx, la persona que contactó conmigo la conocí en 24option, se hizo llamar Mimosa Santoniesi, si quieren que les de más información acerca de cómo fui estafado, contacten conmigo

    1. Hola Cándido, soy Chema y soy cliente de 360smartfx y me gustaría saber algo más de tu caso para saber a que atenerme en mi situación.

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