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Definitely a site like Arabinvest is a potential scam. They claim that Arab Investment Ltd  (the Arab Investment Company Ltd (TAIC)) is a Pan-Arab joint-stock company established in July 1974 and owned by governments of 17 Arab states with an authorized capital of US$ 1,200 Million and a paid-up capital of US$ 800 Million. What we cannot establish is the truth of these details. They go ahead and make the following claim: ”Invest Arab funds to develop Arab resources in different economic sectors by initiating investment projects in different economic sectors including crypto currencies, based on sound economic and commercial criteria, in a manner that would support and develop the Arab economy.” The business was allegedly incorporated on 3rd of January 2019. The problem is that whether or not a website like Arabinvest is incorporated, it offers no guarantees that money that is sent out to these Arab criminals will return a profit or even get recovered.

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Arabinvest even claims that they have teamed up with professionals in Crypto currency mining and oil trade to offer high returns to investors who trust their expertise. There is something wrong with this statement. First of all, we suspect that this is a scam from Arabia and they are making up stories in order to steal funds from naive investors who believe this project can actually help them invest money in oil and bitcoin. They’ve also provided a phone number and an email for easy communication with potentially unsuspecting victims. From the look of things, this is a scam since the website has provided more than enough red flags to suggest that indeed they want to steal your hard earned money. If you want to invest in Crypto currencies, we ask that you rely on proper tools for your investment projects. You can trade Bitcoin using these trading apps. 

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The site is demanding a minimum investment of $35 which is very suspicious because legit money managers don’t always accept small deposits from investors. They usually accept bigger deposits in the tune of $2000 or more. On the contrary, ponzi schemes accept as little as $10 and they always use the money manager theme to trick unsuspecting victims into their money game.

We have also observed that this website is shady and the design isn’t attractive at all. We must say that no serious company can have such a poorly designed website. It harms their image and only scam operations can set up a website like this one because they care less about their reputation. Their aim is to steal funds from investors and that’s basically their target before they can disappear a few months from their starting date. We have not been able to establish the truth pertaining to the company’s background. For instance, we did not find a company by the name Arab Investment Company Ltd (TAIC) in our searches. This begs the question of why a person would want to lie when they are supposed to handle their client funds with at most transparency.

The second tale tell sign manifests itself in how they collect payments on the internet. They claim that they are only accepting Bitcoin. The thing with Bitcoin transactions is that once you send them to a scammer, they cannot be reversed, so you end up losing your money. They claim to have a refund policy which is often used to return money if you later change your mind. This is an excuse and you should not believe them because the aim of this operation is to steal funds from gullible investors. So any attempt to ask for a refund will always be met with a rejection. That’s basically how things operate in this space.

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The weirdly profitable plans

These scammers will give you all the important hints that you need in order to find a reason as to why you should never invest with their project. We simply mean that they will always promise an abnormal return on investment but the clever investor will quickly see that this is a scam since the numbers they quote are always impossible to realize. In this case, the scammers claim that Arab Investment Company Ltd (TAIC) provides 11% in 24 hours and 115% in 96 hours. These numbers don’t sound honest because Arabinvest is a scam and the people who accept deposits on the other end know very well that they can’t make it no matter what they do. So they have to use lies to convince the Foolish investor. This is sure proof that Arabinvest is a scam. You don’t have to consider other reasons to try imagining that this thing could be legit. We have been trading commodities and Crypto currencies for so long and we can assure you that this site is proclaiming profits that are impossible to generate. If this was the case, we are sure that Arabinvest would never accept $35 as a minimum investment. They would be rich. They would never welcome everybody into their investment project since they have no need of begging people to sign up.

We realize that this is a desperate attempt to convince users of all financial capabilities to sign up and send their monies so they can get conned. You have to avoid such obvious scams at all cost.

Where is the performance?

Now, we are just wondering where is the past performance for the investment projects which they are claiming to have undertaken. So this is the truth: we cannot send our Bitcoin to some Arab guy promising to make us rich overnight. This can’t happen unless we obviously want to get scammed. If they can’t show us how the advertised returns were earned, then we simply cannot believe them. Moreover, the company which they claim to be running is pure fiction. These red flags make us uncomfortable because our hard earned money is also involved.

Our best advice for you

Just avoid sites that look like a scam. They will always leave behind enough evidence to make them suspicious. You can only invest in the right tool for your trading. 

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One Reply to “ Review: Is Arab Invest a Scam?”

  1. is ultimate scam.
    They will lock our account and ask activation fee to withdraw your money. Just to reset your account pa**w*** you need to send 50% of investment amount. Of course you will never get back your money for sure 100%.
    They will send our withdrawal to their own account and mentioned that it’s hacked. You need to send withdrawal fee to send again. At last you will be informed that ur account is virus programmed and you need to create new account and pay activation fee. This is never ending and you will not get back your money. Mr.Reuven Gurami is best story teller and he will say account department , technical department and all above stories in Whatsapp.

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