Auto Trading Hub Review: is Scam?

Auto Trading Hub Review: is Scam?

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Auto Trading Hub aka ATH is a trading software for stocks, CFDs and Forex pairs. The sales page tells us that the platform is equipped with 14 various trading strategies and that the global financial markets does not stand a chance of beating us if we use ATH software. Auto Trading Hub is giving its users a very simple proposition. When they sign up, they will be able to start trading while making big returns for small risks. All this is supposed to be free because the people behind Auto Trading Hub are not interested in making money from your use of this software. When you come across such presentations, you should realize that something is not adding up. If this software is that profitable as claimed by the sales page, why would it be offered for free? There are no good things that cost nothing in the world. When you stick to that philosophy, you won’t get scammed. But if you are too quick to believe anything including sales pitches that make no sense, you will be scammed over and over again.

Auto Trading Hub does not introduce the people behind the trading app and we do not even know what kind of development or trading experience they have. The website appears new and has not gained any public feedback yet. However, they maintain that this app is made of the most advanced trading algorithm. They even hint that the algorithm combines fundamental and technical analysis in order to come up with the best trade opportunities which can make money. This is a generic explanation of the trading strategy. As experienced traders, we need the developer to go into the specifics because the areas that they mention are very wide. They need to tell us what kind of patterns they are always looking for in the market as well as how entries and exits are often made.  We just don’t want to hear that the software is equipped with 14 different trading strategy and uses the most advanced trading algorithm ever. This kind of sales pitch is very common in scam websites that sell nothing.

If you want to trade Forex and make real money, we advice that you invest in trading robots that have been approved and are effective since their vendors also can demonstrate their success over time. But don’t rely on sales pitches that contain no substance.

Auto Trading Hub review

Auto Trading Hub allegedly offers high return trades with the least risk possible. They claim that there is a way this software can reap big returns while risking a very small amount of stake. They also claim that the software has a 3-way filtering system that will make sure that the only signals that are traded are high probability signals. They believe that the 3-way signal analysis is useful because it will ensure consistency and high win rate at all time. We need to see if the vendor can really demonstrate whatever they are saying in terms of past performance of the robot. If they claim that this robot offers high return with little risk, it surely makes sense to imagine that they have run several tests before and have found that it is a profitable trading software which can be safely used by the public without subjecting traders to the risk of losing money. That is why we want to see the trading performance of this robot and determine whether or not we can approve those results.

Auto Trading Hub

Fake trading results

In a bid to keep up with the reality. this vendor has decided to show us their past performance so we can see how the bot is making money. However, everything looks fake as we can see that these results have not been verified by any third party and the vendor is actually using a table which they made for themselves in order to fool investors. If they can make this table, you can rest assured that the figures which you see inside the table are edited by the admin of this website.

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How the scam intends to make you lose money

We can’t help but imagine that Auto Trading Hub is a scam. Their way of operation is similar to what other scammers do with fake trading software. They make traders sign up and deposit money with their affiliated brokers. Auto Trading Hub is free because you actually deposit money to an unregulated broker’s account so that the broker and the scammer who referred you to that broker can steal it. They will steal your money because there is no way this software can trade and make money on that broker’s platform on a consistent basis. Therefore, you will ultimately trade it to losses and your account will have zero balance in the end.

Now, there is something you should know about these unregulated brokers. They do not offer access to the real global financial markets. Instead, they have their own markets which they can manipulate as they wish. But a trader will think that they are trading the real market when the broker is just offering them market making trading conditions which means the broker is manipulating each move that the trader makes from the other end. If you make money, the broker losses and if the trader losses, the broker makes money. So the broker does not want to lose money. That is why they must manipulate it.

In the end, both the broker and the software vendor will steal your money. That aspect of operation automatically makes Auto Trading Hub a scam.

Our best advice for you

Auto Trading Hub is a scam. You have to understand that money is not made for free and when traders use unregulated brokers, they lose money always. You also have to remember that the vendor of this software is 100% anonymous. Their sales pitch also lacks sense. Basically, these are rich ingredients of running a scam operation. You should stick to premium trading robots that make money.

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