Bitfex Review: Is Scam or Safe?

Bitfex Review: Is Scam or Safe?

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This review is an alert that Bitfex is a monstrous scam. The company claims to invest in blockchain, Crypto currencies, ICOs and fintech companies as well. Their goal is to make their clients prosperous so that the company can grow as well. Bitfex is not associated with anyone, and the admins who run this website are completely anonymous as they have not linked the site to their social media profiles. Experience has taught us that sites that are managed in this fashion are always scams. Moreover, this site is asking visitors to deposit Bitcoins into their private wallet on the promise that they will a return at the end of the day. The minimum amount of money that can be invested is $1.

You have to think twice about it. How can an investment of $1 yield profits? Is there any serious portfolio manager who can accept this amount for investing? We doubt. This is a case of scammers collecting whatever little they can because at the end of the day, they will have made a lot of money. One of the areas which they claim to invest in is Artificial Intelligence. The description is quite vague as the site does not reveal whether they are creating robots for trading or are investing in companies that make these robots.

With regards to ownership, they claim to be a team of experts with 12 years of experience. However, there is no proof to show that indeed there is a team behind this site and that this team has 12 years of experience in matters related to investing. They also claim that they have held various positions in the investment segment which include CFO of major investment banks, auditors and risk analysts. You know that anyone can make these claims and what matters is whether they can produce proof of their professional background. By the way, you also need to remember that we are dealing with a 100% anonymous team. We even doubt whether there is a team in place as the site appears to be run by a one man army who acts as the admin and at the same time support representative.

If you truly want to invest in Crypto currencies, our advice is that you should be concerned with investing in reasonable opportunities that will generate real returns for you. You can trade Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies using a CFDs broker for example. Here are some robots that can help you accomplish this job right away. 

Bitfex review

Upon investigating this site and going into the details, we realize that it is run by thieves. The process of stealing from investors who arrive at Bitfex is very simple. They ask investors to deposit Bitcoin into their private address. When this happens, the investor will never recover their money because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Moreover, we would like to see a thorough introduction of those who claim to run this website. If a professional trader or risk analyst has 12 years of experience, they would be proud to show their professional profile on the site where they receive their customers. But as you can see, the so called team is anonymous and the site is not even connected with any social media platform. This is full ingredient for running a scam business.

BitFex Investments 20 a day

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We have also checked out their FAQ page and there are only 3 questions being addressed there. The first question is about how to get started with Bitfex and the question is solved in 3 steps. You open an account and deposit Bitcoin to the provided wallet address. The second and third question is about how to register and the minimum deposit which they are accepting. These questions and answers are ridiculous as they do not instill any confidence in a potential investor. They are also not going into specific details and are also not providing any white paper to show us what projects they have accomplished and whether the company has other goals in the near future. In short, this FAQ page is mediocre at best.

No evidence of trading or investing in the said areas

Before we invest in a site like this, they must prove that indeed they are investing in the stated areas. A real site that invests in these areas will always produce proof of economic activities as well as detailed the exact projects they have undertaken and how their investors funds were used. A white paper is also useful in this case. We just don’t want to take their word for it and send them funds. This would be disastrous. But as you can see, Bitfex cannot produce any detailed record showcasing their previous success. So it is safe to assume that this site is not investing in any of these areas. In short, they are accepting deposits to steal from people who get persuaded with their vibe.

No customer reviews

Bitfex claims to manage funds on behalf of their investors but we would like to see customer reviews with regards to what they have done. It appears the scammers have not found victims yet. If they find a few financially desperate people, then the obvious will happen. The victims will start to post their reviews expressing their frustration of how they got scammed. But since you are reading this review, you can rest assured that no such thing will happen to you. Also, the most important thing to take note of is that if a site does not have any social approval, the best thing to do is to avoid it like the plague.

Our best advice for you

Bitfex is an obvious scam as you can see it. The site cannot persuade us that they are investing money in the said areas. Also, the lack of customer reviews is an indication that no activities are going on behind the curtains. You must avoid this scam if you want to be safe. Use proper investment opportunities to make money as a Crypto currency trader. They can be found on this page.

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4 Replies to “Bitfex Review: Is Scam or Safe?”

  1. I invested several deposits. Now I have pending Payout. Status is still “Processing”. Already contacted support team but no response..

  2. Bitfex is really a thief! I invested hook line and sinker with few hundred pesos twice. After 24 hours, they sent me back my capital with profit for the day. It happened twice. Without reading reviews about them, I took the bait! I sent 3000+ pesos for my third investment to them. Then, the obvious thing happened: they closed their server and took my money away!

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