Coinicor Review: Is a Worthless Scam?

Coinicor Review: Is a Worthless Scam?

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Coinicor is claiming to be a Forex investment program but the controversy that surrounds this project is quite alarming, plus our investigations have also found out that Coinicor is a possible scam. The site claims that investors need to trust them with their own money because these funds will be invested in the various Global currency markets in order to return a profit. They claim that Coinicor trades markets for Forex pairs, cryptos, and various others. But this program is not being honest with its target audience. Coinicor is in fact making their program look suspicious since they are making it sound all simple when indeed investing and making lots of money from these markets is not an easy task. Depending on the plan you choose, this site claims you will be entitled to receiving a daily return of between 1.5-2.4% forever. The site does not look like something that will last forever. You should take note of that even before you can go ahead to make a deposit.

For a moment, we need to be realistic with sites that make these promises. When you see those figures, you will immediately understand that this is a scam because there is no form of trading that can earn us those returns on a daily basis. If you look at popular hedge funds in the world, you will see that their annual returns are very minimal and that’s because they trade lots of money and do not take bigger risks. If they learned that a site like Coinicor was offering these returns, they would be baffled. They would immediately reach out to their traders and ask them if they can hire them to join their teams at Wall street. But you see, we are actually dealing with a scam, and the numbers you see are not real. That is the reason why Coinicor is not trusted by even the big hedge funds around the world.

The reason why this scam is using such big numbers is because they want to attract the attention of investors who have no money but are desperate to multiply whatever little they have. The site wants to make victims believe that they can make wealth almost instantly. They are a get rich quick platform and that is one of the reasons why you should believe that this platform is a scam. If indeed they have the capacity to generate 2.4% daily returns, we wouldn’t want to believe that there is a hidden catch because those numbers already convince us otherwise.


In as much as this site is trying to gain credibility by making the entire operation look legit, the fact of the matter is that their promises sound too good to be true. They are making people believe that trading is so easy and is a way of becoming rich overnight. You should not believe any investment site that approaches you with this notion because if you do and end up sending money to them, they will either turn out to be an outright scam or a ponzi scheme for that matter. One of the two things is likely to happen. We believe that those who are reading this review are here because you want to learn whether or not this site is genuine. You also want to find out where to get the best investment sites on the internet. You need to explore this page to find out what Crypto currency trading bots we are using right now.

Coinicor review

Since this company is presenting its services as an investment program where they require members of the public to deposit a certain sum of money in order to gain a certain profit, they must be operating in the jurisdiction of properly regulated investment firms. We should be concerned with whether or not they are regulated. Who are the regulators of the jurisdiction from which they are working?

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We have verified that this company does not hold any license from the regulators who govern the jurisdiction from which they operate. This simply means that Coinicor is an illegal business activity. On their website, they tell us that they are a legally registered company in the UK. Well, this is just a trick because registering a company in the UK does not mean anything. In fact, scammers register companies in the UK in order to feign credibility. Once they have registered a company in the UK, they will set up their websites and claim that they are a legally registered company in the UK. But what makes them legally registered if they are operating like an investment company is their license which must be obtained from the FCA. In this case, Coinicor has no authorization from the FCA.

Who is behind Coinicor?

These people claim to be professional traders and investors but we need to find out who they are and what type of trading experience they have. Unfortunately, there is no information about who they are and what trading background they have. In fact, their professional profiles are nowhere to be found on the internet. This is a sign that the scam is using faceless traders. Nothing discloses information about the founders, the CEO and the employees and yet they claim to be a team of professional traders. This is just a vague explanation of who they are and does not convey any meaning.

The reason as to why this scam is not disclosing information about their operators is because they are not confident. A thief will do whatever it takes to hide their faces while an experienced trader who invests and makes returns for others will gladly disclose their information as part of their marketing efforts in order to attract even more investors. So this is a sign that Coinicor is a scam.

Our best advice for you

If Coinicor is not a ponzi scheme, then it is an outright scam which steals money from investors as soon as it is deposited. We advice you to stick with credible investment programs. 

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