Forex Pip Shooter Review: Is Forex Pip Shooter Scam?

Forex Pip Shooter Review: Is Forex Pip Shooter Scam?

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We are reviewing a Forex robot known as Forex Pip Shooter. The developers say that the robot was built on advanced analysis technology and average execution speed. They state that the reason most traders fail to make money consistently is that they are always letting emotions get in the way. This is the reason they believe The Forex Pip shooter is the best solution for all struggling Forex traders. They claim that with this expert advisor’s technical analysis capabilities, we can seize up all the opportunities that the market is presenting to us.

However, the developers are not providing any information about their location or even their trading history. This information is very useful because knowing where the business is operated from and the type of trading experience that the people handling our money have will always ensure that investors have peace of mind. To get in touch with the guys manning this website, we have to utilize a contact form as no direct email address or telephone number was provided. At the moment, we can see that what the developer has not provided is quite necessary. We need to see this developer providing this information to their customers as this is always helpful with building trust.

Having said this, we would like to point you in the right direction by giving you the link to our useful trading resources. If you’re in need of Forex trading tools that perform well and consistently, the products that have been highlighted in this page can be of great help.

Forex Pip Shooter Review

Developers of the robot, Forex Pip Shooter, claim that the aim as to why they created this Forex robot was to combine different trading styles to minimize risk and help traders make consistent gains every month. The trading system was built to use support and resistance, rebounds, correlations and breakouts. It trades 20 different Forex pairs simultaneously. The developers also claim that for this system to work properly, there need to be low spread conditions meaning that we must find a broker that allows trading conditions with low spreads. This could mean that the expert advisor has scalping characteristics as swing trading styles don’t always require this type of trading condition.

The good thing is that the team has provided us with insights into their trading style but the methodology comes across as vague. Overly, the system truly can complete effective advanced technical analysis as the vendor claims that it can. We hope that these claims can be verified through documented trading results. In addition to this, the team is providing us with a profit calculator that is supposed to show us what gains we can make every month. With this calculator (which is meant to demonstrate the average return we can make), users are supposed to enter their deposit, lot size and click ”calculate” in order to see what type of gains they can earn in a month. But as far as our investigations are concerned, we believe that this is a myth. The thing is that these guys are using a gimmick to market this product. They need to provide proof as opposed to a calculator with numbers since we do not have faith in those numbers.

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The only benefit that we have seen with this table is that it provides insights based on lots and deposit amount. But we cannot put faith in the numbers as this can be perilous.

A breakdown of the product details

Forex Pip Shooter costs $299 and trades 28 Forex pair. It is obviously a Forex robot. It can trade any time frame. What surprises us is that despite the vendor claiming that this Forex robot can be used on 28 Forex pairs, their FAQ page claims that it can only be used on the EURUSD pair. Because this is proving to be a problem (we don’t know whether it is a mistake or something that was typed by intention), we need to have the developer coming clear on whether this trading robot can trade one pair or 28 pairs as claimed in the sales page. The robot costs $299 and can be ordered through the JVZoo payment processor.

Another notable aspect we should add to the break down, is that the vendor as a relationship with the Klimex Capital Markets broker. They tell potential clients that it is necessary to use the brokerage if they want to have the desired results. They do tell us that we can use our own broker, but it doesn’t have all the exact same character as Klimex, that is likely will not work correctly. This is a very limiting aspect, so be aware of this before you place in order.

Having said this, we need to find out whether Forex Pip Shooter can be backed by proof of performance. We just don’t want to assume that this product (which costs $300) is worth the price based on the promised that we are being given on the sales page.

Trading performance

Unfortunately, Forex Pip Shooter does not provide us with any proof of trading. This means that we can only hope that the numbers that are being displayed on the profit calculator are the real profits that we should be expecting from this product. Can a trader looking for a reliable expert advisor make a purchase based on unverified performance numbers? We doubt. These guys don’t even provide a simple trading statement on their site which makes us wonder why that is so when they claim to be selling a quality expert advisor.

Upon doing some research, we came across a trading account that was using this same expert advisor. This trading account had incurred a loss of 20% and a draw down of 27%. This is not acceptable by all standards.

Our best advice for you

The Forex Pip Shooter fails us terribly. We need not recommend it at all at this point in time. If you are looking for a reliable trading product that can help you achieve consistent gains, look here. 

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