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Is Slum Dog Forex a scam? We have found a landing page that claims it can teach Forex traders a step by step guide on how to become a successful Forex trader. The strategy is explained in a 5 minute video and is accompanied by texts which say the strategy can generate 1% to 5% profits every day. The strategy has a win rate of 89% and can turn a $100 account into $160,000 plus in 1 year. The strategy is allegedly utilizing low risk trading methods. Slum Dog Forex is owned and operated by someone called Maurice Perry. This is most likely a pseudo as the digital footprint of this person cannot be found on the internet.

Slum Dog Forex

Slum Dog Forex is allegedly a trading system that uses the methods that the big banks use in order to make wealth. The owner of the site claims that he has made millions of dollars trading the Forex market in just 2 years. However, the sales page gives us a warning that if we want to succeed with this method, we must not be greedy. We need to have an element of patience and self discipline. To get started, we simply need to purchase the system. We do not need prior investment experience in the Forex market place. We do not need to spend a lot of time in front of our PCs and we definitely don’t need to invest a lot of money.

This landing page is quite lengthy and most of the content found on this website sounds like sales gimmick as the vendor tells us that they can turn a homeless guy from the streets into a Forex millionaire in a matter of months, thanks to the Slum Dog Forex. What we can assure you is that there is no system that can turn $100 into $160,000 within a year. This represents a very very big profit from a small investment of $100. It is not possible that a person can multiply their returns in this manner. This makes Slum Dog Forex sound suspicious.

If you want real trading products that can generate returns, you should visit this page. However, you need to know that legit trading systems don’t generate such returns. You cannot expect more than 30% monthly returns from a legit system. Those trading systems that claim to make 50% returns a month cannot survive long because they are taking too much risk. Even if you survive in the first few weeks with such a system, rest assured that it will take only one trade to blow your entire account.

Slum Dog Forex review

Slum Dog Forex is anonymously hosted by someone whose pseudo name is Maurice Perry. We do appreciate transparency and if we cannot find this in any of the websites that sell trading products, our first impression is always not a positive one. This site also looks like it was launched more than a decade ago as the design looks quite dated. The promotion is also not in sync with how Forex marketers promote their products today. For instance, we expected proof of trading performance which we did not find throughout the site.

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Slum Dog Forex also claims that this product has been featured in numerous media websites and Televisions. While this gives the impression that the system is unique and profitable, the fact is that none of these claims can be traced and verified. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this is definitely a sales gimmick or a trick meant to convince traders that this product is the real deal. Before you make decisions based on what you read on the landing page, you should think twice and establish whether what the salesperson is presenting are facts or mere claims.

What you get when you purchase this trading system

Most of the features here contain learning materials. The sales page has listed a number of points which are focused on teaching users how to make use of support and resistance, how far to place stop losses so that they are not hit, the best time to trade to allow us make a lot of money quickly, price action analysis so that we can know how to enter at the right time without worrying of price reversals, how to manage risk by allowing us to buy and sell at the right time among other things.

They claim that this system reduces our losses by 74%. In our opinion, this data must be supported by facts. Otherwise, how will we be certain that the numbers which are being thrown around on this landing page are real? Also, we have never heard of any system that makes between 10% to 20% in daily returns. We also don’t know of any Forex training resource that can make a newbie learn how to trade properly in 3 weeks only.

The truth of the matter

Before we go further, we would like to mention that this trading system costs $67. The question you should ask yourself is whether a system that can turn $100 into millions of dollars in a year can cost $67 only.

It’s clear that cheap trading products are not always profitable. If you spend the amount on this product, be ready to lose it. You also have to understand that there is no way you can generate 10% per day because if that was the case, we would be taking of nearly 300% gains in 30 days. Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme. So you have to understand that this is possibly a scam. There is no way you can make a lot of money with a product that only costs $67.

Our best advice for you

Slum Dog Forex does not look like a serious product. Moreover, the testimonials which they have presented on this site look fake because they cannot be verified either. Based on the unverified income claims made by this site, we can conclude that this site is a scam. The product is definitely gimmicky and dubious. If you need a serious Forex trading product that makes money, visit this page. 

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