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Wiki Mining is a supposedly a cloud mining platform that offers instant account setup, instant withdrawals and a detailed statistics dashboard to monitor the progress of how mining of Crypto currencies is happening in real time. It also claims to insure investments of their customers but they are not getting into real details of how this insurance works. By the way, legit Crypto currency cloud mining services don’t offer any type of insurance because as far as mining of Crypto currencies is concerned, there is no way insurance can be possible with this type of investment. In fact, all types of investments are risky as people could lose their money in the process. There is no sane company that can provide insurance where the risks are well known and are very likely to happen.

Apart from the promises which have been listed on the Wiki Mining website, we also see that this website is full of spelling errors, and this portrays it in a negative way since they lack professionalism. If you came across a site so full of spelling errors, you wouldn’t trust the service or product which they are selling, right? This is the case with Wiki Mining. It does not give confidence and even if it was legit, many people would simply opt for more professional looking cloud mining services on the internet even if they were scams. However, for the clever ones, there is always a way to discern what is a scam and what is real. Legit Crypto currency cloud mining services don’t leave a cloud of doubt behind. They don’t hide behind anonymity since they are legit companies with real directors and staff members. They have nothing to hide because their operations are legit. They even have data centers which they are always willing to show us in case we doubt. Basically, legit cloud mining services on the internet maintain professionalism and transparency which cannot be found with scam sites that claim to do the same thing. So if you are looking to start mining with one of these reliable cloud mining sites, we advise that you consult this list. 

Wiki Mining review

This site is heavily marketed and the owner is spending a fortune on Google ads in order to find investors who are willing to start mining with their project. However, their reputation is not really good plus the level of anonymity that surrounds this website is disturbing. The site is not transparent and most of the things that an investor would want to know have not been listed on the site. We need to know whether or not they have data centers. We just don’t want to be told that if we buy an investment plan, we will receive daily passive returns. Moreover, sites that are selling real investment plans in cloud mining will list the amount of money that investors can spend on a certain amount of hashpower. The amount of money you invests corresponds with the amount of hash power which you will get.

Wiki Miner

On the other hand, a site that does not engage in real Crypto currency mining will state the minimum amount of money which is required in order for mining to start. They will not tell you how much hash power you are getting with this minimum amount. When you come across such a website, there is a high chance that they are not mining Crypto currencies. There is a high chance that you are dealing with a ponzi scheme and not a legit cloud mining website. Wiki Mining is one such website where investors are never told the amount of cloud mining hash power they could get for a particular amount of money. These details have not been provided which makes it a little bit suspicious.

The details of the company behind Wiki Mining

They are providing a New Port physical address and also citing Mrs. T Janet A. MCkinney as the director of the company and its operations. These details sound suspicious because, for one, we cannot establish whether this address hosts Wiki Mining premises and secondly, the details of this director don’t point to a real person with social media profiles and professional background. So we believe that this is a pseudo which they are using in order to deceive or conceal the real operator of Wiki Mining.

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When you detect such disparity in any website that claims to mine Crypto currencies in the cloud, you’ll definitely need to think twice or even thrice. There is no way a real company claiming to have a director can operate anonymously. We should easily Google details of this company and find it on the internet. Therefore, we are definitely not convinced that this is a company. We are not convinced that the name of the director is a real name belonging to one of the people who are in charge of Wiki Mining operations.

No hash power plans

It’s quite disturbing to find that this website does not have any hash power plans. That is one red flag which you need to take seriously. They are sounding vague about it, which is evidence that they are not mining at all but doing something else. What exactly is this kind of activity which the site is engaging in?

Probably they are collecting member deposits with the intention of running a ponzi scheme until it is no longer profitable. We can assure you that as soon as the owners have made a lot of money and are not willing to continue running the business, they will dump it and run away with the rest of the funds. If you are a victim and you sent a lot of money to the scammers, you will suffer big disappointment. But we hope that will not happen to you after reading this review.

Our best advice for you

Wiki Mining looks like a scam or an outright ponzi scheme. Either way, you will still lose money because these are not sound business activities. Why lose money when you can mine Crypto currencies using legit cloud mining platforms?

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  1. is exact as
    I have used power-miner and purchased their lowest server and I have successful withdrew, but I dont know if Wiki-mining is same

    1. May I know is wiki mining is safe i have been scammed by so many sites can you please say me!! I am from india

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