Easy Forex Pips Review: Is Scam?

Easy Forex Pips Review: Is Scam?

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Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signal provider whose marketing sales pitch says we will enjoy a level of service that is offered with a human touch. They feel that this kind of service is not offered by any other Forex signal service, and so they must be special. They also claim that Easy Forex Pips has a team of experts who have helped the company produce signals that have a success rate of 95%. Because this is an unusual win rate that we have never heard of, we need to see if this website can produce statistics of their previous trading activities just to see whether this claim can be backed by proof.

easy forex signals

This review will actually consider statistics of their trading in addition to other features which they are offering. The goal is to try and find out if they are offering anything special. But in the meantime, you should visit this page to find out what other trading resources we are recommending because we can never recommend to you trading resources that have not been verified or proven to work.

Easy Forex Pips review

Easy Forex Pips does not tell us their actual location but based on the physical address which they have provided, we see that they are based in London, UK. The actual address is stated as 4 Dean Stanley St, London, United Kingdom SW1P 3JH. There are no analysts who have been introduced here but they are telling us that their traders have 5 years of market experience. This is something that they need to work on if they need more clients to trust them. Transparency matters a lot when it comes to selling signals. There is certainly a vast shroud of secrecy around their service, which is certainly not something that we look for in a potential signal provider. They should certainly update their company information, and provide us with detailed information about the traders that are providing the signals. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form, as there is no direct email address.

Easy Forex Pips Review

By now, we have gone through the entire website and are thinking that the sales page is quite vague. The information does not paint a clear picture of what they are offering. The sales page is barren and no insights have been provided to help us understand how this service is better than the others. Each signal provides information about the best time to trade, the best way to place the trade and the currency pair to choose. The signals also come with the entry point, stop loss and potential take profit targets, which allows for the trader to play a role in deciding when to close the trade.

The Easy Forex Pips team tells us that they have two years of trading history and that their free channel has 13000 subscribers while their VIP channel has 200 customers only. We are not sure where this data is coming from since the service was registered less than a year ago. It is important that they provide us with complete transparency if they want our trust. It’s possible that this vendor was selling their signals via a different service, or name but it’s also possible that they purchased being deceptive about their founded date in order to seem more reliable. They also tell us that they are providing their signals during 8AM and 12PM GMT +3. They also explain to their clients that they send signals and provide their signals to traders worldwide.

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Their signals are delivered through email and Telegram Channel. The only advantage of this Forex signals sales page is that it is aesthetically pleasing. The disadvantage is that it does not persuade us. They do not provide insights into the services in a professional way. There are between 4 to 7 signals per day. The price of this Forex signals is between 45 USD to 105 USD per month. Trading strategy is undisclosed and so is the pairs which they are using to trade.

As a subscriber of Easy Forex Pips, traders can get started with 3 different kinds of plans. These include a one month plan, a 3 month plan and a 6 month plan respectively.  The cost of subscription is $45, the 3 month membership cost $75, and the 6 month membership cost $105. Each plan comes with the exact same service, which includes 47 signals a day, 1 to 3 targets per trade, money management tips, live telegram alerts and a promise of 1500 to 2000 pips per month. This claim, alongside the promise of a 95% win rate seems highly unrealistic, which is why it’s time to dig deep into their trading performance. For that reason, we would like to see if their trading performance can actually produce proof that supports 95% win rate.

Trading performance

We did not appreciate the way they were presenting their trading performance. Easy Forex Pips is disappointing us in how they make this presentation to us since their statistics don’t provide any transparency whatsoever. They provide us with their latest results table but as you can see, this table is not transparent. What they are doing is to provide us with cherry picked trades as opposed to all trading results. These signals can also be found in their Facebook page, but they don’t provide a single record or statement with any of their VIP signals.

Before we rely on their promises and signals as well, they need to prove to us that Easy Forex Pips can be trusted with their trading style and risk management. Otherwise, we cannot just take their word for it. And there is also no reason why they cannot connect this service with a statement sharing service like myfxbook. If they are interested in transparency, they should definitely make this a reality.

Our best advice for you

Easy Forex Pips sells their signals on an aesthetically pleasing website but we are not pleased with the way they present their trading statistics. You can only do well if you invest in trading resources whose performance can be proven.

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3 Replies to “Easy Forex Pips Review: Is Scam?”

  1. I have registered today with Easy Forex Pips via the telegram channel and paid the $75 for 3 months. As soon as i paid for the signals he did not reply anymore and since i paid via Skrill i could not reverse it. The person receiving the funds is called PETER SKAKALOV in case you come across him. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM TELEGRAM GROUP AND WEBSITE. I have proof that i paid and he does not reply to the messages.

  2. He’s a scammer, he trade without stoploss, demo account, fake results… all his signals hit the stop loss! DONT WASTE YOUR CASH!

  3. Guys avoid being SCAMMED!! this guy SCAMMED me and 1000 others! I’ve heard so many stories about others getting scammed by this guy… My deposit was 2k and this guy with his “signals” blew my account! he never uses stop loss! he sends a stop loss and all his signals go to stop loss but he counts it as a winning trade!! HE TRADES ON A DEMO ACCOUNT!! I lost all my hard earned cash by this guy! Keep your hard earned cash away from easyforexpips!! this guy have no idea about trading he sends sells and buys at the same time! send the same signal several times, zero risk management stop losses of 200-300 pips to earn 20-50 pips!! I contacted him but he banned me the group… I reported his paypal account and paypal SAYS ME THAT THEY BANNED HIS PAYPAL ACCOUNTS SEVERAL TIMES!! this guy scamming the multitude!! don’t be the next!!

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