Global Online Review: Fake Forex Scam

Global Online Review: Fake Forex Scam

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Global Online ( is a CFDs and Forex Scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex world. GlobalOnline is a broker who is claiming to be an expert in CFDs, Forex, and digital currencies. This broker has gone ahead and promised users excellent execution speed in an extraordinary trading journey. With these claims, we simply had to investigate and find out the truth regarding GLOBAL ONLINE. Here’s what we found out!

Global Online Review

Global Online Review:

As with almost each and every Forex scam, claims and promises are the leading traps that scammer use. Global Online is using the same bag of tricks as with most Forex scam that we have seen. To begin with, once you go to their homepage, you will realize that’s it’s written in Chinese. How can a broker who is supposed to be from the US have a Chinese written website? And this is the first red flag we noticed with this broker.

Claims that Global Online is a global Forex broker is simply a load of lies. This broker does not have any international recognition. Scammers will do or say anything to make their products and services appear legit. What these scammers have done is create a website that easily entices the eye. Folks, this is what scammers are after, to get and grab your attention. Just know that there’s more than meets the eye with GlobalOnline.

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Who Owns Global Online?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, this firm is owned by Global Online Market Limited. There’s no information regarding who the actual owners of this company. This means that we are not given any information regarding real names of people behind this company. And this creates a major problem as its clear we are dealing with an anonymous entity. Anonymity is a dangerous character to have when it comes to Forex trading.

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Why have they failed to give us the names of CEO or CFO of Global Online Market Limited? It’s clear that they fail to do so because they know we would conduct a thorough background check. And that’s why these scammers have failed to give us names due to lack of any legitimacy in their product. These scammers simply want us to sign up and invest money to an unknown entity. That’s not going to happen.

Is Global Online Licensed or Regulated?

Global Online Scam

Global Online is not licensed or regulated anywhere on the face of the planet. Have you noticed that the disclaimer at the bottom fails to give any licensing claims? Only claim they have is at the top of the page that they are regulated by NFA. As we earlier said, scammers will do or say anything to make their product appear real. NFA does not register brokers and fail to issue them with registration numbers.

Where is their registration number issued to them by the NFA? Global Online is not Licensed or Registered by any Financial securities organization. If they were registered, they would have posted the registry details on their homepage. It’s clear that we are dealing with a broker who is unauthorized to conduct Forex transactions. Anyone who signs up with this broker will rue the day they signed up.

Trading Platform.

This broker uses MT4 trading platform as their preferred tool of trade. They claim that they have a superior trading platform that has cutting edge technology. Claims such as having sophisticated technical analysis can be seen on their homepage. They also claim that this platform has over 50 inbuilt technical indicators.

Devices such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablets have to easily integrate with a platform. Download stalled at 55% which is bad news for anyone using this platform. It means that their platform is unstable and thus, opening members to huge risks. Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal credit card and personal data.

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Deposit and Withdrawals.

When it comes to depositing money with this platform, the broker has this area well covered. Depositing money to Global Online can be made possible through available depository channels. These channels include Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard and others. Minimum depository requirement is $3,000 in order to start trading with this broker. To be honest, this sum is way too much considering the set industry standards of $250.

Our biggest worry with Global Online is when it comes to members withdrawing their funds. It has come to our attention that most members are facing withdrawal problems. This broker is refusing members to withdraw their hard earned money. According to the reasons given, apparently members haven’t reached a certain trading volume. Only a scam artist can refuse members to withdraw their own funds.

Are Funds Safe with Global Online?

Global Online Fake Review

To begin with, this broker has failed to mention their depository bank partner. Where do they sediment funds deposited by members? It’s clear that members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. And this is a major red flag that we spotted with Global Online trading platform.

Another disturbing feature when it comes to security of funds is this broker does not segregate accounts. It means that this broker is pooling funds in one account which is a very dangerous practice. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose member funds at once. This leads us to our next red flag, lack of a compensatory scheme.

Fake Claims.

These claims include having a negative balance protection policy. If this was the case, why are there so many members losing money with GLOBALONLINE? What are these superior resources are they claiming to offer to users?

It would help if their economic indicators did really indicate the correct predictions. This means is a source is wrong, the entire prediction is also wrong. Claims of having 24/7 support are fake as we haven’t seen any online chat dashboard. It’s a clear sign that this broker wants to remain anonymous and have no interaction with the outside world.

Is Global Online a Scam?

Global Online is a scam that will swindle newbie investors if their operation is not shut down. From fake registry claims to not having a clear objective, we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. Make sure to ignore all their calls to sign up by marking all their emails as Spam. Don’t click on any links sent by their email marketing team as they contain malware. That’s a sure way of staying away from this scam.

Global Online Final Verdict.

Global Online Scam Review

Only option we have left is to add Global Online to our broker scam list. Make sure to warn your friends and relatives from signing up with this broker.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Future Forex investment platform

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