Pro Signal Robot Review: Is a Scam?

Pro Signal Robot Review: Is a Scam?

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Pro Signal Robot is promoted as the most profitable binary options trading robot. According to the sales page, Pro Signal Robot has a win rate of 94% and is considered the only binary options robot with a high win rate. Before we can believe these claims, we need to scrutinize the app and determine whether it fits our criteria for trading.

According to the sales page, Pro Signal Robot has already registered 10,000 traders across some 138 countries. This claim seems to be far fetched since this app was rolled out just the other day and regardless of how aggressive their marketing campaign is, these numbers just look outrageous. We believe that this is a gimmick as many vendors throw around numbers which cannot be backed by any facts.

Also, we cannot just assume that this is a profitable robot without seeing proof of trading performance. Having said this, we still believe that you can trade CFDs profitably using proper trading tools. We have done our research and found that these apps are the most reliable tools for trading binary options and CFDs in general.

Pro Signal Robot review

Even though the vendor claims that Pro Signal Robot is the real deal, our opinion is that this is a scam. The robot is allegedly designed to trade on platforms like IQoption and CFDs brokerages. There are better trading robots that people can use for trading on these brokerages. Pro Signal robot is the last thing that can come into the minds of serious traders. First, let’s start with the claim that the robot has a win rate of between 80 to 94%. This claim is quite outrageous because, for one, we do not believe that there are trading robots out there with this kind of win rate. Even 80% is still a very high win rate and maintaining it on a consistent basis can be quite challenging. But we can definitely assure you that there are good apps out there that can manage to a consistent strike rate of 70%.

Besides, if the vendor wanted us to believe that this robot has a win rate of 80 to 94%, they would have published their proof on the sales page. It is one thing to make such a claim but it is quite another to back it up with proof. Our concern is that the vendor has not provided a proof so that we can believe that indeed what we are seeing is a trading robot with 94% strike rate.

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In terms of strategy, the sales page is vague about it as they did not reveal how exactly the robot works. They only claim that the robot has a unique algorithm. The question is what strategy does Pro Signal Robot use in its algorithm in order to execute trades with such a high win rate? Throughout the site, there is no answer to this question and we now believe that the algorithm is actually generic in nature. We can assure you that we have seen this app before. It used to be common in 2016. Scammers used it to swindle thousands of US dollars. They used to take advantage of gullible traders looking for legit trading apps to use for their trading business. Those scammers are still using the same app to cheat gullible investors who want to trade Crypto currency CFDs. Only names and design of their logos have changed but the platform is still the same.

How Pro Signal Robot intends to scam you

They always have an affiliate relationship with specific brokers. These brokers are unregulated and definitely unreliable because they are based in an off shore location and their job is often to scam gullible investors. If not, these robots are often owned by the same brokers who cheat and steal from investors. The robots sales pages are used as a doorway to capture leads who will make a deposit on the promise that they will make a lot of money with the robot. None of these robots have ever made anyone rich. The victim will later realize that they have been scammed because the robot generally trades and losses money rather than making money.

As a matter of fact, Pro Signal Robot has a terrible win rate and that’s where you will lose money if you choose to gamble in the financial markets with this robot. The win rate is 30% or less. For you to make money as a CFDs trader, your win rate needs to be at least 70% or above. You need to maintain a consistent win rate for you to make money. Therefore, if the win rate is below 70%, you cannot make money.

There are 8 different licenses for purchasing this robot. You can buy it for $199 per month but if you want lifetime subscription, the vendor has a plan that costs between $499 and $4,999.

The lifetime licenses come with free updates and lifetime support. The difference in pricing is due to the number of PCs that the license can support.

We definitely have no idea why someone in their sane mind would want to order multiple licenses if they have not verified whether this robot can trade profitably or not.

Any trading performance?

As always, this owner of this sales page does not provide their trading performance because they know that what they are selling cannot make money consistently. Furthermore, this robot has very expensive price plans and we believe that for a trader to make a decision that involves purchasing a trading software, they must have proof that the software is the real deal. Without this proof, you are just wasting your money.

Our best advice for you

Pro Signal Robot fails to convince us even though the sales page claims that it makes money consistently. We do not know how reliable it can be but based on the presentation on the sales page, we already know that this is a money loser. If you want to make money consistently, the best way to do it is to invest in a proper software for trading.

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