The Traders Edge Review: Is the traders Edge Scam?

The Traders Edge Review: Is the traders Edge Scam?

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The Traders edge is a trading school for those who want to learn trading. The trading school is operated by an anonymous person who claims to have entered the world of professional trading back in 2009. He also claims to be a family father. That’s all we can find on his profile. The anonymous trading coach wants us to believe that indicators mostly don’t work because they lag behind. In addition to this, the owner of the Traders edge wants us to believe that we can grow our accounts consistently over time using his methodology to trading. He trades simple strategies based on price and he believes these strategies can grow your account consistently. You can also learn and practice them completely for FREE!

traders edge

There is also the option to join his Facebook and Telegram channel for free. At first glance, it is not clear whether he is selling anything on this website. However, the main message that the sales page is passing across is that trading is simple and not as complicated as many people think it should be. We have no idea who the person behind this website is or even where they have been operating this business from. Their contact page does not provide us with a physical address. This is probably something we need to know just to gain some confidence on this trading school. We don’t understand why the owner of the Traders edge website is not providing these details to his audience.

However, we like the general approach which he gives people who land on his sales page. There is emphasis on quality trades rather than quantity. He claims to trade quality trade setups and does not insist that he has no losing trades. This is the first time we are hearing a supposed trading mentor stating that he has losing trades too.

So one may ask whether this style of trading can make any returns now that there are lots of loses down the line. In our opinion, traders can still be profitable as long as they have an edge. It is really not about quantity of trades executed but quality as stated on the Traders edge website. At this point, we believe that the owner of this trading school is really providing sound advice with regards to how trading should be conduced. The rest of the pages on this website focus on a lot of story telling where he claims that banks are the ones who have an advantage in the Forex market (this is true) and that with his method, we can always get an edge and ensure that we are making consistent profits nonetheless.

If you are here looking for a profitable trading system, we advice that you check out this page just to find out what we are recommending. But if you would like to learn more about the Traders edge website, this review will provide you with insightful information pertaining to the trading school.

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The Traders Edge review

The owner of the Traders Edge appears to be knowledgeable about the position of a retail trader and that of the financial institutions in addition to how a retail trader can have an edge over others so as to make consistent gains. There are 3 types of trading strategies which they want us to know in this sales page. These are ”smart money business”, ”Profit release strategy” and ”Bull and Bear Trap” strategy.

The first strategy is about this trading mentor teaching about the entry points of the financial institutions and believes that if you can figure out where the banks enter the market, you can become a consistently profitable trader. He describes the 3 stages in the following way:

The banks business is like their own trading strategy and they use 3 stages to profit from the market day in day out. This strategy has rules, it is consistently profitable, repeatable and most important not depending on any economics. As you know the foundation of every market is supply and demand. If there is somebody who wants to buy the market there must be someone who is willing to sell the market. Vice versa if there is somebody who wants to sell the market there must be someone who is willing to buy at the same time.

As mentioned earlier banks have a huge amount of volume compared to us the regular retail traders. So for every transaction in any market there has to be a counter party. Therefore when the market makers or banks want to enter the forex market they can not just enter with huge volume at one point, because probably there will not be enough participants who are willing to take the counter position when the market moves heavily in one direction. The solution for the smart money is to accumulate their position over a longer period of time.

The profit release strategy on the other hand focuses on accumulation phases and breakouts so that traders can take advantage of an uptrend or a downtrend for that matter.

The Bulls and the Bear traps focus on long term trends, break of major resistance and price reversals to the downside. On top of this, the owner of the Traders edge is also providing a free indicator that can help with all the analysis in his training.

Trading performance

Although this knowledge is useful because it gives us insights into how the market can possibly be traded, there is no evidence that the owner of this site is a successful trader. Talking about trading is one thing but to actually make money from trading on a consistent basis is another. Before we recommend products here, we always love analyzing trading results and if they are impressive, we always endorse the product. At this moment, the traders edge has no such kind of document.

Our best advice for you

We love the presentation and the methodology also makes sense. But we would love a proper introduction and proof of trading performance. In the meantime, you can sign up with these resources. 

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