Ultra Trading Review: Is a Scam?

Ultra Trading Review: Is a Scam?

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Ultra Trading ( is fund management and Crypto mining company that operates on the principle that they have opened their doors for every Crypto enthusiast, and for every person who’s willing to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the long run. The platform claim to be automated and all that investors have to do is deposit the required amount of funds in order to start withdrawing their returns in 24 hours. The platform charges 2% in withdrawal fees and has their own smart card and internal exchange. Ultra trading promises hourly earnings, instant withdrawals and 24/7 customer support. They also claim that contracts can be exited at any time as long as the investor is willing to pay 5% fee. We are not sure what this statement means because in a managed account service, there is no such thing as contracts can be exited at any time.

On their official website, they claim the following: ” a secure platform is our foundation. We’ve taken our security to the next level to ensure we’re protected from any 3rd-party interference. We use a worldwide data center network, which is supported by state-of-the-art anti-malware software programs as well hardware. It gives us, as well as every customer, peace of mind.” We want to know how secure this service is and whether or not they can be relied on. A lot of Crypto funds operate in this manner and our experience has taught us that they are scams. How different is ultra trading? Are there any safety mechanisms that they have put in place to ensure that our money won’t be lost? Something like a segregated account would help with this. Fortunately, only regulated fund managers can provide segregated account facility.

The people who run this service claim that they are expert traders who can demonstrate outstanding performance record. They claim that they are always taking the right risks to make the right moves. They even make this claim on their site ”Ultratrading makes it possible for the casual crypto follower to profit from the same bold moves as the pros. Users are free to invest as much as they wish with rewards proportionate to the amount invested. All users enjoy fixed interest hourly as well as contribution rewards, and unlock further reward potential from a pair of Affiliate programs.” We believe that there are many red flags surrounding this site. For that reason, we will not recommend it until further notice. You can trade Crypto currencies using these bots instead of relying on a site like Ultra Trading since the risk of losing your investment is quite high with this site.

Ultra Trading review

The website claims that their company is based out of the UK. The question that we are asking is where exactly are these people operating from? What is their level of experience and who exactly is operating this website i.e accepting deposits on behalf of the site owner? Unfortunately, there is no physical address anywhere on this site. The people who run it are 100% anonymous. If you look at the payment which they are receiving, it is in Bitcoin format meaning that once you send them the amount which they are asking, there is no way you can recover it.

3 investment plans

Ultra trading is offering 3 types of investment packages 8% daily and up to 20% daily. We are shocked at these figures because they are abnormal. There is no kind of trading on the internet that can generate these returns from the financial market. Even the most volatile markets don’t return this profit every day. The only thing that we know is that these numbers are always promised by scammers and dubious website owners who have a hidden intention. But if it is true that Ultra Trading is paying these returns on a daily basis, they should produce proof of the same in order to believe them. Otherwise, we cannot send them our money if we don’t know what they are going to do with it and whether or not they will make a profit out of this investment.

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Ultra Mining

They are making reference to mining of Crypto currencies when they mention the phrase Ultra Mining. There is no proof that this website is mining any Crypto currencies at the moment and we are even wondering what managed Crypto currency accounts have to do with Crypto currency mining. This contradiction is quite popular among websites that swindle money from unsuspecting investors.

Should you trust Ultra Trading website?

You should not trust such a website because its procedure of operation is quite weird and the odds of getting scammed are quite high. That we can promise you. The issue here is that these scammers have concealed their identities and are promising unrealistic returns. The other issue is that they don’t have any kind of performance record on their site. It is hard to trust them with their claims because those numbers make this website smell like a scam.

Before you invest with any of these websites, you need to ask yourself whether the service provider can give you proof of their performance. You cannot trust blindly unless you want to lose your money. Also, we believe that this website has a high level of mysteriousness and they are accepting BTC deposits because they want to steal from you and not because they are trading in Bitcoin. Can you see that they even have a fake internal exchange? They do not want to involve a third party because this will make people send money to someone’s wallet. They only want to take the whole share to themselves.

Our best advice for you

Ultra Trading is a fake website simply because the returns are quite unrealistic. The operators are hiding but their site is set up in such a way that it can operate automatically i.e collect money online automatically. If you want to be safe, invest in legit Crypto currency trading bots that have been certified and proven to work. Here is the page where you can get them.

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