Wealth Trades Review: This is a Scam

Wealth Trades Review: This is a Scam

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Welcome to Wealth Trades ( review. This is a supposed global investment company that is registered in the UK. They claim that their investment company is reliable and that they can be trusted. One of the features that they are touting on the site is that people can get high returns by risking only a small investment. According to the site, they state the following:

”A simple and affordable way to increase your wealth by investing a small sum of money. Profit is calculated on weekdays and reinvested to increase your principal deposit and the overall profit. Profits and principal deposit are paid out at the end of the investment period.” The company wants investors to know that they are promising guaranteed income and 24/7 customer support. They are also targeting investors of all levels whether beginners or experienced. First of all, we do not think there is any investment company that can guarantee profits to any investor. If a website promises guaranteed profits in a risky market like the financial markets, then clearly something is wrong. But if they insist that they are trading safely and have never registered any loss, it would be good to see their trading statements to believe that indeed the company is generating guaranteed returns.

They also claim that their company is run by professionals and by investing in their website, you will be copying trades from experts. This means that Wealth Trades is operating like a copy trading service or something close to that. They also claim that once you make a deposit on this site, your investment will start to multiply right away. That’s a huge red flag because trading is not always a get rich quick business. It takes patience and a little of trial and error. There is no professional trader who entered the markets and became rich overnight.

At this point, we think Wealth Trades is not a reliable investment company to handle your money. If anything, we believe that this is yet another attempt to defraud members of the public of their money. There is no way they can be legit when they are not regulated in the first place and their procedure of operation points to the fact that money that is sent through this website is always ending up in the private bank account of an individual. If you want to get started investing in the best trading resources, we recommend signing up with these trading tools. 

Wealth Trades review

Wealth Trades Inc is allegedly the company that runs this website. A quick search on the internet can reveal that there is no such company registered in the UK. It is just a name that they have given to a company that has never existed. So the first red flag that we ought to consider is that this website is lying about their registration status and in the real sense, it is just a website as opposed to a registered company.

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Secondly, the owners of this website have not introduced any of the directors or the people who are in charge of the operations of this website. There is no proper about us page and the only way we can reach them is through a contact page that has an integrated contact form on it. In short, these guys are 100% anonymous but they would still want us to send them our funds. This is not possible because before you can invest a lot of money on a site, you need to know whether the site is a company or not. You need to know who is behind the site so that even if things go wrong, you will always find a way of retrieving your funds or at least reporting to the authorities for further investigations. But all in all, this is generally considered a red flag. You cannot go an extra length to put your money here thinking it will multiply.

What is Wealth Trades offering?

They claim to be trading in Forex, equity, commodities, Crypto currencies, binary options and real estate. The problem is that there is no evidence at all that this website is trading any of these markets. They make it seem like they are investing in these markets when that is not the case. By merely mentioning these markets and integrating the charts on their website, they have made newbie investors to believe that Wealth Trades is a serious business. But that is far from the truth.

They are offering 3 types of investment accounts called Basic, Regular and Business. These accounts require anywhere between $1000 and $50,000 to open. They are also promising between 6-11% in weekly profits which again is too absurd. Each one of these accounts are supposed to come with an account manager where the investor will be advised appropriately. We know that scammers love this way of operation. The account manager is there to mislead the naive investor by marketing to them and also convincing them that they will earn more if they invest more.

Are people paid with this website?

There are no client testimonials or reviews that back this website. Also, we have no evidence that anyone has ever invested on this website and earned the alleged profits as claimed on their sales page. With zero customer testimonials, one cannot believe that this site is helping people earn money. That is just not possible and moreover their return on investment is just too good to be true. Even if they are trading all these markets together at the same time, 6% a week is something that cannot be achieved. So this is definitely not trading but a scam business.

Our best advice for you

Wealth Trades is obviously a scam and a deadly one. The people who manage it are anonymous and their claims don’t even make any financial sense. One has to think carefully before they can waste away their money to this fraudulent scheme. If you want to make money trading, visit this page and make an informed decision.

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