Zikhash Review: is Scam or Real?

Zikhash Review: is Scam or Real?

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Do you want to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash and many more? Zikhash claims that it can give you this opportunity. They are allegedly cloud mining Crypto currencies and offering 5 GHs of bonus hash power. They claim that they are using the latest equipment and the newest calculation algorithm. The site promises a number of benefits to investors who sign up. However, they are also telling us that this is not an opportunity to experience a comfortable future. So the question is why you should mine Crypto currencies if the reason why people mine these coins in the first place is to secure a good future.

Apart from offering 24/7 customer support, the site also claims that returns are realized in record 55 days. Money is generated 7 days a week on this site. In addition to this, Zikhash claims that they are processing payments quite fast as requests are processed within 10 minutes. This is allegedly one of the many advantages of dealing with this site because they claim that other sites take days in order to process payouts. Other than an elaborate affiliate program offering 10% commission for every person that is referred, the site does not appear to offer any other advantages.

The site appears to have been launched last month as it is a brand new site. In addition to this, they tell us that they have already acquired over 5k investors. This is not real and we wonder whether they can prove that they have acquired this number of users within such a short time span.

You need to read this article to understand why you absolutely should not invest any money with Zik Hash. ZikHash is presented as a platform for cloud cryptocurrency mining. This service allegedly mines ten cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, ether and zcash being some of them. The calculator on the website shows that you allegedly can earn 1.8% per day on your investment, 54.54% per month and 663.63% per year. Is it real?

Definitely we smell a rat here and we need to investigate further because a typical crypto currency cloud mining site never specifies the amount of daily returns that investors could earn. They never quote these numbers in percentage unless they are operating a ponzi scheme. In fact, 54.54% a month is an impossible number. This is definitely not Crypto currency cloud mining. This is something else as opposed to Crypto currency cloud mining. So yes this is not real and if you are looking for a real Crypto currency cloud mining site that will generate returns for you, this list of sites can be really helpful. But don’t be convinced that ZikHash is not a get rich quick scheme. It is in fact a get rich quick scheme which is contrary to what they tell their audience on the sales page.

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ZikHash review

You have to understand that this is not a real cloud mining operation at all. What we know is that these people are not mining Crypto currencies at all. The reason why we have made this conclusion is because of the numbers which they claim we can earn as returns for our investments. 50% monthly return is not something you can expect out of Crypto currency cloud mining. And these people know it very well… that crypto currency cloud mining does not generate that much. Even investors who put in a lot of money cannot generate more than 5% a month. So this site is definitely running a ponzi scheme as opposed to a legit mining operation.

The reason why we cannot earn these astronomical figures in Crypto mining is because there are many factors that influence what we can realistically earn in a given month. Other than the costs associated with electricity and maintenance, there are costs that are related to the price of Crypto currencies being mined as well as the competition that is being faced in the blockchain since a lot of people are also mining the coin at the same time. At the end of the day, profits cannot be more than 5% in any given month.

A true mining company will have a price list where you can see how much you have to pay for a certain mining power and there will be no promise of daily earning, because crypto price and mining difficulty are changing over time, so it is impossible to plan profits.

Plus, a true mining company will show you proofs that it really has hardware at its disposal so you can see that you are renting some true hash power.

ZikHash has noting, no hardware, it does no mining, it’s just a simple scam. It very probably works as a Ponzi scheme, it just plays around with deposits until the system fails and money disappears. It is an illegal financial game.

Why this site is just a scam and not a real Crypto mining platform

We would like to know who owns and operates this site. This is what they are giving us in their about us page.

” is a mining platform for cryptocurrency mining.
We do not promise you mountains of money and a comfortable future, but we will give a chance to everyone. Just pass the registration and start mining.
Start earning without investment, get a bonus in the form of 5 GHS. It will allow everyone to try yourself in the sphere of crypto-mining!
We use the latest equipment and the newest calculation algorithm!
Our service provides the ability to produce more than 10 cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash for etc.”

Our best advice for you

As you can see, this is not a proper definition of a serious business venture focused on Crypto currency cloud mining. They have not told us about their company, the people who work here and their achievements. Even their physical address has not been provided except contact address. That is just how far criminals are willing to go hoping they will trick a bunch of gullible people with money to invest. You need to identify serious websites that truly mine Crypto currencies. 

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