Krocashny Review: A funny Crypto Investment Scam

Krocashny Review: A funny Crypto Investment Scam

Share This! is the name of a website that claims to generate 150% returns for its investors in record 48 hours. The website is allegedly working with PayPal where they claim that they will send returns to the investor’s PayPal account once 2 days have elapsed. Krocashny claims that they are an investment company and that they are currently the most recommended investment company on the internet. This statement is just as funny as the name Krocashny. These anonymous guys and even claiming that they are mining Crypto currencies for investors. In other words, they are claiming that apart from trading of Crypto currencies, Krocashny is also mining Crypto currencies. We have never seen any legit investment company that does these two things simultaneously. Either a company will mine or focus on trading alone. But it is quite common with ponzi schemes which often claim that they are generating returns from the two activities.


They are even telling their investors that they should invest in KroCash and reap benefits after 48 hours. So we are just finding out that the company has a fake token called KroCash which they are using to collect real money from gullible investors with the intentions of scamming them in the process.

In their company description, they tell us the following: ”We take care of commerce for our users, we use cloud mining and marketing, our servers work 24 hours a day. they only have to invest in our system … Thanks to our team we can do the maintenance and continue working in a better way, in a range of a few hours. Krocash New York is characterized by being unique in the global market of marketing and advertising; Having the New York Times as an advertising method is giving our users the opportunity to invest in our business and generate short-term profits. We are experts in providing new business solutions in a mutually beneficial environment. Invest now.”

When you read the above statement, you cant help but wonder whether this is a ponzi scheme for that matter. There are also numerous grammar errors across the website and we are thinking that if Krocashny was a legit investment company and were not able to do their sales page on their own, they would have simply hired a freelancer to write the text on their website. This would have saved their image but since they do not care, it simply means that the owner of the site is dubious in nature and the reason he wants your money is because he wants to scam you. If you want to mine Crypto currencies or trade them, we advice that you check out this page.

Krocashny review

We know nothing about the background of the people manning this website. They did not introduce their names and certainly no information about them has been presented on this dubious website. So there is no way we can trust a website that is operated anonymously and mostly when they start asking for money while claiming that they will return 150% profits in 2 days. Come to think of it; this profit is exaggerated. There is no kind of investment in the world that makes 150% in 2 days. These figures are made up with the hope that greedy but gullible investors will throw money at them so they can be scammed. The plain truth is that whether we are investing in Crypto currencies or multiple investment areas involving Crypto currencies, we still cannot multiply our money overnight. This is just not possible.

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So why is it that some websites like Krocashny are still promising super abnormal returns? It is because they are run by scammers. You should know that mining is not very profitable and the more you put, the more you should be making. But don’t expect that the pennies that Krocashny is asking for will even make you any money from mining in the first place. People invest millions in mining in order to see half of the returns. So we believe it is not worth it even if Krocashny was a legit mining operation.

Those profit projections indicate that this website is a scam. Couple this with the fact that the operators are anonymous and you will see clearly that these guys want to snatch your money and run away as fast as their legs can carry them.

Pictures of the operators are fake

The real owners of this site are hiding and you cannot establish who they are even if you run the details of this site on To deceive investors further, they have used pictures of other people on the internet because they know that some investors are not keen with these details. They don’t do any investigations. Now, the fact that this website has stolen pictures of other people on the internet means they are scammers themselves and those people have no idea whether their pictures are being used to commit fraud on the internet.

Krocashny Fake testimonials

Fake testimonials are a common place on the internet. You can tell whether a testimonial is fake or real going by how it is written and posted. In this case, the owner of Krocashny did the testimonials and posted them on this site. This was meant to convince investors that the site is engaging in real business and investors and reaping returns as promised. One of the testimonials is allegedly from a customer who claims they have been investing with this site for 2 years. You have to keep in mind that the domain of this site was registered just the other day. There is no way the site would have existed back then without a domain. So that is actually one reason why this site is using fake testimonials.

Our best advice for you

Do not give your money to the scam operators behind Krocashny. The site cannot be relied on because everything they say and promise cannot and will not be fulfilled. You have to start thinking about how to find genuine investment products that can help you make money.

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