Minerva Trading Bot Review: Is it a Scam?

Minerva Trading Bot Review: Is it a Scam?

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The Minerva Trading Bot by CMC INVEST ( is a Telegram Crypto currency trading bot that promises to generate easy profits for users. The creators of this bot are also promising a free 5 € as welcome gift which will be deposited into your Telegram account as soon as you sign up and start using the bot. Surprisingly, interested users must sign up using a sponsorship link where a new user has to find their link and join through it. This is the same thing that happens in internet MLMs. When you share Minerva Trading bot with all your friends, you will earn up to 12% extra commission in 3 levels. Again, this is another piece of evidence that we are probably dealing with an MLM investment opportunity which is really not an investment opportunity. 

According to the website, the Minerva Trading Bot is an automated trading solution for crypto currencies. It will invest in different crypto currencies and allegedly make you 5% per week, which is more than 20% per month.  You can also make extra money by referring new clients to the system, you will get 12% on their deposits across three levels. That’s it, no fees, more than 20% per month. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? As we look to answer these questions (since something is suspicious about this bot), we are recommending these trading bots to the trading community. 

Minerva Trading Bot review

This is the brief description that we can find on the landing page of this product.


”The MinervaTradingBot is a performance-optimized and innovative telegram software that aims to automate entrepreneurial activities and to introduce newcomers to the world of trading.”

But in this Minerva Trading Bot we will lay out several problems that we see with this trading solution. We have already gathered facts and we are now presenting our findings here because we don’t believe that Minerva Trading bot is a trading solution. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

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Minerva Trading bot is an illegal service

Minerva Trading Bot is offered by a company called CMC Invest. This company is based in Montenegro.

It was registered as a company that will do business and other management consultancy activities. Nothing about investment services.

In fact, CMC Invest is not registered with any financial regulator, therefore it cannot offer investment services legally in most countries.

This makes Minerva Trading Bot an illegal product in most countries, money is not protected in any way, when you deposit with this robot.

Is this a ponzi scheme or an MLM?

Another thing we want to point out in this Minerva Trading Bot review is the excessively high weekly returns. Not only they promise 5% weekly, but they promise steady returns that you can start withdrawing already six hours after investing.

This is something completely unsustainable in any legitimate investment business. 5% weekly is extremely high, the best world’s hedge fund would be extremely happy to do this in one month.

Plus, in investing you can never guarantee any returns, let alone steady weekly returns, it is just impossible due to the nature of the financial markets.

Add to this the Minerva Trading affiliated program with an additional 12% on your referrals and we believe that this robot is in fact a Ponzi scheme that does no trading, just an illegal financial game with money.

We think it just redistributes money from deposits, there are no real profitable trades. This make it only a question of time before the Minerva Trading Bot collapses.

Conflicting statements

According to an incorporation document done by CMC Invest on the same company, Gregor Maihart is the owner of the company. Therefore, Maihart runs the Minerva Trading Bot and he’s the person featured in the video.

The CMC Invest appears to be just an offshore firm that Minerva uses in money laundering attempts. The Facebook profile of Maihart reveals its location as out of Austria, which matches Alexa traffic records.

Maihart’s MLM history is also quite unclear, as neither Maihart nor Minerva Trading bot is registered with Austria’s Financial Markets Authority.

When it comes to products or services, Minerva Trading bothas no product or service to market. The affiliates of the program simply market their affiliate membership.

Should you try Minerva Trading Bot?

We are not very confident that this bot will make you any money in the long run. This is because we have already presented evidence of why we believe this is an MLM or worse still a scam.

The developers of Minerva Trading Bot claim that their robot can generate over 20% return in a month. If this is true, then this bot could be considered the most profitable Crypto currency trading bot ever. The problem is that the developer cannot substantiate this claim with any factual data. Usually in trading, one can easily pull out their trading statement if there is need to. But in this case, the developers don’t have any verified trading performance which they can use to prove to us that the bot in question is generating over 20% monthly returns.

Secondly, the developer of Minerva Trading Bot does not explain their trading strategy on their website. What they are telling us is how the bot is profitable and all the advantages we can enjoy when we sign up to use this bot. This is one of the tell tale signs that we are taking seriously because if this robot was a serious product, the developer would have taken their time to provide a description of the trading strategies which they used in the algorithm of this bot.

Instead of providing a description of how the bot works, they state the following: ”Click on the “Start” button, accept our terms and conditions and invest now. Your profits are waiting for you!” ”The simple and understandable user interface provides a comprehensive navigation menu, and is free for everyone to use.” This is definitely a shallow statement which does not tell us how the bot works. 

Our best advice for you

We don’t trust Minerva Trading Bot. If you would like to make profits from trading Crypto currencies, we recommend using verified trading bots with proven trading results. 

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3 Replies to “Minerva Trading Bot Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. Behind Minerva Trading♻ stands the (GM. Inc. DOO) corporation🏛, which owns a license for financial transactions🏦. Minerva owns several trade cooperations📝 with merchants and traders worldwide🌍 and wants to use the Bot to give small investors access✅ to the financial world🏦🌍. Company documents📝 are also visible in the marketing area of ​​the bot🛠. There is currently 6 traders who earn more than enough to sustain the small amount paid weekly. The traders are in secured funds.

    1. Ah bon… Des robins des bois altruistes du 21e siècle. On croirait écouter un eunuque sorti de sa grotte.

      “Des traders qui gagnent plus d’argent que nécessaire”…mais qui au lieu de réinvestir leurs bénéfices déjà TRÈS colossaux et gagner encore plus et SANS PERTES, SANS PEINE, préférent affilier des gens (PEINE), travailler pour ces gens contre rémunération (PEINE) et leur redistribuer les gains générés (PERTES. Même infimes, ça reste des pertes) quitte a empocher qq bonnes sommes au pa**age.

      Cette conception est d’une a.b.s.u.r.d.i.t.i.e radicalement légendaire, mon très cher Will B.

      Arrêtez votre verbiage creux et dénué de logique objective SVP.

      Bien à vous.

  2. Bonjour , question de foi , j’y crois et ça marche … les personnes retirent leurs gains tous les jours si ils veulent , j’ en suis tres contente ! venez aux conférences des fondateurs vous en saurez plus …

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