Titan Pro 500 Review: Brutal Forex Scam

Titan Pro 500 Review: Brutal Forex Scam

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Titan Pro 500 ( is a dreadful CFDs and Forex broker scam to hit the market. TitanPro500 is purporting to offer a one click trading platform to anyone who signs up with them. TITAN PRO 500 is claiming to offer up to date trading signals which are sent through emails and SMS. Tom Barragry lost $5,000 while trading with this broker, the basis for our investigation. Read our TitanPro500 Review.

Titan Pro 500 Review

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Titan Pro 500 Review:

Tom had thought this was his chance to start a lifelong dream of trading in the stock market. Landing on Titan’s homepage, he immediately signed up and deposited $5,000 with this broker. Problem is Tom did not read any reviews or conduct an investigation of his own regarding Titan Pro 500. In order to protect our readers from falling into this trap, we had to conduct a thorough investigation. Read this review and find out what we found out.

This broker claims to help users trade with ease in a few clicks. What every trader should ask whether these claims are true. And of course, this broker smells of scam from a mile away. Titan Pro 500 is simply out to steal funds. Their homepage is riddled with fake propaganda. Users are asked to join the community of wealthy people who use this platform. To add salt to injury, this broker claims to make users a fortune. These are over the moon claims which will never materialize.

About Titan Pro 500.

Problem with this broker is lack of proper regulation and fake claims. Who are these experts who provide consultation services? Anonymity is a big problem with this broker since no one knows them. No one knows who the real owners of this platform are. And this is another problem with Titan Pro 500. How can users trust an anonymous broker with funds? This is why scammers stay long without being exposed. Remaining anonymous is what scammers want at the end of the day.

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Where can we get these experts and how can we talk to them? Lack of details regarding these experts was our main concern. Scammers will do or say anything to make products and services appear to be true. This is exactly what this broker has done. Use big claims and names to attract users to sign up with them. Users are also promised valuable bonuses once they sign up. Be careful of brokers who offer bonuses as they soon find ways to take them back.

Is Titan Pro 500 Licensed?

Titan Pro 500 Broker Review

To our knowledge and investigation, this broker is far from being licensed by any regulatory body. How can this broker be licensed when they fail to give details of where they are registered. Posting an image with Google maps suggesting to be based in Budapest can’t be trusted. Anyone can use Google images and claim to be based anywhere on the planet. Reason they chose Budapest is they want to be seen as EU Compliant. This is not the case.

Where are their licensing and registration documents to prove authenticity? Lack of these details is proof we are dealing with a rogue broker. Any broker who fails to issue licensing documents is not to be trusted. Tom did not realize he deposited funds with an unlicensed broker. Recovering funds is hard with any anonymous and unlicensed broker. Ensure you stay away from any broker who lacks these vital certificates. This means this broker maybe offshore based after all.

Account Types.

Titan Pro 500 is offering users over five different account types to choose from. These account types include Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Problem with these accounts is proper details regarding their features.  Why has this broker failed to give details to minimum required deposit? It’s clear this broker wants to trap any investor who signs up. Depositing funds should not be in your mind with this broker.

What this broker has done with accounts is provide similar features in all accounts. And what are these basic account benefits? Why has the broker failed to give users the benefits of each account? Who are these dedicated managers? What are their social media accounts so traders can verify and talk to them? These account managers maybe a hoax to try and make the platform appear legit. In fact, there could be no account manager at all! Stay clear from this broker.

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Platform Used.

This broker claims to offer MT4 trading platform as their preferred tool of trade. This platform is web based and we decided to investigate how well it works. Sadly, we started facing problems immediately we started trading. Execution was slow and platform was highly unstable. There’s a huge problem with unstable platforms. Unstable platforms are a huge risk to any trader who uses them.

Hackers will steal credit card information and personal data and gain access to your bank account. These hackers can also purchase goods and services and pay using your credit card. .

Are Funds safe with Titan Pro 500?

Titan Pro 500 Scam

With the above details in mind, this broker will never safely secure funds deposited with them. No one knows which bank they use to bank money deposited by users. How can we trust a broker who will sell personal data to hackers? It’s also possible traders are depositing money straight to owner’s personal bank account. Another reason to doubt security of funds with Titan Pro 500 is how unsafe their website is. There’s no SSL encryption protection.

When it comes to segregation of accounts, this is not the case. This means Titan Pro 500 is pooling funds in one account. In case bankruptcy or insolvency occurs, this broker will lose all funds deposited with them. Members of this platform should not expect any compensation. As it turns out, Titan Pro 500 does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Stay away from brokers who don’t follow set regulations and rules.

Is Titan Pro 500 a Scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, this broker is a certified scam. From lack of proper documentation to fake claims, Titan Pro 500 is a fraud. Make sure to stay away and ignore all calls to sign up. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by this broker. Warn your family and friends from signing up with this broker.

Our Recommendation.

Titan Pro 500 Software Review

Being ardent traders, we feel we must protect our users and readers from this platform. By exposing their fraudulent nature, traders will be protected at all times. Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will help expose their fraudulent nature. This will hopefully prompt relevant authorities to look into this platform. Stay away from Titan Pro 500 and sign up with industry backed and recommended platforms.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Crypto trading experience.

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22 Replies to “Titan Pro 500 Review: Brutal Forex Scam”

  1. is a total scam. I lost my money as well. Please aviod this company. They exist only to scam people and collect money. Once you deposit the money you cannot withdraw it. All this people who work with them have fake names. They call you many time and then once they get money they will ask you to invest more. If you do not invest they will treat you badly. NO ETHICS. They are 100% fake,Scam and bully company. I highly recommend NOT TO DO ANY TRANSACTION WITH TITANPRO500.COM

  2. is an illegitimate company. Do not invest your money. If you invest you loose 100% your money. This company is scamming people. Do not take risk. is 100% fake,scam,illegal,illegitimate company specialized in cheating people.

  3. company is pretty good i invested before two months ago /i am making profit gradually this is good you cannot make money millions overnight everything takes time people doesn’t understand this ,people wants to be million re over night you can invest money but keep patience also that everything takes time

    1. Let me know please if you can withdraw your 25%,may be depend on the your financial broker, but try to withdraw money and test them your self
      Kindest regards

  4. I have transferred $250 to my account with TitanPro500. Unfortunately I did not do any research before investing my money…. Anyways, I received an e-mail where they request bunch of documents just to verify my identity:
    1. Identity document
    2. Photo of yourself holding ID document (selfie)
    3. Payment confirmation
    4. A provision of proof of your physical or billing address
    5. Declaration of Deposit
    and in the end they state:
    Not submitting the above documentation may result you losing privileges given upon signing up.
    Please note that if we do not receive the required documents, your pending withdrawals will be cancelled.
    So, to me this looks like not only money trap but also an Identity theft…
    Is there any possible ways to shut this guys down? I will share this info to all my friends and in Social Network, but somehow we need to stop them from bull**** people.

    1. Bonjour Christina
      je suis dans le même cas que vous j’ai aussi fait un virement de 250$ A Titanpro500 fin de la semaine pa**é et voici qu’aujourd’hui ils me recontacte en me demandant les même documents indiqué dans votre commentaire avec le même mail mais je ne sais pas quoi faire si leur faire confiance ou pas car cela me semble un peu trop personnel comme documents donc je me retrouve a faire des recherches sur eux et je lis que des mauvaises choses leur concernant, Faisons attention au arnaque!! renseignons nous avec de faire quoi que ce soit !!! maintenant je voudrais récupérer mon argent mais je ne sais pas si c’est possible, je continuer mes recherches car ceci ne vas pas m’empêcher de continuer à investir ailleurs, merci pour ton message il faut faire quelque choses

  5. Hej. Jag har registrerat mig med min mobilnummer för flera månad sen, från den dagen de ringer och erbjuder att att känna pengar med de.Vad ska man göra att avs***a för att de ringer. Jag investerade inte men jag är nästan färdig att investera och kolla hur gör de.

  6. Please do not invest any money to this trading company. I have already list 1000$ by investing my money. Still I have 1700$ in my account but I can not withdraw any dollar from my account. When I discuss with my personal broker they always playing for me. They have a very bad tim member. They always told you to invest money but when you want withdraw money from your account then you will see their real picture. They are f**king fraud trading company. Please do not fall trap of them.

  7. Hey I am happy to see this, first and foremost I thank you very much for this. I was called about the same issues and I was told to log in to gother with a broker and he is explaining to me using a persuasive tongue 😝. But when we reached at filling in the bank information I said Nooooo. Give me time, I can’t give you my bank information. The man insisted but I did Zero. Hahahahahahahahha. Thanks

  8. Verification of my account took very long. That’s just not good.
    They offer you leverage on BTC/USD (caveat: not USDT) right from the start… my humble advice is to ask for 2x AT MOST, so you don’t get liquidated in an instant in a price swing

  9. Shady shady offsh*** broker. Snappy snappy spreads. But how else am I supposed to make money on crypto in India? I don’t want to lose access to my account when Modi govt bans crypto trading.

  10. typowy nieuregulowany broker. ale to, co jest niedopuszczalne w jednym kraju, jest jedyną opcją dla innego z powodu opodatkowania. W niektórych krajach po prostu nie można handlować kryptowalutą bez płacenia podatków od KAŻDEJ transakcji. więc w takich przypadkach ten broker jest całkiem niezły. Wystąpiły problemy z weryfikacją. i jak dotąd wszystko jest w porządku

  11. WEr kennt Jacob von Titan Pro 500. Sehr charmant aber undurchschaubar. Versuche seit 2 Monaten mein Geld wiederzubekommen . Sie wollen Alle möglichen Unterlagen. Werde wohl mein Geld nicht wiedersehen.

  12. TitanPro500 provides you with varieties of option you can choose to trade on forex, CFD or Crypto and they’ve some good Trading A***yst who study the markets and provides important informations and signal to their clients

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