Falcon FX Review: Is this a Scam?

Falcon FX Review: Is this a Scam?

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Falcon Trading Guidance, or Falcon FX is a Forex trading course that looks to inspire, guide, educate and evolve with their clients. They believe that wish to teach traders how to trade the Forex market from a simplistic and structure driven approach, that only they offer. With over 100 hours of video content, which include weekly live webinars, bye weekly recaps, and quick tips, this service surely provides an impressive amount of information. Whether that information is worth the £97/month price tag is one of the main questions of this review today.

The founder of the service is Mark Hutchinson, retail trader and author of “10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals”. He claims to have over 8 years of experience in the Forex market, and 4 years of consistent success with an average return over 9.79% per month. Mark also has a lifestyle Instagram account with over 12.8K followers where he shows off his luxurious cars, trips and yachts in an attempt to prove his worth as a trader.There is no address provided for the company. Traders can get in touch with support by filling out a contact form on the sales page. In case you’re looking for a genuine trading product that can help grow your trading career, we recommend using these trading solutions. In the meantime, we will be looking at FalconFX and their trading operation. Is this a genuine trading operation or a pure scam?

Another thing to note is that Falcon FX does not offer trading signals. This is what they say regarding trading signals:

”Absolutely not, we don’t offer trading signals and in fact we are completely against them!

If you wish to become a consistently profitable FX trader over the long term, then you should not be seeking to copy other traders’ trades via signals.

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Instead, you should master the skill for yourself in order to become self sufficient.”

Falcon Trading Guidance Review (FalconFX)

The main service provided by the Falcon Trading Guidance group is their 10 part video series that provides traders with over 8 hours of structured course content. Surprisingly, there is very little information about the Forex trading course, and what traders can learn from it. We are told that the video series covers 10 key topics, but not introduced to what those topics are up front. After jumping through a few hoops, and entering my email address for free access to the first falcon foundation series episode, there is a more detailed page with information about the service.

The Falcon FX Pro service, gives traders access to the 10 episode falcon foundation series course, an in-depth strategy handbook, access to the community, weekly market breakdowns, midweek market reviews, biweekly trade recaps, live monthly webinars and exclusive tips.

Falcon Foundation Video Series

The main educational resource provided by the Falcon Trading Guidance group is there video series. This currently consists of 10 episodes that are supposed to walk traders through Forex trading from start to finish, which is less episodes than their competitor, the Online Trading Academy. The 10 videos total close to 8 hours of content, which may sound like a lot of material, but it’s probably not enough to make you a profitable trader right away.

That being said, let’s take a look at the episodes one by one.

  • Episode 1: Intro to Forex and Falcon Trading Guidance
  • Episode 2: Technical Analysis
  • Episode 3: Basic FTG Principles
  • Episode 4: Probability
  • Episode 5: Risk
  • Episode 6: Choosing a Broker
  • Episode 7: Journaling & Trade Refinement
  • Episode 8: Placing a Trade
  • Episode 9: Psychology
  • Episode 10: Laptop Lifestyle

The brief guidelines of the Forex trading course lead me to believe that the information is effective, but light. There doesn’t seem to be any specific strategy being put forward by the Falcon team, but more of a general approach. Moreover, there is a reddit comment which tells us the strategy is “completely set around trend lines and nothing else.” This makes identifying trades “open to interpretation.”

The Falcon FX strategy – can it work with all markets?

Technically yes, however we currently only teach how to apply the strategy to the Foreign Exchange (FX) market.

The owner tells us that if we wish to apply their teachings to any other markets, then they would highly recommend that we conduct our own backtesting and research before we can trade those markets with the strategy.

Falcon fx Performance Reports

The Falcon Trading Guidance team does not provide any trading results. It’s normal for educational programs in the Forex market to rely on testimonials, but here at valforex, we always want to see results. Based on the pop-ups we are seeing on the website, and the thousands of followers, there is no reason why some of the clients of this service can’t provide their trading records on Myfxbook.

Not only that, but there’s nothing stopping the developer Mark Hutchinson from providing his personal trading records as well. Considering, Mark advertises his service based on his 9.79% monthly gain over the past 4 years, I feel thatit’s imperative that we see those results.

Lifestyle Marketing

Mark’s Instagram page is full of motivational videos, which are great, but I have some concern with the lifestyle approach to many of the posts. In one of the posts, Mark claims that he’s just purchased a yacht, and in another he boasts about his new Mcclaren.

This luxury lifestyle approach is often used by scammers in many different markets online. I’m not saying that’s what’s occurring in this case, but it definitely makes me need to see some actual trading results before I consider the trading course.

Our best advice for you

At this point in time, we will not be recommending FalconFX Pro by the Falcon Trading Guidance group and Mark Hutchinson. In order for this to change, we need to see some actual trading results from some of the clients and Mark himself. When this is provided, I will change my considerations.

If there is anything you would like to add, please leave your questions and remarks below the review now. Otherwise, we still recommend these trading products for traders who are struggling out there.

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  1. Mark Hutchinson is one of the most obvious scam artists in the industry. He has no financial credentials and no performance records. Case closed.

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