Libra Method Review: This is a brand new Scam

Libra Method Review: This is a brand new Scam

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Welcome to our Libra Method review ( scam investigation. The Libra Method is advertised as “the world’s smartest crypto-trading software” and an easy way to earn $950 to $2,200 daily. But our viewers really want to know the truth.

So is Libra Method scam or legit trading app? We’re not going to waste your time by writing fake Libra Method reviews and advising you that if you signup for this trading platform you will become a millionaire overnight. Instead we’d rather present the facts to you and let them speak for themselves. It’s no secret that Facebook is scheduled to launch its new currency named “Libra”. The Libra Method scam is merely a crude attempt to draw a connecting line between the power of social networks and cryptocurrencies vis-a-vis Forex and CFDs. We are no strangers to this type of advertising strategy, and we are not impressed by all the hype.

So please put your thinking cap on and start asking the hard questions like we did. For example, we started sniffing around and found out the crooks behind the fraudulent Libra Method trading platform are affiliate networks operating in tandem with offshore Forex and CFD brokers. When we signed up our broker was United Markets Capital, which is an unlicensed offshore broker with a registered business address in Sofia Bulgaria.

Libra Method Complaints: Most of the complaints we received had to do with inability to withdraw money. Additional grievances have to do with rude sales agents trying to solicit more funds, and heavy SPAM and fake Facebook advertisements.

So we are of the opinion that Libra Method is just another get-rich-quick scheme designed to lure unsuspecting victims into a Forex scam. But if you don’t believe us or feel we have misjudged this latest fraudulent investment platform, we recommend you read our informative Libra Method review and see the evidence our staff has produced with your own eyes before you risk your money.

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Libra Method review

In the sales page of this website, you can clearly see they are trying to convince you that it’s actually possible to generate up to $2,200 DAILY using this fake Libra Method trading software. If you also take a look at the images inside you will see the classic markings of a scam (i.e fancy cars, lavish vacations and so on). And of course here we can see the testimonial section of the Libra Method scam. You can see that they are using fake images of these so-called “new crypto millionaires” on the right side of the image for comparative purposes. It’s quite plain to see that not a single testimonial is authentic, and that is something we will not tolerate since we believe this type of false advertising is extremely misleading.

And here we have screenshot where the cheaters claim that “preliminary studies” indicated that the Libra Method app is “97% effective in finding profitable exchanges”. We don’t really know what that means, but we do know that we invested €500 and ended up losing our money.

What is Libra Method and How Does It Work?

Libra Method is advertised as an exclusive investment platform and expansive trading network which compiles user data and predicts trading patterns. In the sales presentation they say that it is an automated platform (AKA crypto robot) which “studies the community” and develops successful strategies.  Each member gets a “tailor-fit” experience and “trades like the pros” in a system which is “fueled by an effective algorithm.”

The truth about this scam

The bottom line is that Facebook is scheduled to launch a new currency named Libra, and greedy scammers are latching on to this trend and all the hype around it in order to peddle their fraudulent trading software. We hear various soundbites like “sharing experiences with a simple click” and “the possibilities are endless”, but in reality there are no big-time investors wanting to get in on the action, since the only action is you getting ripped off!

So while its true that the shift towards decentralized banking and cryptocurrencies is a trend which will only grow due to the “exploitative banking system” and heavy fees, Libra  Method has nothing do do with that. We do agree that the idea of a social-riven trading system which follows the crypto trends and allows users to connect is worth exploring, but anyone telling you that you can generate a 500% return on investment and that your profits are guaranteed or risk-free is lying to you and that is a fact.

Is this a free software?

Actually it is not, but that shouldn’t surprise you. You will need to part with at least €500 to get started. In some cases is can be €250, but the minimum deposit amounts are quickly rising these days.

What’s happening at the moment?

Bitcoin is booming so scammers want to ride this wave of success so they concocted this piece of trash system and named it Libra Method. This also explains why they are using Bill Gates and the Winklevoss twins as their informal spokespeople, but don’t believe their lies and deceptions because they are trying to trap you and get you to invest through one of their sleazy offshore brokers.

Our best advice for you

Trading Crypto CFD’s can be a very lucrative endeavor if you understand how to choose the right systems or alternatively have a solid understanding of the financial markets. A proper signals app takes the guess work out and picks the best contracts in optimal conditions at the cheapest rates and in this context minimizes your risk or exposure levels. But Libra Method Fake does not mention this at all, instead the scammers are selling you a shortcut to an easy life and we all know that doesn’t work. Bottom line; just stick to these legit apps for trading.

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