Push Button System Review: A Relaunched Scam

Push Button System Review: A Relaunched Scam

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This is the Push Button System Review where we expose the relaunch of a dirty SCAM that will take your money and give you nothing in return! The website’s url can be found at and we think they don’t even stand a chance of scamming anyone now that every review website out there has already exposed them. Anyway, we will go ahead and say what we know concerning the scam. We know that it feels overwhelming and enticing to hear such promises of making this amount of money with little or no effort. The scam says we can make over 20k per day in profits.

Many people would like to believe these claims but unfortunately, these claims are just designed in order to let scammers such as Jay Brown (assuming this is the real name of the founder) to make money from people who know nothing about making money online. Before we go any further, we want to point you towards the right products that you should be using with regards to your trading career. Click this link to go to the appropriate page.

Push Button System Review

Push Button System is a re-launched program that had previously been exposed as a scam when it was hosted on (, and now it is launched again using a new website domain name (, but with the same sales page and video. Is The Push Button System Real? No, Push Button System is not real and doesn’t work as claimed in the sales video on the website. It is not what they tell you of being a button that you push once and it makes you $20,000 in one day!

While the people behind the program seem to be the same people who previously sold it, however, it is more dangerous now to join this program as the sales page makes it clear that this is just another scam, as this time they don’t offer a money back guarantee, and worse, there are no legal pages that you can read like: Income Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact, …etc.

And I’m sure that you already felt that there’s something wrong about this Jay Brown’s Push Button System, and that’s why you started looking for Push Button System reviews. To be fully transparent, I didn’t purchase the program because of the clear signals mentioned above that makes it clear that this is a total SCAM.

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How does this scam work?

Push Button System works by the founders of the program taking your money and not giving you $20k/day in return. Actually, not even twenty dollars/day.

And worse, maybe by asking you to buy upgrades or deposit more money.

The sales video of on the Push Button System website is one of the cheesiest sales videos that you will ever watch.

The guy who claims to be the founder of the Push Button System, Jay Brown, claims that he is a super affiliate who can bring sales to others’ products in one push of a button.

He shows you fake screenshots that are supposed to be for his bank account, but it is clear that the numbers are added to the image through an image processing software.

The reality that Push Button System isn’t revealing

If you want to press this amazing button you’ll first have to cough up $67 (discounted to $37 when you try and leave the page).Once you’ve handed over your credit card details and your contact information you’ll be put transferred over to one of their unlicensed brokers (probably based in Bulgaria) who will ask you for a deposit of $250.

This is when the Push Button System owner and his broker take their cut. As far as the software goes, it’s just standard trading software where you can set a maximum and minimum value for when you want to put or call trades.

There’s nothing special about this software at all and it certainly can’t guarantee you’ll make money every time, no computer software can possibly know all the variables of the financial markets and to base your future financial security on this is foolishness.

Even the most experienced trading professionals on Wall Street can’t make the guarantees this Jay Brown guy is making

There’s a promise of one-on-one coaching, what this actually means is you’ll get phone calls telling you the reason you didn’t win this time was because of a glitch in the system but you’ll definitely win if you deposit more. The more you put your faith into this Push Button System, the more money you’re going to lose.

The Push Button system is actually a mysterious and magical piece of trading app. “What if we could point you to one button that pulls money out of thin air…”

Telling people they can make enormous amounts of cash now but just clicking a magical button is the oldest trick in the book.

In the last month alone we’ve reviewed dozens of internet scams that all claim to have quantum-speed‘ trading software with ‘incredible mathematical algorithms‘, including:

Promise of easy cash: We get it, who wouldn’t want that?  But this is all just a ploy to play on your emotions and bypass your thinking. The 10 minute video talks about this life-changing Push Button System without every giving any explanation as to how it actually works, what the system does or how you’ll make any money.

Limited sports open: A well-known trick used by scammers is called the scarcity tactic – by using the limited spots trick and the countdown timer they’re trying to make you think you need to be quick so you don’t miss out!

What’s funny though is that I’ve been on the Push Button System website several times over the last few days and the numbers always changing.

Our best advice for you

Push Money Button is a recycled scam and we do not see how traders can fall for it. If you seriously want to make money, we advice that you invest in professional set of tools for trading. They can be found here.

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