TrendCycles System Review: is this a Scam?

TrendCycles System Review: is this a Scam?

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TrendCycles System (system trading) which can be found on this domain is a service that provides trading tools and managed investment accounts which require a minimum investment of at least $40,000. They want the community to know that successful trading depends on Risk Management, Discipline, Constancy and Time which are the parameters of our trading strategy. TrendCycles believes that too many investors base their decisions on fundamentals, news, reports, irrational feelings etc. Such players confront the market without a concept. This explains how most of them are losers – a fact which is statistically confirmed.

They tell the community that they have been demonstrating that systematic investment decisions in Forex, stock index and precious metal products can cause large intermediate- and long-term profits.

They also tell the community that the success of their trading system is based on 4 decades of daily historical data, many years of development and trading experience. Among the features which they tout on their website include safety of their clients funds, risk management, transparency and low fees. In terms of the safety of their clients accounts, they tell us that funds are not pooled but instead kept in segregated accounts. They say that this is the best way to guarantee safety of clients funds. However, this fund is locking in investor money for a period of between 3 to 5 years in which investors cannot withdraw their funds in between.

They tell the community that TrendCycles is owned and operated by Frederic Weill / CEO, born 1959 in Zurich, Switzerland, married, education: primary and secondary school in Zurich professional formation: bank apprenticeship, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, CEO Pont Data (Real Time- and Historical Trading Data), development of technical trading systems since 1986 sport / hobbies: cliff diving, snowboard, mountain bike, photography, 1998 Guinness Book World Record Holder for the most spectacular dive from a helicopter.

This is definitely an interesting trading operation and we thought that it would be worth it taking about the fund so as to help you make an informed decision accordingly. However, if you are confused or are running out of patience, we are asking you to take advantage of these Forex trading products instead.

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TrendCycles Review

Why TrendCycles or system trading? Why they believe that they are offering a bulletproof trading system and solution? Well, as we peruse the site, we learn the following: ”Trading decisions taken by fundamental data and news are not free of human emotions. Therefore it is hardly possible to measure historical results in a neutral way. The only reality at the markets is the development of quotes. System trading means disciplined alignment of technical trading parameters allowing the investor to participate in both market directions. It is statistically proven that such strategies can improve the overall performance dramatically while simultaneously reducing the risk.”

The TrendCycles Trading system risk management

They want the community to know that the TrendCycles trades its own trading system, which is a market price based, trend following system. If a market tends sideways during several month, it might produce a series of loss signals. Therefore TrendCycles trades different markets simultaneously. The contract size chosen in each market is in a strict relation to the overall investment capital. By entering any new signal, the maximum stop risk limits a possible draw down to 2.5 % – 3 % of the equity.
TrendCycles recommends an investment horizon of minimum 3 – 5 years in order to smooth the results.

They also want the community to understand that due to the leverage effect of the Forex- and futures markets, a relatively small movement of the price can have a proportionally larger impact on the funds. This may work for you, as well as against you. These investment types are of speculative nature. Past performance is not necessarily indicative for future results.

The alignment of our trading concept includes any possibilities to reduce the risk, simultaneously optimizing earnings. Nevertheless, the typical risk in futures/forex trading remains a fact. For additional risk information, please study carefully the account opening form of the broker.

The indicator

The indicator is allegedly based on 40 years of historical data. All of this is implemented in TrendCycles’ trend analyzing trading system. In terms of trading strategy, they claim the following: ”The alignment of our trading concept includes any possibilities to reduce the risk, simultaneously optimizing earnings. The trading key is assimilated to every single investment instrument and calculates, in consideration of the actual capital basis, the ideal number of contracts to be traded for each market.”

A word on Historical performance

Past performance is not necessarily indicative for future results. A long-term analysis of system trading performance is helpful for a better understanding of standard deviations of the average performance.

While the above statement is true, we steal need to see how the person managing funds for his investors is performing. We cannot simply gamble with our 40K dollars when we know nothing about the performance of this fund and whether or not it is a suitable investment operation for us.

A word on transparency

All clients receive a real time access to their account as well as daily e-mail statements. TrendCycles manages the trading of the clients’ accounts with a limited power of attorney.

This is the way it is done generally. An LPOA is a document that clients sign before they can be engaged in this kind of investing.

The supposed advantage of using TrendCycles services

They are touting the power of compounding as the key feature of their service. ”The impact of compounded interest is of central importance in a long-term investmentAssuming an average growth of 26 % p.a. the value of a TrendCycles Managed Account doubles every 3 yearswithout ever raising the risk factor.’

Our best advice for you

They claim that the fund has been trading since 1986 and they have a long term track record of consistency. We have looked throughout the site and not find any track record. They also claim that they are doing 24 hours risk management to ensure that clients funds are safe. All we need is their track record. Otherwise, you will do well with these products. 

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