Crypto Soft Review: Is this a Scam Crypto Operation?

Crypto Soft Review: Is this a Scam Crypto Operation?

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We’ve bumped into a certain Bitcoin trading robot called Crypto soft. This one appears to have been around for some time but somehow it has managed to escape our radar all this while. The site can be found at and we believe this Crypto bot is worth reviewing here to let traders know whether or not it is worth using. However, if you’re looking for reliable Crypto currency trading bots that will not disappoint you, these tools are the most commonly used on the internet.

You see, in recent years, the field of automated trading systems have been growing exponentially in the industry of crypto currencies. In this review we analyse Crypto Soft, one of the most popular auto-trading on the market.

Some people think of CryptoSoft as the ultimate way to make easy money with cryptocurrencies. Others think it is complete scam. The question is: who do we believe? To help you decide, we have tested the robot and have come to the conclusion that it is a scam. You will lose all of your money. If you wish to know more about it, keep on reading.

Crypto Soft review

It is common knowledge that trading in cryptocurrencies is one of the trendy strategies of making money. Unfortunately, if you easily believe the cock and bull stories which con artists are spewing, you will fall victim to scammers who are dirt poor but offer others free and easy way to make thousands of dollars every day. In this Crypto Soft System review, you are going find out if this app is legit and real or if it is what we say it is, the dirtiest scam of the year. Don’t even bother to research about the company behind this fiction because there is none.

Crypto Soft trading app is another scam website promising unrealizable returns to traders. The software is the brainchild of a name without a face, Thomas Green. In fact, their claim of profit is as high as $5,489 with an accuracy rate of 83%. I don’t need to tell you that there no way you can make such a huge amount in 24 hours. Also, Crypto Soft App is a bogus system that will waste your time if you decide to try it.  The software can only achieve 50% accuracy, and you know that this rate is not encouraging in trading.

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The con artist calling himself Thomas Green claims that the company has been existing for seven years and in 5 years, they made huge profits from the software. As a result, Green is making plans to bring the software to the public by releasing a version of the auto trading app at the rate of $3, 999 every month. But before the offer, he is giving 77 traders a chance to make money with the software freely as a test to prove its efficiency

This promise is not a new story in the crypto trading sector because it is always the easiest way for scammers to attract people. With the excessive amount of profit and the limit on the number of people to get free access, there will be a rush to try. Let’s do a little pondering here; this company has been making $5,489 every day for the past five years. If you increase the years and multiply with the daily profit, it will expose how rich Thomas Green will be in years to come. So why is he going after your $250 initial trading deposit?

Personally, if we discover a system that can make me $5000 richer every day, we may not hide it, but we will not offer publicly. However, in the case of Crypto Soft Software, the founder Thomas is offering it free of all charges to 77 people who will rush and pay $250 each. If you multiply this two figures, it shows that Green will be making $19,250 in few days without any effort while traders will go home with regret.

No matter how they present the Crypto Soft trading system, it is a complete scam. If you are still doubtful, consider the following points.

Fake actors telling lies to promote Crypto Soft

We have come too far in cryptocurrency trading to allow the lies of an actor to deceive me. When we saw the scripted lies of the so-called beta testers trying to fool others, we did a little digging and discovered that they were just Fiverr actors who are just doing their jobs. We don’t blame them for promoting the Crypto Soft scam because they may not be aware that the software is a fake app of a dubious character.

This approach is a typical scammer’s strategy for promoting their fake and useless software. Don’t mind them; Crypto Soft doesn’t worth anyone’s time and effort.

The owner of Crypto Soft is anonymous

Thomas Green is a name without a face. Yes! There is a scammer or a group of con artists somewhere, but the name they are giving us is not their real name. Why would they when the app is like a coin above a quicksand. They must remain anonymous for plausible deniability. If the person behind Crypto Soft shows his true identity, many people will join but also hold him responsible when the system collapses. He knows that the system will soon collapse so, there is no way he will come out in the open. Well, are you willing to lose your money to this kind of system?

Our best advice for you

We all know that the continuous recognition and increase in the value of cryptocurrencies are causing scammers to go haywire. The number of scam trading apps hitting the financial market every day is very alarming. We can’t count how many scam websites are claiming to be experts in cryptocurrency trading. Crypto Soft is a dirty scam which should be avoided at all cost. Inf you are seriously into Crypto investing meaning you want to make money, find a reliable trading bot for that job. They can be found on this page if you’re not sure where to find them.

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