Libra Profit System Review: It is a Scam Indeed

Libra Profit System Review: It is a Scam Indeed

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It appears that scammers are riding on the Libra coin wave to make quick bucks from gullible wealth seekers on the internet. If you are quick to believe anything on the internet, you will lose a lot of money which is not a good thing. A few weeks ago Facebook presented its plan to introduce a new digital currency called Libra. The Libra Profit System (domain can be found at claims that it will provide you with accurate trading signals so that you can take advantage of this new currency and make up to $1000 per week, which means more than $4000 per month.

On the website of this software, they announce with big letters that we can make Money From Facebook’s Lucrative Cryptocurrency “Libra”. The next question should be how this can happen but for the wise trader who reviews the explanation, it should be clear that this is a bogus app and nobody should be using it to trade at all.

So today in our Libra Profit System review you will find undeniable proofs that this investment system is a scam. If you wish to take advantage of working trading resources with proven performance, go here and pick any of those products. 

Libra Profit System review

The story is quite funny and one that obviously tells you that you are about to be scammed. This is what they say on the landing page of the website:

”Many are calling Libra the “biggest breakthrough since Bitcoin”.It’s backed by Fortune 500 companies like Visa and Uber who have each invested over $10M into the new cryptocurrency. But you won’t have to invest nearly as much to share in the extraordinary profits.

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Libra Profit allows its members to get started for as low as $250. The system follows Libra’s staggering growth path and delivers accurate trading signals members can follow to potentially earn a profit. By simply following our buy/sell signals, you can make up to $1000 per week.

Let’s begin this Libra Profit system review with an important fact: Facebook’s Libra doesn’t exist, at least not yet. Because Facebook only presented plans to create this currency, stating that it should launch next year. Therefore, at this point of time you cannot make money with Libra, since it still hasn’t launched. By the way, Libra is supposed to be a stable coin, so you probably won’t be able to make money with it even when it really is available.

Another proof that Libra Profit System is a scam is in the trading software itself. Because it is not the first time we see it, it has already been used by scams like Bitcoin Trend App and AI Stock Profits. You will find the proof on our picture. This software is widespread, so there is a lot of real testimonials out there. And they’re all negative, it is a losing app made by scammers to take people’s money.

The trading strategy

“The system detects fluctuations in the market and delivers accurate trading signals that are perfectly timed with the market. Use the signals to know exactly when to buy and sell Libra so you can make up to $1000 by the end of the week. Get started with as little as $250.” This is basically an explanation of the strategy which these scammers are claiming to use. It is funny because there is no real strategy here. This explanation does not tell interested traders how this product works and so it cannot be used as a genuine explanation.

There is also coaching where the scammers wait until you have registered and then they can use your phone number to cold call you and convince you to place a deposit. “As soon as you enter your information on this page, a Libra Profit System coach will get in touch with you shortly. Keep your phone close by so that you can answer the call and get set up quickly.” First of all, you should never sign up and by any chance you have signed up and have not placed a deposit yet, you should black list their numbers on your phone if you don’t want cold callers bothering you.

The truth about Libra Profit System

Finally, we will explain how the Libra Profit System scam works. People who run it have partnered with some unregulated brokers like Profit Trade. So, their goal is to make you deposit with one of these shady brokers so that they get your money. This is why they need you to believe that they can make you money, because this way it will be easier to persuade you to send them your money. If you do it, it will be over, you will never get it back. Their software will make sure it quickly disappears from your account.

Libra Profit System reviews

The Libra Profit System’s website shows reviews and testimonials from people who allegedly have made money with it. But all these success stories are absolutely fake. We made a research and found that these people are not real users, their pictures are stock photos that anybody can buy and use.

Other things you should know

The operators or developer of this app is not known. Their experience is not known either because they have decided to hide their information. This should be a red flag because it is required that vendors should at least maintain a certain level of transparency in order to gain the trust of those they are trying to market to. But as you can see, this is a usual internet scam which is why the owners don’t bother to reveal their information.

Our best advice for you

The Libra Profit System makes promises that cannot be real. They promise super huge profits and cannot verify this information. The product is owned by a faceless person and of course they are looking to dupe investors using Facebook’s idea, Libra coin. To make money, you need to take advantage of these Crypto robots but not a pathetic scam like this one.

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