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Share This! is a trading community that provides free signals, a trading room, chats, rebates and funded accounts. All of these things require due diligence before investing in. appears to be a busy place with hundreds of traders providing signals and also discussing matters concerning trading. The reason we are reviewing this trading forum is because it is already popular and one might think that this is the best place to find trading signals, funded accounts, rebates and so on. We don’t want traders to take things at face value because this is what has made many traders lose money at the end of the day.

The question that most of you are asking is whether can be trusted as the go to place for sourcing trading signals. We see that it is a community of traders and one of the challenges that these forums can face is low quality signals because it is difficult to verify who offers quality signals and who offers signals that lose money most of the time. Because this website has several services which it provides and claims to do so at no cost, we will do our best to touch on services which we think are relevant to the trading community. If you are looking for a reliable way to invest in forex, please take a look at this page. review

What exactly is SwingFish is a community-based project. It claims to be by traders and for traders, with the goal of obtaining financial independence quickly and without the usual costs involved. This is a creative approach but we need to ask ourselves whether the average trader can make profits by relying on this website alone.

There are a lot of praises going round for this website especially on the FPA forum. It is not clear who the owners are but what we can see is that there are lots of traders who are actively participating on this forum. We have also seen that the website has included rules for participating in their chats. The website stands for the following and any trader who wants to participate must adhere to the following:

None profit

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This server chatroom is part of the Non-Profit Project “SwingFish” which means all activities & actions must be towards the united goal of providing usable advice and a working community that new members will be able to benefit from.

The chat room

The chatroom is free of any monetary charges towards you. Collaboration between members is the currency that we expect you to pay by participating in discussion, sharing constructive opinions and criticism without any unnecessary remarks, and being proactive towards the goals of the community!

The rules that govern the chatroom are restrictive

This Chat is NOT Democratic. Using the chatroom is not a RIGHT but a Privilege. Violating the privileges given will lead to a termination of access to the chat rooms.
The actions of our Moderators are FINAL! and not subject to appeal or discussion.

The trading room

There shall be no:
– memes, Emoji’s or other nonsense for no reason
– Profit/loss Posts (unless they are in Percentages)
– Market cheering
– Calls without proper analysis
– discussions about the obvious.

In short: Keep it professional this is a PUBLIC Voice Channel, no discrimination, hate speech, drunk, or brainless conversation of any kind, [it’s not your Trailer park]
no Music or any other form of Copyrighted content. Keep hardware in check, make sure you can be heard properly and we not hear your dishwasher.

Other rules that govern

You are allowed to say what comes to mind as long as it is constructive and you display proper manners towards other members of the community. Because the majority in the chatroom are Traders, and they tend to be quite direct in some things, so it is key to expect some ranting here and there.
Basically, you are allowed to say anything you want,
BUT you are REQUIRED to maintain mutual respect at all times!.
Any instances of Trolling, mudfights, or comments without substance regarding Religion, Race, Gender, Ethnicity, or Location are considered Trash-talk and the Moderators may kick/ban without prior warning!
Claiming to have Autism does not qualify to bypass these rules!Any forms of advertising, Moneymaking techniques, or other forms of Spam are not allowed! By joining the Swingfish community you agree and permit that your Discord Username may or may not show on the Website and/or livestream. Also, messages sent to the channel #tradingroom and voice in Trading Talk, can be sometimes be seen/heard at the SwingFish Livestream on Youtube or this Website.
Anything written in private messages is of course invisible (even to our Admins). Messages/voice in any of the other channels can only seen/heard by persons that are in the same channel.

Funded trading account offered by

You need to take extreme caution when enrolling for any funded trading account. is in partnership with other companies or websites that who traders by claiming that they are offering funded accounts. There is always a catch when it comes to sites that claim to fund traders when they are good at the job. First, Swingfish. trade are affiliated with the companies that claim to provide these services. These companies charge an upfront fee whenever a trader joins them. What you need to know is that you are paying a fee to join a company that will force you to trade a demo account while putting a target on you as well as many restrictions. Research has proven that 90% of traders lose money and being that you are a newbie, chances are like quite high that you will not reach their target. If that happens, you lose your sign up fee plus time invested in trying their service.

Our best advice for you

If you’re going to use, let it be a resource for inspiration and not a place where you rely on to make money. Otherwise, if you need the best tools for trading, you should take advantage of these trading apps. 

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