Trend Viper Review: Is this Indicator a Scam?

Trend Viper Review: Is this Indicator a Scam?

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We are reviewing a Forex trading indicator known as Trend Viper. The developers claim that this indicator is for technical traders who want to use analysis tools to automatically detect trends and also use free signals for their trading. The Trend Viper sales page claims that the indicator lets traders follow the trend with clear clarity. It is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use but it also features many advanced settings for professional traders. This MetaTrader 4 indicator helps to detect valid trends with higher accuracy – according to the description of the software by the developer.

The official website of the Trend Viper can be found at and the developer has done a pretty job in explaining how the product works and why they think it is the best trading indicator. Now that we are reviewing yet another Forex trading product, it is in order to see to provide readers of this review with alternatives. These are reliable trading tools that we have used for a very long time and even the community has very good feedback on the products in question. You should visit this page to find out more. 

The vendors call the system the TrendViper, a non-repainting indicator for MT4, that “is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use but it also features many advanced settings for professional traders.” Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this software is worth the $67 price tag.

According to the about us page, the indicator is owned by a small team of technical analysis and coders with a passion for the that a trader platform. They don’t provide any information about their actual identities, where they are located or their trading history in the Forex market. Their transparency sake, we would like to see this information before signing up. This group is also behind a price action indicator, and a Fibonacci in our indicator, but we will not be focusing on either of those products in today’s review. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email [email protected]

MT4 Trend Indicator Review

The website provides a detailed breakdown of each aspect of the MT4 Trend Indicator, so traders know exactly what they are getting when they purchase the TrendViper. This is very rare because most developers of trading indicators simply create tools they want to sell quickly. They don’t bother providing information about their products other than saying traders will make money with the tool.

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They feel that when traders use each aspect of their software in conjunction with the others, that it will provide very accurate trading signals.

The smart display which is located on the right-hand side of the screen when the indicator is installed, provides traders with easy access to trend direction, trend power current price, candle time and the candles direction on upper time frames.

The indicator also comes with 2 different templates to provide traders with “a much clearer picture of the price fluctuations and possible buy/sell opportunities.” They feel that these templates will help traders recognize strong trends, and take advantage of those market moves.

The Signals of the Trend Viper Indicator

The Trend Viper MT4 Trend Indicator also provides traders with Forex trading signals. The signals are very basic and tell the trader in the market is going up or down, and at what price to buy or sell. These signals don’t provide any profit targets or stoploss levels though, so it is up for the trader to learn alongside the signals and make them profitable.

Signals are sent directly to a traders mobile phone or email, and can be run on multiple charts because the script is fast and lightweight.

Strategy of the Trend Viper Forex indicator

The core of the strategy is based on moving averages, price action and the average directional Index. For example, “when the fast MA is above the slow MA the indicator will point to an Uptrend, which is marked in green on the Smart Display. When the fast MA is below the slow MA, the indicator will show a Downtrend, which is marked in red.” This is a pretty basic approach, but we appreciate the fact that the vendor is very clear about their methodology.

You can essentially use these indicators for free, but the vendor is providing value by putting it all together a single system with alerts and helpful on chart data.

Indicator Analysis

For $67, traders get access to the TrendViper MT4 Trend Indicator and a handful of other features highlighted here:

  • TrendViper MT4 MACD Histogram
  • TrendViper MT4 Templates (seen in pictures)
  • Installation Manual
  • Access to Updates
  • eBook – Using Moving Averages
  • 2 Licenses
  • Money Back Guarantee

Trading Results for the Trend Viper

The vendor doesn’t provide any trading results, or trading examples, which is a little disappointing, but not something out of the ordinary when it comes to Forex indicators. Even some of the best Forex indicators don’t provide trading results. That being said, this will reflect properly in their overall score, and can be increased if they decide to provide trading results the future.

Client Feedback

We were unable to find much in terms of client feedback for the software despite the fact that it’s been on the market since 2016. We were hoping that some comments would be available on their YouTube videos, but they were disabled by the owner.

Our best advice for you

The MT4 Trend Indicator is an interesting tool, and one that is priced affordably. The strategy is clear, and the trend detection elements are impressive. Yet, they have no real trading results, no client feedback and it’s our belief that the client will require a fair amount of skill in order to be successful with this indicator. That clearly means that the Trend Viper is not an appropriate tool for beginners or those who are just starting out in trading. If you are that kind of person, we recommend these trading tools for you. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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