Day Trader Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

Day Trader Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

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Welcome to the review. Day Trader Pro is one of the many business entities owned and operated by Guy Gentile. Day Trader Pro is a trading school with a live trading room manned by ”expert traders” including Guy Gentile himself.

Other than, Guy Gentiles also owns (a marketplace for stocks and options trading tools and platform), SureTrader (a broker-dealer for stocks and options) in addition to a Bahamas-based broker-dealer called MintBroker which was founded in 2011.

This review is about, where we can allegedly learn under the guidance of professional traders.

The site has allegedly been featured in the media on websites like Yahoo, New York Post, Bloomberg, and many others. This is more like a marketing stunt and you must seek for real verified trading performance as opposed to mere claims.

The question you need to ask is whether Guy Gentiles has the skill to make money consistently as a trader. From our research, we have figured out that he is an entrepreneur, running a number of broker-dealer websites and trading schools. None of these entities have produced evidence which suggests that Guy Gentiles is a professional trader. But of course it is quite evident that he a smart internet marketer.

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The problem with Day Trader Pro and many other trading schools that I have reviewed here is that they are always not transparent when it comes to the qualifications and track records of the people who run them.

Instead of spending a fortune and wasting time on fake trading gurus, go for trading mentors that can prove that they are traders as opposed to just marketers. We have Forex trading trading resources here and one of the things we do is to produce proof of our trading performance before we can move forward with you.

Day Trader Pro review

The owner of DayTraderPro is infamous for having been arrested by the FBI and accused for stealing 17 million USD from penny stock traders who didn’t have the means to protect themselves. More on this later on in this Day Trader pro review

Day Trader Pro offers a number of subscription plans. For the price of $299 per month to $3,000 per year, you’ll get the following from this trading school:

8.5 hours of lessons covering topics like:

  • Live trading lessons
  • Day Trading basics
  • The importance of research
  • Sporting big sellers
  • Understanding different trade strategies
  • Types of trade setups
  • Trading the news or how to analyze and trade trending stocks
  • 3-month free access to Day Trader Pro live trading room with Guy Gentile and his team
  • 30-day access to trading simulator
  • Access to the site’s support community
  • Day trading plan plus mobile alerts
  • Study material + 10% off Day Trader Pro store merchandise

When you want all this, Day Trader Pro can sell it as a course bundle for the price of $3,500.

The other subscription plans contain one or more of the features listed above. Learners can choose to subscribe for $897 (3 months), $1,600 (6 months) and $3,000 annually.

Now, it is a well known fact that US Attorney Paul Fishman charged the owner of Day Trader Pro, Gentile with one count of securities fraud. Gentile on the other hand worked his way round the case and got it dismissed.

We believe that Gentile also suffered embarrassment and humiliation. We cannot defend him because the people he worked with at the time went to jail. He is the only guy who escaped narrowly. He is definitely a douche bag as I believe that his moves to defraud unsuspecting persons where intentional even though the case was dismissed on grounds of technicality

The weird stuff – why was Guy Gentile arrested and charged?

When we first came across Day Trader Pro, the first thing we thought was that the owner was a well-organized professional trader.

As we continued to do my research, I began to discover some nasty things about Guy Gentiles which made me not to trust him at all.

First off, Guy Gentile claims that he has been giving ”classroom” training to the FBI, DOJ and the SEC. This is laughable. Their job is to arrest douche bags like Guy Gentile. So what the hell does the FBI have to do with learning how to trade penny stocks?

We believe this is just an attempt to diffuse the situation because a good number of people who Google the name Guy Gentile will most likely learn that he was once arrested for committing securities fraud.

He later released a propaganda piece in a bid to gain public sympathy. In this piece, he focuses on how the US government almost ruined his life by forcing him to admit to a crime he never committed.

He claims he was blackmailed and forced to comply but it’s clear that even though the FBI was harsh on him, many folks who got involved in this fiasco were sent to prison. The only person who escaped prison was Guy Gentile.

Apart from admitting to having committed fraud, he claimed to have provided “extraordinary assistance” to the Feds to have charges against him dropped. It must have costed him a lot of money because he got fined by the SEC as well.

We believe that Gentile also suffered embarrassment and humiliation. We cannot defend him because the people he worked with at the time went to jail. He is the only guy who escaped narrowly. He is definitely a douche bag as I believe that his moves to defraud unsuspecting persons where intentional even though the case was dismissed on grounds of technicality.

Our best advice for you

The Day Trader Pro website is quite persuading. However, what you will not find here is proof of live trading and that’s because Guy Gentile is a marketer as opposed to a successful trader. A lot of people who have been around him for some time say very bad things about him. Also, due to his poor reputation, we wouldn’t entrust him with the role of a coach teaching us how to trade stocks. Use these trading resources instead.

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