Trading Strategy Guides Review: Is it a Scam Marketplace?

Trading Strategy Guides Review: Is it a Scam Marketplace?

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Welcome to the review. The reason why you want to read the Trading Strategy Guide review is because the vendor is selling multiple trading products which don’t seem to have any reputation in the trading marketplace.

Trading Strategy Guides produces free trading courses and ”premium quality” indicators which they are selling for a variety of price points.

The website is owned and operated by Casey Stubbs. Mr. Stubbs claims that he started online business in 2009, then went ahead and sold his after it proved to be successful a couple of years later.

The main issue in this Trading Strategy Guides review is whether these products work. For the best Forex robots available on the web today, Go here.

Trading Strategy Guides Review

The website generally looks professional and endowed with materials which a learner can find useful. However, there are strong marketing elements here and there. One of the claims they are making is that they are working with a group of traders who have 25 years of experience.

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Trading Strategy Guides also claims that they have over 100,000 followers/members who are actively using their products.

We visited their Facebook page only to find 9,000 followers and the engagement was extremely poor.

Reviews on their Facebook page were mixed in opinion – some people saying it is a fairly good service while most of them claiming their support screws up and the products don’t work.

When you open the landing page of Trading Strategy Guides, you will see that they are offering free training in Forex, Bitcoin, Stocks and Options using a Fibonacci trading strategy.

This strategy is supposed to be used in conjunction with a Fibonacci indicator ($99). As you scroll down, everything appears to be for free.

Some of the free materials on offer include:

  • RSI 80 20 Trading strategy
  • Rabbit Trail Channel trading strategy guide
  • Advanced Sniper trading strategy
  • Parabolic SAR moving average trading strategy
  • A PDF covering ”huge trading opportunity in the Marijuana industry

The above products are offered as free PDF guides. But the way we see them is that these products are meant to pique your interest into their premium products with the understanding that you will ultimately purchase one of their trading indicators or systems.

Trading Strategy Guides has a trading indicator known as Strike Trader Elite System.

The Strike Trader Elite system works with MT4, MT5, TradingView and Ninja Trading platforms. It allegedly generates highly profitable trading signals and can accommodate any type of trading style.


Trading Strategy Guides tells us that the Strike Trader Elite system was developed by a group of traders with 30 years of experience who tested the system and found it to be very profitable.

Generally, these statements are hard to believe if we don’t know who these traders with 30 years are. This kind of thing is actually very common with trading services that we have reviewed here.

Trading Strategy Guides Review – the products

There are many products on this website. One of the most popular indicators by Trading Strategy Guides is known as the EFC Trading indicator which can allegedly help you generate $1000 per week and is going for $99 only.


You have to understand that no matter what trading indicator you are using, you can never generate $1000 a week because markets don’t behave the same way everyday, plus each trader has a different account balance.

Those factors will ensure that predicting a certain figure at the end of the week is extremely difficult.

The EFC trading indicator is allegedly looking for trades that can potentially give us 1 risk to 3 reward ratios so that even if our win rate is only 33%, we will still make profit.

This is a valid concept. However, the developer isn’t convincing me that a simple RSI Trigger and a divergence detector can be all we need to make $1000 a week. We believe this is quite deceptive.

The second most popular trading indicator is called the Big Three trading strategy. They claim that the Big Three Trading strategy can win 3 times more trades than our average indicator.

They are selling it as ”the simple solution to your trading failures” or a quick fix.

The price of the Big Three Trading strategy is $99. There is no in-depth explanation about which trading concept this trading indicator is using.

Instead, the sales page is only filled up with dozens of promises. These ones can’t be verified at all.

Apart from the two seemingly popular products at Trading Strategy Guides, they have the following trading indicators:

  • The CTI indicator
  • The simple SAR indicator
  • The Five Candle Mastery
  • Fibonacci Golden Zone
  • The ATB Sniper
  • Bitcoin Signal Indicator
  • The EFC robot
  • BSI EA robot
  • Trading Triple Threat Pack

Who is Casey Stubbs?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Casey Stubbs is a retired Army veteran. He claims that because he was in the army, he has strong work ethics and dedication which can be translated into Forex trading skills.

He is also claiming that he has helped many traders achieve their dreams. But there is absolutely no evidence that Mr. Stubbs has taught students who went on to become successful Forex traders. Stubbs even proclaims that he owns several financial news and online educational investing services. No links were given.


He goes ahead to tell us that he has helped several traders increase their cashflow as a result of the ”quality education” which he is offering at the Trading Strategy Guides.

By the way, Stubbs was the owner of one hell of a scam called You can check reviews about Winners Edge Trading. They are extremely negative.

Our best advice for you

Mr. Stubbs comes across as a skilled internet marketer as opposed to a skilled trader. Each of his landing pages make promises that are unrealistic and unattainable. One would be so naive to believe that there is a ”special trading indicator” that generates $1,000 per week.

The free materials which he offers at Trading Strategy Guides are meant to lure the learner into purchasing one or more of his indicators. However, we are not adding any of those trading indicators into our list of recommended products.

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