24/7 Gains Review: Scam Crypto Mining and Bitcoin Trading

24/7 Gains Review: Scam Crypto Mining and Bitcoin Trading

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The 24/7 Gains was privately registered in July 2018 and has never provided details of site ownership whatsoever. It is therefore unclear who owns or runs this website at This makes it one of the most dangerous sites to transact money with because in the event that things goes South, it can be devastating for someone who has invested funds in 24/7 Gains because there is simply no one to accuse of the theft.

As always, you need to be careful with entities that are not upfront of their ownership details. Think long and hard because there is always a good reason as to why their owners often choose to become mysterious. As for 24/7 Gains, there is no product or tangible service but they claim to trade and mine Bitcoin. 24/7 Gains is clearly selling affiliate membership, which seems to be the main source of ROI. This simply means that 24/7 Gains is not honestly making revenue.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs of 24/7 Gains review, we will highlight some of the problems that we have identified with this site. They are real problems and you should take note of them if you don’t want to risk your funds.

Note: If you want to invest in Crypto currencies, trade them. There are a couple of good bots out there which can help you achieve this goal without losing your funds. Pick one of those bots in this post and start trading.

24/7 Gains Review

There are up to 8 investment packages on this site, and they are promising up to 200% return on investment, meaning that this site is promising to double our investments. The first packages requires a minimum investment of 0.025 BTC, and we are promised a daily return of 1%. Package two requires 0.05 BTC and returns are the same as in package one. It goes like that until the last package where the site claims that we can make 2.5% a day. As soon as you get paid 200% ROI, you must re-invest into 24/7 Gains in order to continue earning with the site.

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This site has set up a binary compensation structure, and members who do not have active investments are supposed to lose their binary team. There is free membership as well, but this must happen through the referral program where you bring in new members under your referral link.

Most of you know what a binary compensation structure is. But just in case someone does not know what it is, we will go ahead and give a brief description of what it is and how it operates. Basically, a binary compensation structure is where the first affiliate sits at the top, followed by two recruits one at the right side and the other on the left side.

This will create positions where people are brought in to fill up these positions by recruitment when they purchase a plan. That is what 24/7 Gains does, and it is the same concept that ponzi schemes have always followed. It would also worth taking note that for one to acquire full participation rights, they must invest anywhere between 0.025 to 5 BTC.

Is 24/7 Gains a scam?

First of all, the site does not admit that their revenue is generated by members or affiliates. Instead, they tell us that they are mining and trading Crypto currencies. That has always been the story line for most scams that operate this way. And if you are not very careful, you might be fooled to believe that indeed there is trading and mining going on behind the curtains.

They also tell us that their mining operations have been successful and that they are looking to expand this feature in order to keep growing the platform. But you see, 24/7 Gains deliberately refuses to provide evidence of mining and trading. They just want us to give them the benefit of doubt, and our worst fears is that they might refuse to keep their end of the bargain.

Also, let’s look at the sales pitch of 24/7 Gains. They promote themselves as a vehicle for people to double their Bitcoin. In fact, they explicitly state that 24/7 Gains was created in order for the average person to double their BTC without taking risks on their own.

The question we are asking is whether the people we are entrusting with our Bitcoins are qualified to invest and double it? Where are they are what kind of trading experience do they have?

The thing is, even if you look at the logic behind the operations of 24/7 Gains, you find that it is literally a ponzi scheme. There is no doubt about this fact. Now, you must also think like this: if the anonymous admins behind this operation were able to double Bitcoin in a timely, consistent and legit way, they would probably lock themselves in a room to make all the money in the world without involving you. Don’t you think it is not making any sense for an anonymous person to tell you that they want your Bitcoins so they can double it? What magic are they using?

In order for 24/7 Gains to justify this ponzi scheme without explicitly making it clear that their business is ponzi scheme oriented, they claim that 24/7 Gains is made up a group of private investors who fear to expose their identities due to the fact that Crypto currency regulations are not mature yet and would therefore prefer to operate behind the scenes.

But you see, this is a totally different thing they are talking about. 24/7 Gains is not a Crypto currency. 24/7 Gains is instead an investment opportunity that is regulated everywhere across the globe.

So the reason they have chosen to sugar coat that word with Crypto currency investing is because they know it will eventually collapse, and when it does, they do not want victims to shade a spotlight on them.

Our best advice for you

Crypto currency mining and trading are valid ways of making money on the web only if you team up with the right people. If you want mining, go here and start mining.

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