247GlobalTrade Review: Forex Scam

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247GlobalTrade Review: Forex Scam

247GlobalTrade ( is another crude CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Forex scam provider. 247 Global Trade is professing to offer over 100 assets and a 100 percent payout on withdrawal. 247Global Trade is another rude platform which will steal your funds the moment you deposit. Victims of this platform have been venting their anger on social media platforms. What is happening? Read this genuine and honest 247GLOBALTRADE Review and get the truth.

247GlobalTrade Review

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247GlobalTrade Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members, we decided to investigate. What we found out is shocking beyond words. It turns out that we are dealing with a complete online scam. Victims were fooled into believing this is a genuine online investment platform. By using information from real trading sites, these scam artists make the platform appear genuine. Thanks to our years of investing and trading, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Read the entire review and get to know some of the tricks used.

Cloned online trading websites easily fool newbie traders and investors. Most of them feature over the moon claims and promises. They will promise users a mountain of profit and deliver losses instead. To be clear, 247GlobaTrade is a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. These scam artists will stop at nothing, even hire call agents to act as account managers. Never trust these agents as they are not licensed and don’t have the required expertise. 247 Global Trade is about to be exposed for the scam it is.

About 247GlobalTrade

247GlobalTrade is claiming to be one of the fastest online trading brands. If this is the case, why haven’t established and leading traders heard of it? Professional scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit. These scam artists are smart and are able to fool investors by using convincing sales tactics. Promotional videos may be used to lure users into believing other investors have won with this platform. And the tricks start with using a cloned website and enticing sales pitches.

One of the first red flags we spotted with this platform is in regards to anonymity. 247GlobeTrade is an anonymous online investment platform which spells doom to investors. These are scam artists who will steal your funds and never give you the chance to recover. Recovering funds from anonymous and offshore platforms is next to impossible. Who do you prosecute in the first place? These scam artists will claim the money investors deposit if for services rendered.

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Is 247GobalTrade licensed or registered?

Disclaimer at the footer of their website shows the platform is based in California. As we said earlier, scam artists will post false news just to fool investors. In this case, they want investors to believe the platform is based in a safe jurisdiction. The problem with this statement is that the United States requires a minimum deposit of $20 million. No broker or trading platform will get a license unless they deposit this amount as collateral.

Another disturbing feature with 247GlobalTrade is lack of a valid trading license. We reached out to American authorities to confirm the license status of this platform. It turns out that the platform does not have any license documents on them. The National Futures Association does not have a broker or platform licensed under this name. What this means is that 247GlobalTrade IS NOT LICENSED to offer any trading services. Anyone who signs up is dealing with a shoddy brokerage firm.

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Advantages of 247GlobalTrade

About 247GlobalTrade

When it comes to getting any advantage out of trading with this platform, none is forthcoming. The platform is anonymous and lacks any regulatory framework. These scams are just spoiling the good trading name and should be exposed by all parties. 247GlobalTrade is using fake details to fool investors out of their hard earned money. It is best you stay away from this platform or else risk losing your entire deposits. These are offshore brokers who will stop at nothing to steal your money.

Disadvantages of 247GlobalTrade

Account types

247GlobalTrade is claiming to offer six types of trading accounts. This is according to the live chat as we could not see any link to their account types. Scam artists are now hiding the details of accounts and claim to reveal them once you sign up. And this is another bag of trick as they also fail to disclose the acceptable minimum requirement. By failing to give a number, it gives scam artists the chance to ask for any amount. You should know that the industry has set $250 as the required minimum deposit.

Customer and support

Another disturbing feature with this platform is using social media platforms as means of communication. The entire platform does not have a live chat team which is standard for online trading platforms. A good reason why 247GlobalTrade is using Whatsapp is to have a more direct contact. With direct messaging, it will be easy for them to deceive users. You also don’t have proof that you are talking to their agents. All you have is a number with a person on the other end pretending to be your account manager.

Demo Account

Another disturbing feature with this platform is lack of a working demo account. You would expect the platform to have a demo account. Smart investors know for a fact they must try out a demo account before committing to a real account. A demo account is vital as it helps traders know the advanced features available. You will also be able to know the execution speed available on the platform. Without a working demo account, users are signing up blindly. You better stay away from 247 global trade.

Trading platform

We still don’t know which type of trading platform 247GlobalTrade is using. A custom made platform is probably the one in play as these are not tested by experts. Another huge problem we noticed is that the platform is not properly secure. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption is proof we are dealing with a shoddy scam platform. These are scam artists who will never give you the chance to trade genuinely. With a bogus trading platform, your money should be put to better use.

Security of funds with 247GlobalTrade

When it comes to how well safety of funds are, victims can testify to this. The number of complaints is rising due to inability of the platform to secure funds. Homepage claims the platform to be secure and yet, the website lacks basic security features. Segregation of accounts is another problem as 247GlobalTrade is pooling funds in one account. Members are actually depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. Investors are enriching the pockets of anonymous scam artists.

Scam or legit

247GlobalTrade Address

With concrete evidence in our hands, we can state that 247GlobalTrade is a scam. Ensure you stay away from this platform and never sign up with their affiliate programs. Warn your family and friends from clicking on any links sent by their email marketing team. These scam artists have used a false address and have no trading license. We hope authorities will take wind of this platform and shut the whole website down.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for their scam.

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We wish all investors a safe trading experience.

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