24OnlineFX Review: Askew Forex Scam

24OnlineFX Review: Askew Forex Scam

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24OnlineFX ( is a crude Cryptocurrency trading and mining platform with a brutal history. 24 Online FX is promising to make Crypto traders rich thanks to their one of a kind trading platform. 24Online FX is another bane and corrupt Cryptocurrency trading platform that must be exposed. With the negative comments floating around the web, traders must stay away. Read this genuine and honest 24ONLINEFX Review and get full details.

24OnlineFX Review

24OnlineFX Review

As you land on their homepage, you immediately notice that the website is full of information. Not a user friendly website as a lot of information is cramped on one place. The person you see is not the actual owner but a downloaded image. These scam artists are using celebrities’ images and claiming to be affiliates or ambassadors of the website. You should be weary of such illicit platforms which never offer any real withdrawal evidence. The review is meant to enlighten Crypto traders on the dangers of trading with 24OnlineFX.

24OnlineFX is a cloned website which claims to offer instant trading and profit after 72 hours. No platform on earth can guarantee a certain profit margin after 72 hours, a week, or month. These are just scam tactics to try and entice unsuspecting Crypto enthusiasts to sign up. The problem with this platform is eligibility and license. Make sure to read reviews from trusted sources so that you can know what you are getting into. For those looking to trade digital currency in a safe environment, genuine Cryptocurrency trading robots are available.

About 24OnlineFX

When it comes to the history of this platform, a lot leaves to be desired. No history has been mentioned or owners of the platform. You would expect a platform which claims to have a guaranteed profit margin to want recognition. No Crypto expert has ever heard of it and most experts in the United States warn traders against signing up. The platform already has a bad reputation for not allowing members to withdraw funds. These are some of the many red flags we spotted with this platform.

When it comes to their actual office location, the website quotes a number of places. 24OnlineFX is claiming to be located in Asia, Europe, and the United States. These are all false claims which are meant to entice Crypto enthusiasts from these areas to sign up. The Crypto mining program on their website is a complete hoax in which members give away their Bitcoin. For a real Crypto mining operation, you need to sign up with vetted Crypto mining companies. Sign up with trusted Crypto mining companies and stand a chance of creating your digital currency.

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Features of 24OnlineFX

Affiliates and Representatives

24OnlineFX Warning

Never join any of their affiliate programs as you will be liable to losses faced by introduced members. These scam artists want to use you to get other victims. They instigate that you are an affiliate who will earn commission from members you introduce. A number of people who started with the affiliate programs are up in arms over payment. After introducing a few members, affiliates are promised a commission of up to 7 percent.

Customer Support

24OnlineFX is furnishing users with a live chat bot which at times takes too long to respond. When it comes to online trading, you want a platform which quickly responds to queries. Take for instance their email and phone number listed. Once you send an email, it might take more than a week to get any response. Phone numbers listed rarely go through which means these scam artists don’t want to be contacted.

Disadvantages of 24OnlineFX

Demo Account

Lack of a demo account is another worrying feature with 24OnlineFX. A real crypto mining and trading platform must offer a demo account to users. How do they expect newbies to learn how to use their platform? These scam artists want traders to sign up blindly and never ask for a demo account. Smart investors and traders know how important a demo account is. With a demo account, you get to know how the platform behaves. Lack of this important feature makes us doubt the intent of the platform.

Deposit and withdrawal


Ensure you never sign up with this platform as you probably will never be able to receive funds. The disclaimer at the header of their homepage tells it all. The link to their proof of withdrawal page is never working. Blockchain does not have any records of anyone withdrawing with this platform.

Domain details

According to details posted on their homepage, they claim the launch date was 1st January 2013. These are false claims as the trusted domain register shows the website was created on 11th December 2019. The platform is barely a year old and yet claims to have over seven years’ experience. And this is where we draw the line as this is another false and empty trading platform. They simply want you to sign up and deposit your hard earned money with them.

False Claims

When it comes to using false claims, no one beats 24OnlineFX. The platform claims to have over 78,000,950 members according to their website. If this was true, the platform would have gained recognition by official bodies. None of the claims listed is true and they use bloated numbers to try and justify their sleazy platform. Another false lie is having 67,000 new members. With such kind of high signups, it would be ahead of social media platforms. 24OnlineFX is using false information to throw off unsuspecting investors.

License and certificates 24OnlineFX

When it comes to the license and certificates, this is where things get dicey. The United States regulatory bodies have no platform licensed under this name. These scam artists have posted a false document on their platform. When you click on it, you are directed to their homepage. These are scam artists who will never be able to safeguard your funds. Without a valid license, 24 Online FX is another bane platform.

Safety of funds with 24OnlineFX

24OnlineFX Contact Details

When it comes to how safe your funds are, 24OnlineFX is never guaranteeing funds safety. These scam artists are mere thieves who never allow members to withdraw funds. With the platform failing to secure a trading license, funds are far from being secure. You will never get a platform which doesn’t have proper documents protecting users. With withdrawal being a common problem, 24 Online FX is going to leave your bank account dry. Signing up with the platform is a huge mistake.

Scam or legit

Evidence is clearly pointing to the scam tactics used to steal from unsuspecting investors. We have to state that 24OnlineFX is a scam which must be avoided at all cost. Whoever signs up will be in for a surprise as no user has been successful. They will steal your mining power and never allow you to get a piece of the pie. These are professional scam artist whose main intention is to steal from Crypto enthusiasts.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure our readers are kept to speed. Never allow your family and friends join any of their affiliate or representative programs. These are scam platforms with a lousy outcome.

Wishing all Crypto enthusiasts a lucrative trading period.

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