2ndskiesforex Review: Is it a Scam?

2ndskiesforex Review: Is it a Scam?

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Welcome to the 2ndskiesforex review. We have analyzed this Forex trading school very carefully and studied many 2ndskiesforex reviews and feedback which appear on forums like FPA.

Is 2ndskiesforex (Second Skies) a scam? We don’t think so? Is Chris Capre’s Advanced Price Action Course worth taking? That’s what we will be discussing below.

Note: We’ve seen it all in Forex trading, and we can tell you for sure that there are many fake trading educators out there. Don’t risk your money on an expensive product when there is a reasonably cheaper way to trade the Forex market. 

2ndskiesforex review

Chris Capre is a Forex educator claiming to have decades of experience in Forex trading.

He also claims to be a Buddhist, a trader and a philanthropist since he helps others successfully learn how to trade the Forex market.

His work biography on the 2nd Skies Forex sales page says that Mr. Capre has worked at Wall Street, as a hedge fund, as a broker at FXCM and is now running his own companies.

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The names of these companies were not mentioned anywhere in his biography.

We also cannot confirm whether Chris Capre worked at Wall Street and for which hedge fund in particular.

We believe that the places he purports to have worked at is not really important for this 2ndskiesforex review.

What we are concerned with is whether 2ndskiesforex has helped real people become successful price action traders and whether this Forex educator, Chris Capre, has at least a month’s trading statement to prove his alleged 15 years of trading experience.


Chris Capre of 2nd Skies Forex provides both free and premium learning content on his website.

He also provides free weekly analysis, trade ideas and market commentary for various tradeable assets like Forex, stocks, commodities and CFDs.

Basically, 2nd Skies Forex trading school operates in a similar fashion to Learn to Trade the Market by Nial Fuller.

Their sales pitch is the same, only that Learn to Trade the Market specializes in price action trading only while 2ndskiesForex combines Eastern Philosophies with trading where students are told that these principles can significantly improve their trading capabilities.

2ndskiesForex offers 3 different types of Forex trading courses: These include:

1 Advanced Price Action Trading Course $275

2 Advanced Ichimoku Course $299

3 Advanced Traders Mindset Course (ATM course) $375

Total is $949. You are actually risking $1,000 to get the complete package from Chris when you can actually spend much less on a Forex robot that has been coded with the highest standards of price action trading. You’ll save a lot and risk less upfront.

2ndskiesForex also offers freebies like training videos and trading strategies and a beginner Forex trading course for those who are new to Forex trading.

The courses appear to be loaded with content that looks overwhelming, and I suspect that for one to succeed with any of the training courses offered by 2ndskiesForex, they really have to dedicate their time.

Also, we do not know what relationship that Eastern Philosophies have in common with Forex trading.

As far as trading is concerned, the mechanical approach of trading a particular market can be successful in the short term and fail in the long run.

By the way, I have had a sneak peak of Chris’ Advanced Ichimoku course and realized that he does not teach the principles but rather focuses on the mechanical setups on specific pairs.

If you are a discretionary trader, you won’t find this methodology quite helpful in the long run. Also, most mechanical setups just end up failing in the long term.

Yes, Chris appears to have taught many students since he started out 2nd Skies Forex trading school.

Are some of his trade setups making money? Yes of course. But I must also confess that some of his trade setups will slaughter you or even earn you a high draw down.

Well, this is just how trading is. There is no sure fire way to always win all trades.

What separates a good Forex trading course from a mediocre one is the ability to demonstrate successful trading over a period of at least 3 months.

2ndskiesForex review: customer feedback

Indeed there are several positive customer feedback on major trading forums dating back to as early as the year 2010.

It appears that Chris is doing a good job so far especially when it comes to teach price action trading.

By the way, price action trading is my favorite style of trading due to the high win rate that is associated with the trading methodology.

I have traded the Forex market as a swing trader using price action for at least 3 years now.

We even recommend Forex trading expert advisors that are coded with price action algorithms (if learning appears to be the longest and toughest route to take) because they emulate what a human price action trader would do to get the best results.

Mr. Chris has been accused of recycling old trading ideas/concepts and coining them with his own set of rules or words.

A good example would be a phrase like ”Role Reversal”. This is Chris Capre’s way of saying old support becoming new resistance in a down trend.

There are many such examples, and you might easily get intimidated by these words to the point of letting your imagination run wild.

We have also gone through the testimonials section on the 2nd Skies Forex website out of curiosity only to find one client feedback which really looked out of place. trading statements

There is a lot of free useful content on the Forex videos category. It would be good for any beginner to start here if they want to familiarize themselves with what price action trading entails.

Our best advice for you

We are not saying this course is bad at all. What I am saying is that there are positives and negatives, and if you can handle them, go for it.

Note: We believe that learning how to trade should be affordable to everyone but if this route is too expensive, choose to trade with these tools. 

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