The 30 Day Challenge is a Scam! Is not Trustworthy!

The 30 Day Challenge is a Scam! Is not Trustworthy!

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The 30 Day Challenge is an online scam that steals money from unsuspecting victims in the name of binary options. Because the scammer knows that he has to convince people in order to make a kill, he goes ahead to employ underhand tactics which are unethical as far as marketing is concerned.

The first promise on the website is that the 30 Day Challenge is supposed to donate $1,000 to everyone who watches the sleazy video.

But if that is the case, why did this con compress a mountain of fake testimonials into a promotion video? This is an element of dishonesty on the part of this crafty marketer, and we are in no mood to recommend this scam product to anyone.

The 30 Day Challenge or 30K Day Challenge

The official website:

Don’t be fooled. This is a cheap piece of trash software which they are using as a bait to make money from you. Usually, when you come across promises that seem too good to be true, those opportunities often turn out to be scams, and this one is not an exception.

In the case of 30 Day Challenge, we suspect that these are thieves who might also be involved in credit card fraud. If you click any of their emails in your spam box, you risk having your computer injected with a malicious script that will ultimately send them your banking details.

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Therefore, we are saying that not only should you avoid this scam like the plague, but make sure that you’re not giving them any form of attention since nothing good can come out of this opportunity.

False marketing with fabricated testimonials

Why is 30K 30 day challenge using fabricated stories to purport that it is a successful program?

Well, since this program has nothing to offer except hype, the only way to effectively market it is by crafting lies and also paying actors to help propagate those lies.

The first person we noticed in the video is not a user of this software. He is a Fiverr actor by the name Ian Walker. Here’s the profile for a man who was clearly hired to do lies:

30 day challenge fake testimonial
Actor Ian Walker

Just in case you doubt, you can catch his acting reel here.

If this is not fraud, then we don’t know how else to call it. Secondly, we have bad things to say about this man called “Joey Altair” who sits on a chair while staring at his computer.

This is a case of lifting images off the internet and using them for monetary gains without the consent of the owner. If that’s not the case, then it still remains that this is an image bank photo. You can see evidence in the screenshot below:

Joey Altair of 30 day challenge
Joey Altair is a stockphoto

The things that are contained inside 30 Day Challenge

We could comfortably say that this is a classic case of an old school scam where viewers are promised huge amounts of money for doing nothing. The lies and misconceptions are summarized into one, filthy sales video.

The first claim that raises suspicion is that you will have 30K flowing into your bank account every month because the money never stops. And if you fail to make anything, Mr. Altair will personally give you $1,000 just for the time commitment.

In as much as we all want to roll like millionaires, scams are just taking it too far. You see, the same message where we are promised 30K per month tends to be recycled again and again throughout the entire promotion while leaving out crucial details where we would get to learn how that software is supposed to make money.

In other words, no one knows how this software is supposed to work, despite claims that it makes $1,000 a day. Do you think that is something you’d want to trust? We can just summarise the scam video by saying they paid a small budget to come up with it. And the thought process that was put into it was very limited. That’s why their stories can never convince anyone to sign up.

Is this scam free?

You will hear the word ”free” throughout the video. Now the question is, who wants to give you $30,000 for free? Is this realistic? Okay, don’t say you were not warned. This deal is going to set you back some $250 despite them saying that it’s free to join.

The money will be charged off your credit card and that is where the drama begins. Once you send your money to these scammers, you are essentially saying that you don’t mind losing it. The so-called brokers whom these scammers work with will restrict you from doing any form of cash withdrawal. And if you keep bothering them some more, they will simply shut down your account. End of story!

Reality check 🙂 

The truth has been manifested, and we already know that this scam is pathetic across every parameter. The obvious tales of fake wealth, the inflated bank accounts with deleted names, fabricated testimonials, outright lies, and half truths are all characteristics of this scam.

Other truths that you should probably learn

The numbers which appear on that site are just a false representation of what is happening. Claims that there are some 3,000 winners in the 30 day challenge are misleading because in reality, no one is using this fake robot to make any money. If that was the case, then this software would have received decent media coverage.

Why is the reputation of 30 day challenge confined within the domain if it’s a good opportunity? No one is talking about this program in forums where such matters are to be discussed. The fact that they are claiming big numbers when it is not even popular means that the whole thing is a hoax.

We’ve seen that 30 Day challenge is using stock images and promises that are not real to bait victims. If you watch the entire video, you will realize that it lacks content that can prompt you to take action. Instead, the entire message is just centered around earning 30k per month which we all know is a lie.

Facebook and twitter feed is not real

The impression is that this 30 day challenge program is creating a buzz on social media. We can see this from the screenshot published on the homepage. But there are no links to the actual social media pages. This raises more questions than answers. If indeed 30 day challenge was real, they would have created social media pages where users can have real discussions. This has not happened anyway. Instead, we are only being taken for a ride with fake screenshots.

Summary and conclusion

This is definitely a fraud worth blacklisting immediately. This is a fair warning, so don’t say you were caught unaware. The sweet nature of this scam is really deceptive. The main motive is to defraud those who will not suspect their real intent because we’ve already established that 30 Day challenge is not genuine.

Do not say yes to any incentive or bonus which they are purporting to give. Never sign any document or act in a manner that will likely lead to giving your personal or banking information. This would compromise your security. On the same note, we are recommending a better trading software. Pick among the top-rated ones here.

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  1. Tutto sa di truffa, ma non continuate a dire che gli altissimi profitti non si possono fare, perchè questo non è vero. Quello che vogliono far credere le banche è che non si fanno alti profitti, perchè vogliono continuare a farli solo loro con i nostri soldi. Questo probabilmente è un truffatore, ma non ritenete che anche voi avreste potuto portare qualche persona truffata per dare sostegno alla vostra tesi? Se questo è un truffatore, dovrebbero essere la fuori decine, se non centinaia di truffati: fate un eccellente servizio se ne portate qualcuno. Oppure investite 250 USD e documentate voi la truffa, minuto per minuto.

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