30K Income Review: Anything Named 30K is Scam

30K Income Review: Anything Named 30K is Scam

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30K Income is a verified scam that will cause you to lose money. We have classified it as scam because the person doing the presentation is an actor called Joey Altair, and the words he is using to promote the product are misleading and awful. 30K Income is a system promoted with the ideology that users can earn $30,000 in 30 days. Also, if users are not willing to go that mile, they are promised free $1000 for simply enrolling. Altair is even saying that if the software doesn’t make 30k for you, he will give you $1000 for free. Of course this is not a guarantee because by then, you will have lost your $250, and the free $1000 will simply be a myth, not a reality.

Obviously what you read and see on the 30K Income website is not real. It’s too good to believe. But if you are still wondering whether this is a genuine money making opportunity, then this review will give you a comprehensive answer on your doubts.

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30K Income Review

If you have been following this space for quite some time now, you should know that 30K Income sounds like a recycled name. It comes from the 30K day Challenge scam which had the same sales pitch and the same website design. This makes it a cloned version of its former self with nothing new to offer to the table. So there is no way that the things found on this landing page can be true. It appears that even the pitch video was copied from the 30K day challenge website. These scammers are either lazy or are running two different websites with same content.

Joey Altair, who is he?

Joey Altair is supposedly the man that is behind this system. However, his background cannot be verified simply because he is the face that is representing the scammers behind 30K Income system. This name has also been used in both versions of the 30K Income scam. It also appeared in other cloned versions. It isn’t a surprise that it is appearing on this landing page again.

30K Income

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But how did we know that he is an actor? First, he has appeared in many scams than are related to this particular one. Secondly, his pictures suggests that he is a stock photo which was used to assume the role of a Joey Altair.

The point is, we can’t believe the real scammers behind this website. Everything they say is definitely a lie. They are neither traders nor programmers. What they are trying to promote is just a branded white label that every scammers has since invested in to cheat you of your money. If you look very keenly, you will see that this software is very popular. It has been recycled several times before especially during the Binary Options era in 2016. Almost every scammer was using this software to fool traders.

We definitely can’t believe that the person who engineered this software is a skilled trader and at the same time a programmer. So that explains why you will lose your entire investment.

It is also the reason why the backgrounds of the people in charge of 30K Income can’t be verified. That’s because they are not traders and definitely have no reputation in this industry.

The use of fake testimonials

When you are presented with a bunch of testimonials, you should first verify them to see if they are real. In the 30K Income website, we are presented with several alleged traders who are supposedly earning the alleged 30K per month. We have also been given their alleged results as ”proof” that people are really earning with this system.

You should think twice about these testimonials. There is no system in the world that can channel 30K every month into your bank account while you are seated doing nothing. So get this out of your mind.

Also, some of the faces presented in the testimonial area are quite familiar. Scammers just recycled them from a photo bank to lie that the alleged persons are using this system to make money round the clock. It would be gullible believing these people. It is such an absurd thing that the people behind this website don’t even realize that the stock photos are giving away their plan.

How does this system work?

There is no difference between how it works and how its predecessors work. In other words, those who sign up are forced to deposit some money with a phony broker. There is no free $1000 to be given as you will see that scammers need you to first perform this action in order to receive the alleged free $1000 as compensation.

You can’t be this gullible. No one gives free money. Ultimately, when you lose your entire investment, you will still come to the realization that the free 1K was a hoax. They don’t compensate for your losses. That’s not how the economy works.

The thing is, for these scammers to make money, they must find a way to persuade the financially illiterate. They can do so by pretending to offer something that will help you generate profits if you sign up with their recommended broker.

The broker will reward the scammer with commissions for every sign up. However, keep in mind that the reason why this is wrong is because they are using misleading word and tricks in order to get you into the trap. They do not tell you the truth in advance. As a result, the consequences will catch up with you the moment you discover that 30K Income is a money losing software that wipes accounts mercilessly. This is how it usually ends.

Our best advice for you

30K Income is just an old scam that has been re-branded to make it look like it’s new. The truth is that we are tired of anything starting with the word ”30K”. Also remember you must start with a regulated and reliable broker.

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