365 Deposit Review: Here’s another HYIP Scam

365 Deposit Review: Here’s another HYIP Scam

Share This! is an investment scam that you should never be associated with. They claim that 365 Deposit is made up skillful Bitcoin and Forex traders who have been investing since 2012. According to the sales page, 365 Deposit is a stable and reliable investment platform. There are 3 investment plans in total with returns ranging from 800% after 1 day to 50,000% in 3 days. This literally means that the site would turn you into a millionaire in less than 3 months. So the question is, can we trust 365 Deposit and the claims which they are making? Can investors truly multiply their deposit over and over again in the hands of these anonymous traders?

Le’s find out in this review. If you were about to make a decision, stop on your tracks and read this post till the end because we have factual evidence that we would like to let you know.

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365 Deposit Review is a making absolutely impossible to gain returns. Remember that 800% after 1 day is literally 24,000% after one month. Those returns can’t be realized in any form of trading. Whether we are trading Forex or Bitcoins, we still believe that multiplying returns over and over again is an illusion. By the way, the economy does not work like that. That is why even the most famous traders in the world are not making such returns in a month. So this website is definitely lying about those ROIs, and we will be looking to get to the bottom of this.

The minimum investment that this site has set is $35. That means they are suggesting that you can multiply that amount after one day to make a lot of profits. That makes the entire story too good to be true. If this was real, 365 Deposit would have made everyone super rich. They would have made headlines everywhere by now. Many people would flock the site and the server would no longer sustain the traffic because everyone in the world is accessing the site to make some money.

365 deposit

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News about this website is not spreading at all. In fact, we wonder if there is any news about it. You see, only scammers can make ridiculous promises that make no sense. 800% a day is an impossible to attain ROI in any legitimate business. But as you can see, these scammers are insisting because they are definitely appealing to a financially naive group of audience.

365 Deposit also claims that their site has implemented latest security features and is riding on its reputation which they have acquired over time.

The first thing you should notice is that even if the site was that secure, the owner would still make away with your money. It is not about an outsider or some hacker coming to break it down so they can steal your funds. It’s about the scam admin who runs this site that is planning to steal your funds. That is why an SSL certificate means nothing for this site and also for their audience. It does not provide any assurance.

The site claims that they have a reputation. However, to be honest with you, this site does not have a reputation. Unless you have been living under the rock for the last 3 years, chances are that you will attest to the fact that this site isn’t popular among the most reliable investment platforms out there.

Also, we disagree with the claim that 365Deposit is a transparent website. That is not the case because the site has not provided any evidence of trading. Saying it is one thing. But proving it is quite another. That is the problem that we are having against the site. The truth is that nobody can tell with 100% assurance that 365 Deposit is really trading. No one can tell whether this site has employed the so-called professional traders.

Signs that 365 Deposit is a ponzi scheme

One thing we’d like to prove is the fact that 365 Deposit is not engaging in any legit trading business. First of all, the site is only accepting payment in Crypto currencies because it is safe for scammers to accept payment in Crypto currencies rather than in regulated currency. You see, Crypto currency transactions are not reversible. That means victims who get scammed won’t be able to claim their money back.

That aside, we have a 3 tier ponzi scheme in the picture. Their referral commissions are paid in 3 levels. The first level pays 3%. The second level pays 5%. And the third pays 10% respectively. The reason there is a referral program in place is because this site is working with affiliates as opposed to genuine investors. There is no trading of any financial instruments. Instead, the site is selling affiliate memberships to users who are expected to do the same to others.

When new affiliates come in numbers, deposits can increase. The admin will laugh his way to the bank. If they are any good, they might decide to reward the top-tier affiliates. If not, they will run away with all the money because the manner in which this system is designed does not allow money to flow from the owner to the investor.

The other thing that we see with this scam is that the admin is anonymous. They are not giving us any reason as to why we should trust them with our funds. Now, here is the thing. If you ever come across a site whose owner is reluctant in disclosing their identity, it means they are up to no good. The site is 100% anonymous because of a very good reason.

Our best advice for you

365 Deposit is a high yield investment program that is geared towards making investors lose money. That is why it is designed to appeal to the financially naive. Common logic dictates that 800% cannot me made in 1 day, let alone 1 month. These returns are ridiculous and funny. Such a nonsensical website will never generate for you any profit because they do not even have the evidence for their performance. Invest in these trading tools and you’ll be good to go.

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